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Key Bible Prophecies Set


Buy all 7 for a special discounted price! Filmed at Steeling the Mind Bible Conference.

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Prophetic Big Picture - Mark Hitchcock - The big Bible prophecy picture of what's ahead using to a literal interpretation and a pre-millennial / pre-tribulational view of the Bible! Mark uses Daniel's vision of the four major world empires to lay the foundation for the Bible Prophecy Conference. Full of information!

Israel & The Last Days - Dave Reagan - God's chosen will be back in the limelight as Israel comes racing onto the world stage as a major player! What happens? How do they survive? Who will be her allies? What will cause the world to want what she has? This will change how you read your newspaper! Stand up and yell!

In The Twinkling Of An EyeDon Perkins - Learn who, what, when, and where regarding the next big Church Age event when suddenly, without warning, millions of believers will simply vanish from the face of the earth. Great graphics! Riveting!

Hell On Earth - David HockingThe 70th Week of Daniel is looming dead ahead as a post-rapture event. The 7-year peace treaty, the Two Witnesses, the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, 144,000 Jewish Jesus evangelists, the abomination of desolation, Jewish massacre, Jews protected in the wilderness, God's wrath, the mark of the beast, and more! Fascinating!

The Religion Of The Anti-Christ - Robert Congdon - Bob, one of the top Bible prophecy teachers in the world, travels coast to coast to outline what the Bible says about the Antichrist and his rise to power in Europe. Having lived in Great Britain for years, and recently returned, he explains that what happened to Europe is now happening to the U.S. His examples were a wake-up call! A definite wake-up call! The shift of power is almost over and Americans, through a controlled media, are not even aware of it!

Jesus Returns & Reigns - Thomas Ice - Jesus returns to earth, defeats Satan, and rules for 1,000 years from Jerusalem. Where, when, how? Everything you wanted to know about the 1000-year reign of Jesus from Jerusalem—exciting.

Your Future Judgment Day - Dave Reagan - A complete, detailed examintation of God's three main human judgments: Judgment of Believers; Judgment of the nonbelievers; and Judgments of the Nations. Who, when and what matters... incredible! Excellent DVD for Sunday school, small group or personal study.

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