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Did God Once Flood The Entire Earth?
Summer 2019
The List Sample Chapter
Spring 2019
2 Days in Scripture
Summer 2018
Rightly Dividing the Word
Fall 2018
2 Days in Scripture
Summer 2018
Einstein’s “Fudge”
Spring 2018
Israel’s Ticking Clock
Spring 2017
Is Retirement Biblical?
Fall 2016
The Last of the Last Days
Spring 2016
Messy in the Meantime
Winter 2015
Why Iran WILL Have Nukes
Fall 2013
The Great Mystery Revealed
Summer 2014
Satan’s Swan Song
Fall 2014
Rapture in Jewish Weddings
Spring 2014
The Father of Lies
Summer 2013
The Two Witnesses
Spring 2013
A New World Leader Emerges
Fall 2012
When Rapture Happens . . .
Winter 2012
The “Abomination of Desolation”
Fall 2011
Who are the 144,000 in Revelation
Spring 2011
Creation, Noah and Jonah
Fall 2010
Ready for the ‘Mark of the Beast’?
Summer 2010
What if Rapture is 20 Years Away / The Death of the Dollar?
Spring 2010
The Empty Tomb.
Fall 2009
The Magic of 666; Timing of Rapture!
Summer 2009
The Shack; Rapture vs. 2nd Coming
Spring 2009
Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Winter 2009
100% Woman
Fall 2008
100% Man
Spring 2008
Santa’s Claws / Big Bang and the Bible
Winter 2008
America in Bible Prophecy; Christians and Divorce
Fall 2007
Apostasy in our Churches
Summer 2007
Israel’s Coming Economic Windfall
Spring 2007