Reader Reviews

“My most sincere compliments to Bill Perkins and Buck Storm for “The List”! It arrived yesterday and I just finished reading it. I was so moved by the true to life characters and their individual stories. The faith journey of each was so deep and real I was sad to turn the last page. I truly hope “to be continued” is not an empty promise.  “The List” is faith affirming and the “trip” to the Holy Land was almost like the real thing. I will be ordering several more for family and friends to share for the Easter season. Again, Thank You, both, for such a great gift of faith to us all. GB

“Totally LOVED the book.  One of the most enjoyable reads in years.  You did a fantastic job.  When is the sequel coming out?” PT

“What a great way to tell the story–we don’t think about how people learned to believe without the New Testament.  Obviously we will have to read the next one!” GM

“Just wanted to let you know must how very much I am liking The List….I’m only on chapter 11…but it’s been so good…and even better because I know the Scriptures….Great job!” JK
“I have just finished reading the book… Thank you both so much for the content, scriptures, and amazing way of bringing everything to life. I have been in tears to have understood even more of the sacrifice our Saviour Jesus Christ has made for everyone especially for me. I am 73 and have been born again for >50 years and we love the Lord with our very being but this book has touched me very deeply and I shall share it with all I am able to. I appreciate the time and effort which has gone into writing the book and I have had my Bible beside me, re-reading familiar scriptures in a new and fresh way. Thank you so much!” MF

“It’s a powerful, emotion-packed book! Each day after I put the book down I continued to think on the verses that were part of the story.” PB

“I’ll never read John 3 the same way again!” – TS

“Totally LOVED The List, one of the most enjoyable reads in years!” PT

“Beautiful story told from another perspective.” GB

“Helped me better understand my Jewish roots :-)” – AD

“Honestly, reading it gave me goosebumps, again and again!” – MW

“It was as if I was experiencing firsthand what it was like to live in Jerusalem in the time of Christ.” – TM


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