Special – All 9 Denver Steeling 2011 Conference Presentations


Witnessing in the Last Days – Mike Gendron – As the world grinds toward Rapture, Believers will have more and more opportunities to share what God has done in our lives. Mike, who has the gift of evangelism, scripturally outlines our many future opportunities as volatility increases and how we can be used by God for His glory! What a great time to be alive!

After the MillenniumPaul Van Noy – When Satan is finally cast into the lake of fire at the end of the millennium, time stops and eternity begins. What will it be like? Paul, Compass’ doctrinal “go to” guy, gives us a fascinating Biblical picture of our future home. And we won’t be sitting on a cloud playing harps!

Five Critical World Trends Affecting Your FutureJohn Loeffler – John is known as “Mr. Research” to his national radio audience. And his research is paying off big-time as he updates us on five incredible movements that affect each and every one of us: Education, Energy/Food, Persecution of Christians, Freedom and Technology.

In Defense of IsraelEd Hindson If you want to really know what’s going on, watch Israel. So goes Israel, so goes the world. Ed, who can defend the pre-tribulational, pre-millennial doctrines in his sleep, makes the case for Israel as not only God’s timepiece, but also a nation we should stand beside, through thick and thin. If we ever stop supporting Israel . . . duck!

Artificial Intelligence and the Return of the Nephilim – Tom Horn As scientists work with artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to construct a third strand of DNA that will purportedly make our bodies disease-free, who will control the ultimate design? Our minds, memories, physiology and even offspring are at stake!  Bone-chilling!

The Communist Agenda in the USACurtis Bowers Curtis, a former Idaho State Legislator, traces the alive-and-well socialist agenda’s history in America. By hook or crook, the 1960s hades-bent radicals have made “politically correct” most of what the Bible calls sin! And this was done right under our noses! But armed with information, we can better know where to draw the lines and fight the good fight.

Financial UpdateTom Cloud – Tom scratches where we’re itching with his popular Steeling Financial Update. He says gold is money and paper is an IOU. With 40 years of precious metals experience, he’s seen it all. This background, combined with a boat-load of industry statistical trend analysis, should armor any size investor with great confidence as our dollar continues to slide . . . or is that a free-fall!

How The Black Leadership Exploits AmericaJesse Lee Peterson – Are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al, really looking out for the best interests of the black community? Or are they exploiting the blacks for their own gain? Jesse shows how racism is being taught through politics, the pulpit and in the family. This is an eye-opener!

The Case for Satanic ConspiracyStan Monteith Stan, a medical doctor, gave up his practice to begin a nationwide radio show exposing the behind-the-scenes maneuvering toward a New World Order . . . and boy is he exposing the truth! Making Glen Beck look like a schoolboy, Stan connects all the dots in this stunner presentation. Unbelievable!