Israel Top 5 Videos


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1) Understanding Israel and the Middle East

Author: Dave Reagan

The presentation everyone is talking about- a MUST-see!!!! It’s also our most-requested Bible study this year. Israel is God’s prophetic time clock—so goes Israel, so goes the world. Learn fascinating insights into what’s really going on over there and what to expect in the future! Slam dunk, pass around, stand up and yell! Every Believer on the planet needs to see this! (Uses lots of visuals, best on DVD)

2) 7 Years of Hell

Author: Bill Perkins

Israel was God’s world centerpiece up until they rejected His Messiah. Since then, the Church Age has been His focus. But now God is preparing to bring the Jews back to the forefront as His chosen nation. This presentation tracks the Biblical passages regarding their return to prominence.

3) The Jewish Temple: Coming Soon Again!

Author: Randall Price

This is the prophecy buff’s dream Bible study! The Bible says that the Jewish Temple MUST be built prior to the Second Coming of Christ. Randall shows an up-to-date who, what, where and when the construction will begin. Excellent!

4) Israel: Past, Present & Future Prophecies

Author: Dave Reagan

Israel is God’s special place on earth and Dave does an incredible job of laying out, not only the past, but the present and future as outlined in the Bible. Nothing like seeing what’s dead-ahead on God’s timetable.

5) The Battle for Israel

Author: Ed Hindson

God says Israel is the apple of His eye, chosen from all the peoples of the earth for His purposes. Those who support Israel will be blessed, those who don’t, won’t. What does the future hold for the U.S. as she backs away as a staunch ally?

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