Missing Millions Flash Drive with Top 10 Rapture Videos


Product Description

When the Rapture happens, there will be a lot of empty cars! So what better place to witness than your key ring! Put this nifty little 8GB flash drive on your key ring, and whoever steals your car will have access to three things:

1) Millions Missing? Our PDF eBook that contains critical instructions for those left behind after the Rapture!

2) The Bible’s Big Picture – A video that covers the entire Bible in 30 minutes!

3) The Book of Revelation in 55 Minutes –  A video that covers Rev. 1 to Rev. 22 in 55 minutes!

PLUS our Top 10 Rapture Videos! WOW!

1)   All About Rapture – Reagan
2)   7 Signs the Rapture’s Close – Hindson
3)   7 Irrefutable Reasons You Can Trust Pre-Trib Rapture- Woods
4)   2 Thes. 2 – Apostasy or Rapture? – Woods
5)   Why Mid & Post Trip Rapture Can’t Happen – Van Noy
6)   10 Truths About Rapture – Woods
7)   50 Reasons Rapture’s Close! – Reagan
8)   In the “Twinkling of an Eye” – D Perkins
9)   The Air-Tight Case for Pre-trip Rapture – Hindson
10) The Imminency of the Rapture – Hixon

Order and pass around your flash drive!