The List

A Christian Historical Novel
by Buck Storm and Bill Perkins

392 pages, Compass Publishing, a non-profit ministry.

Biblically, culturally and historically accurate, THE LIST is impacting people around the world!

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What people are saying about THE LIST…

“The greatest story ever— from a uniquely new perspective! Beautifully written & Biblically sound, it’ll touch your heart and challenge your mind.”

Josh McDowell


“One word—fantastic!”

Dave Reagan


THE LIST is one of the best works of Christian Fiction that I’ve read in a long time—the writing deeply touched my heart. I felt transported to the Holy Land–an amazing experience. I highly recommend THE LIST! 

Dee Marie, Moody Radio Morning Host.


“A terrific novel!”

Bob Schillingstaff, Coeur d’Alene Press


“A captivating story that entertains …. creative dialogue, artful description, and compelling narrative…with nothing I can discern that detracts from Scripture.”

Randall Murphree, American Family Association


Absolutely loved the book. I am an avid reader and this is one of the best works of fiction I have read. The author’s familiarity with Israel vividly brings to life the culture, characters and setting for the world’s most important story.” RL

“I just couldn’t stop reading!” – KS

“The LIST is a captivating masterpiece!” MN

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Set at the time of Christ, THE LIST shows Jesus bursting on the scene with His astonishing miracles through the eyes of two rich and powerful Jews in the Sanhedrin—Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea—causing them to begin to search their ancient Torah scrolls for truth.

At the most pivotal moment the world has ever known, they begin to compile an astonishing LIST of Jesus’ fulfilled Bible prophecies.

But they can’t reveal what they know without losing their wealth, power and position…

Biblically,* culturally and archeologically accurate—you’ll learn about the Christ story in a way you never imagined…. From the mind-boggling spectacle of the ancient Passover in Jerusalem with 20,000 sacrifices in a single day, to chariot races in Herod’s Caesarea, to volatile behind-the-scenes Sanhedrin council meetings, it’s a completely new and unique walk through the Christ story. 

Read the old story again, for the first time!

*Every word Jesus speaks in this book is directly from His original words in the Bible.



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