Satan’s Top 10 Lies – 5 Videos


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1) “Divorce is the ‘Unpardonable Sin’ for Christians”

Author: Bill Perkins

Divorce is NOT the “unforgivable sin!” Learn all the verses why a divorced person is just as cleansed, just as righteous and just as worthy to serve in the Church as other Christians.

Note: This study is priced lower because I’m not in the same league as the other speakers!!! – BP

2) “A Job or Career in the Workforce is Far More Rewarding than being a Stay-at-Home Mom”

Author: Bill Perkins

The world says a woman who aspires to have a career working outside the home making $100,000.00+ a year is a great goal in life, and they’ll be fulfilled women. The Bible says differently…Find out why!

3) “A Smart Family Plans When to Have Children, and How Many”

Author: Bill Perkins

When the birth control pill was introduced in the 1960s, unsuspecting Christians bought the lie hook, line and sinker. Without giving it a thought, they joined the band wagon of “less kids is better.” But is restricting God’s eternal blessings based on human wisdom a good thing? What has been the result of this man-centered thought process? And worse, is there medical evidence that the increase in breast cancer can be tied directly to the pill? Taped at a small Bible study in Bill’s living room, you’ll get a mountain of information that is being suppressed by the liberals.

4) “The United States is NOT in Bible Prophecy”

Author: Bill Perkins

This is the 4th in a series entitled “Satan’s Top Ten Lies.”

Most people who’ve grown up in Christian circles have heard that the United States is NOT in Bible prophecy. This video challenges that assertion with 20 or so references that could ONLY be referring to the USA!

5) “Do Everything Jesus Says To DO”

Author: Bill Perkins

Jesus commanded many things to do while He was here on planet earth. Do they all apply to us living in the “Church Age”? Enjoy this provocative study of what Jesus said and to whom it applied…eye-opening!

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