Special – All 12 Coeur d’Alene 2011 Steeling Conference Presentations


How To Buy Gold & SilverTom Cloud – It’s amazing that tens of thousands of well meaning Christians have called companies advertising on national radio or network television in response to ads offering to sell gold and/or silver. Is gold or silver a good investment? For the long term, probably. But unsuspecting and trusting Christians are usually steered into the gold or silver investments with the highest commissions that may never turn a profit! Before you purchase precious metals, watch this DVD! Learn what to buy and what to avoid. Nothing is offered for sale, just the facts! Both Gold and Silver on one DVD.

Love Is Not A Feeling! – Josh McDowell – Oh yes, this will be a presentation for the ages! Josh will be speaking with his bride of some 40 years in the audience-what a stitch! His message on love, romance and keys to longevity, often humorous but often pointed, will make this a fun night for all. Go Josh!

Why Women are Weird and Men are a MessDave MooreIn the beginning, marriage was created good. But with the fall of man came the effects of sin and it has resulted in great challenges for both men and women. Dave addresses these challenges and how to practically understand loving your spouse in today’s go go environment.

False Conversions in the Church! – Mike Gendron – There are pesky little verses that suggests there are false conversions in the church today. Who are these people? What is the difference between a false and true conversion? Mike, doctrinally sound armed with excellent graphics will delve into a normally untouchable subject.

Tolerating the Intolerable – Josh McDowell – Hold onto your seats for this one. Josh, not one to mince words, gives a let the fur fly, tell it like it is presentation on being used by God in the wild world in which we live! It’s going to be the proverbial barn-burner!:-)

Problems With Covenant Theology – Paul Van Noy – It’s hard to believe but about 80% of all Christians embrace some form of A-millennial theology! Paul will show the problems with this doctrinal bent and the problems created world wide. He will also give you five good reasons to be pre-millennial, pre-tribulational and dispensational in your umbrella doctrines.

Divorced from the ChurchEric Barger – It’s happening all across America, even the world. A local church, that has for a long-time defended the inerrant Word of God, changes doctrinal direction almost overnight. Those who oppose the “new direction” are ushered out of the church, or often forced out, by those who were formerly part of their church “family.” What is it that is sweeping the world causing good churches to go bad? Eric’s presentation will explain it all! Unbelievable!

Apologetics and Bible Prophecy – Mike Riddle – This is going to be awesome. Mike, one of the top presenters at Answers in Genesis in Kentucky, will tie Genesis directly to Revelation! Mike says if you don’t understand the beginning, you can’t understand the end. And if you can’t understand the end, you won’t understand the beginning. Too cool!

Will the Real CEO Please Stand Up!Dave Moore – Dave, using his vast presentation skills, shows what it takes to be a leader…. whether in your house, in business, in church, organizing an event, or even an athletic coach. If you want to lead, or are a leader in any area, this presentation will give you a kick in the pants!

The Biblical Outline of a Christian Business – Tom Cloud – Using a perfect scriptural model in the Bible, Tom outlines the key elements of a Christian business plan. That alone is awesome, but he also updated his precious metals forecast . . . which could affect most everyone! This, plus his how to buy gold and silver sessions are a must see!

The Slow and Painful Shift of American ValuesJohn Loeffler – John does probably more research than any man on the planet. From his platform on his daily national radio show, he meticulously weaves together the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that is fundamentally changing the way we live, and even the decisions we are allowed to make. This will open a lot of eyes!