Apologetics Top 10 Videos


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1) It’s About Time

Author: Russ Miller

Using myriads of scientific facts, Russ dismantles the “billions of years” that secular science uses to “prove” evolution. Once you debunk “billions of years,” you can build your science foundation on scriptural truths!

2) 50 Facts That Make Darwin Look Silly!

Author: Russ Miller

Evolutionists hate presentations like this. Scientific facts, one after another, showing absolutely without a doubt that Creation, not evolution, is the best theory to explain the history of the earth. From plants, animals, earth, wind and sea, everything points to a Creator. Two pieces of dirt cannot evolve into plants, fish or animals, much less humans! This is fun to watch!!

3) Satan’s Top Two Cults

Author: James Walker

What is the problem with Mormons? Glen Beck is a Mormon, it can’t be that bad. Don’t they believe in Jesus, even though they have a few weird doctrinal wrinkles? And what about Jehovah’s Witnesses?  What do they really believe compared to the written Word? Give this DVD to any Mormon or JW.

Great to pass around!

4) Biblical Dispensations

Author: Paul Van Noy

THE most undertaught and misunderstood of all critical doctrines has finally been explained in layman’s terms. Using outstanding graphics, Paul walks you through each of the seven major dispensations, or time periods. And by applying this model to scripture, it sure clears up a lot of misunderstood verses!!

5) Grand Canyon – Formed in 3 Days!

Author: Russ Miller

Grand Canyon is one of the most recognized of all American landmarks, but does the scientific evidence point to being carved out over millions of years or just a few days? Russ uses excellent slides in a witty presentation of facts that pokes huge holes in the “carved in millions of years” argument. Great for any age! Great graphics!

6) The Case for Jesus’ Resurrection

Author: Gary Habermas

Christianity stands on the truth of the resurrection. Even salvation is based on faith in Jesus’ atoning blood AND resurrection from the dead. This is a great study by the world’s leading expert on the overwhelming evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Outstanding! Excellent for small group, Sunday school or personal growth!

7) Our Amazing Universe!

Author: Russ Miller

This excellent presentation will blow you away. Using incredible breathtaking slides, Russ takes you from the outer limits of the universe all the way down to the body’s single cell … a journey that will forever change the way you view God’s greatness. Yes, it’s that good! Excellent for any age!

8) How We Got Our Bible

Author: Neil Lightfoot

This one kept the entire Steeling audience in rapt attention as Dr. Lightfoot walked them through the history of writing and how we came to get those 66 books. Covers the Apocrypha, early manuscripts and much more! Excellent!

9) Scientific Evidences for a 6000 – Year Old Earth

Author: Russ Miller

If you have the least inclination toward the unbiblical theory of evolution, this will rock your boat! Using a plethora of slides, dry wit and wide-smile humor, Russ shows SCIENTIFICALLY why the “Old Earth” theory won’t hold water. Proving, if there’s ever a doubt, trust God’s Word! Great graphics, incredible presentation!

10) Noah’s Ark & Dinosaurs

Author: Russ Miller

A fascinating scientific study with awesome graphics! Russ uses incredible visuals to explore age-old questions like: “What happened to the dinosaurs?” “Were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark?” “Is there any evidence some dinosaurs may still be alive today?” Good stuff!!


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