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Reader Reviews

"Buck Storm and co-author Bill Perkins have crafted an absorbing story. They give Joseph and Nicodemus wives, friends, enemies, adventures, fears, integrity, perseverance, and passion – with nothing I can discern that detracts from Scripture. In fact, the human qualities they integrate into their novel enhanced my grasp on what these brave early believers must have endured. I don’t hesitate to recommend this novel, a captivating story that entertains, yet points to the gospel, the greatest story ever told. It doesn’t hurt that Buck Storm is an extraordinary storyteller whose gifts with the language always shine through – creative dialogue, artful description, and compelling narrative."
Randall Murphree, AFA Journal Editor

"Absolutely loved the book, could not put it down! I am an avid reader and this is one of the best works of fiction I have read. The author's familiarity with Israel vividly brings to life the culture, characters and setting for the world's most important story." RL

"Many thanks to Buck and Bill for writing and publishing 'The List.' I originally ordered 3, distributed 2 and read my copy. Through many tears, I identified with Joseph. P.S. I ordered 6 additional copies of 'The List' this morning." DB

“My most sincere compliments to Bill Perkins and Buck Storm for “The List”! It arrived yesterday and I just finished reading it. I was so moved by the true to life characters and their individual stories. The faith journey of each was so deep and real I was sad to turn the last page. I truly hope “to be continued” is not an empty promise.  “The List” is faith affirming and the “trip” to the Holy Land was almost like the real thing. I will be ordering several more for family and friends to share for the Easter season. Again, Thank You, both, for such a great gift of faith to us all. GB

"Only a few moments ago, I finished reading The List. Oh, how thoroughly I enjoyed it!  Praise God for your marvelous book. I saw both of you on the Lamb and Lion TV program a couple of months ago, and was blessed to hear of your ministry..and the Spirit-led inspiration for The List.  I was very intrigued with the concept, and determined to purchase a copy; especially after hearing Dr. Reagan’s enthusiastic comments about the book.  I’ve already told everyone at my Bible study group about the wonderful book. And I very much look forward to a follow up, whenever one might be available. Can anyone say SCREENPLAY!? What a terrific movie this would make. I’m casting it in my imagination already. Thank you both for a wonderful book..and I Praise God for your ministry." DB

"The List is a fictional account of the events leading up to the cross and Jesus' burial. The authors do an excellent job of preserving Biblical accuracy, weaving in their background story in a unique manner so skillfully that you forget you are reading the Bible and fiction at the same time. Credible, imaginative writing meshes together perfectly with the Bible's own account of both Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea. This is an easy read, and goes quickly. A perfect choice to read as Easter approaches. Will flesh out the drama of Jesus' final week in a way you will never forget. I couldn't put it down. Kudos to all" PT

"I just finished your historical novel, The LIST!  It was gripping, a real page turner!  I could relate to and identify with Joseph, Nicodemus and frankly all of the characters. It is an accurate novel portraying the three plus years of Yeshua's ministry.  Bill, you and Buck Storm have hit a homerun!"  JS

"The List is a masterpiece! The writing is excellent and very captivating. I felt like I was standing next to Joseph, looking into the scourged face of Yeshua, after He healed me physically, and realizing He was getting ready to secure for me healing of my soul. I also, enjoyed reading about their Passover dinner experience. It was a very exciting experience reading it. The short chapters were also helpful for reading in many short spurts during breaks." MN

“This page turner is great historical fiction, making the Bible come alive and memorable.” FM

“I'm reading it slowly, on purpose—I don't want to miss any of the scriptural subtleties!” - SB

You are brought in to walk along side Joseph of Arimathea as he comes to faith in Jesus Christ along with his growing friendship with Nicodemus. Wonderful close up look at the last weeks in the life of Jesus before the cross. Highly recommend this book!” DS

“I just completed reading The List this evening. Wow! What a powerful and moving message! Kudos to you and Buck Storm. You can be assured we are instruments of God. I was pulled in the direction of reading the book in place of doing much more “important” things. I simply dropped my other commitments, especially today, to read it to completion. I feel blessed receiving its message. As always, in all that you do, I love the scriptural integrity.” KK

“I could hardly put THE LIST down after I started reading it. I felt like I was right there, again, in the middle of Israel. Every chapter seemed so real, it was like I was walking right along beside them. Every character became a personal acquaintance and I could feel their emotions so strongly as the story continued to unfold.” CL

“Totally LOVED the book!  One of the most enjoyable reads in years.  You did a fantastic job.  When is the sequel coming out?” PT

"I really enjoyed reading this book ...the way they way they painted the scenes at the time of Christ was amazing... it was like a mini Bible course! NM

“...Fantastic -- great writing! The best book of Jesus’ ministry that I have ever read outside of the Bible.” DM

“I enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end. I found this book by reading a daily short Bible study from Compass.org. I have been reading Compass daily for many years. I will look forward to the next book written by the same authors. I highly recommend this book.”  RG

This book offers a different perspective on the Jewish culture at the time of Jesus. It is well written and puts me in the shops and streets of Jerusalem. JK

“What a great way to tell the story--we don’t think about how people learned to believe without the New Testament.  Obviously we will have to read the next one!” GM

“What a page turner! It’s definitely one the best fiction and scripture books I’ve ever read! It’s a must read for any Christian. SP (WA)

“The book was a very fast read. More than 300 pages but I read it all in one day. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to know about Jesus of Nazareth especially those who have difficulty wading through the Bible. The List is an extremely well written book and makes Scriptures come to life. RD
“Just wanted to let you know must how very much I am liking The List....I'm only on chapter 11...but it's been so good...and even better because I know the Scriptures....Great job!” JK
“I have just finished reading the book... Thank you both so much for the content, scriptures, and amazing way of bringing everything to life. I have been in tears to have understood even more of the sacrifice our Saviour Jesus Christ has made for everyone especially for me. I am 73 and have been born again for >50 years and we love the Lord with our very being but this book has touched me very deeply and I shall share it with all I am able to. I appreciate the time and effort which has gone into writing the book and I have had my Bible beside me, re-reading familiar scriptures in a new and fresh way. Thank you so much!” MF

“It’s a powerful, emotion-packed book! Each day after I put the book down I continued to think on the verses that were part of the story.” PB

“I’ll never read John 3 the same way again!” – TS

“Beautiful story told from another perspective.” GB

“Helped me better understand my Jewish roots :-)” – AD

“Honestly, reading it gave me goosebumps, again and again!” – MW

“It was as if I was experiencing firsthand what it was like to live in Jerusalem in the time of Christ.” – TM

Review of The List by Dave Reagan in the May 2019 issue of Lamplighter Magazine

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