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May 4, 2023

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When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. Rev. 6:7-8

According to Matthew 24:37-41, America and the rest of the world will click along until the Rapture changes everything. After the Rapture, Revelation 18:4 says America will be totally decimated and missing in the world picture, leaving Europe and Israel to be the center of God’s world focus.

According to Revelation 6, first on the scene after the Rapture is the New World Leader coming to power by war and controlling the world's food, money and healthcare. We've dealt with the Tribulation wars in the past so today we'll concentrate on famine, money and healthcare.


Since famine/mass world starvation is clearly one of the ways the New World Leader will take total control in the Tribulation (see Rev. 6:8 verse above), as we get close to the Rapture we should expect to begin seeing changes in the food supply—and we do.

We’re seeing stores running out of a few things, a few empty shelves here and there dotting grocery stores across the land. Nothing too much at the moment, but it’s certainly noticeable. Again, nothing to fear—it’s what we would expect before the Rapture. But remember, we will NOT run out of food (Matt. 24:37-38)!

We are also hearing about fertilizer shortages, farms being forced to close down, processing plants burning down and mysterious droughts affecting crop harvests. So in time, this will take its toll.

Those 15-minutes cities we keep hearing about make more sense in light of this. When the famines come in full force to Europe after the Rapture, those living in the country will be forced into the cities.

It’s a simple principle. When you’re hungry, you go to where the food is. Hunger/starvation is quite the motivator. Remember the Biblical account of Jacob having to go to Egypt because of a famine…Egypt had food. It worked out well in the beginning, but they ended up as Egyptian slaves for 400 years (Gen. 37-50).

But again, referencing the "Days of Noah," because Jesus said things will be NORMAL right up until Rapture, Believers should not fear the things that we see happening around us.

Monetary Control

We know the New World Leader will also get control of money worldwide. As we discussed in past eNews articles, we see the smaller banks being gobbled up by the bigger banks. This makes it easier for governments (run by the Globalists/Satanists) to completely take over banking.

So we’re EXPECTING to see changes in our banking system, but they will still be operating until the Rapture. Smaller banks will continue to fail—here’s an article about how bad it is. CLICK HERE

As they begin implementing digital currencies, the more control they will have. If the bad guys don’t like you for any reason, they can freeze your funds.Again, nothing for Believers to fear as the Mark of the Beast isn't instituted until post-Rapture. Instead we’re to comfort one another as we see the Church Age getting close to ending with the Rapture. Believers SHOULD BE seeing all this!

But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day overtake you like a thief; for you are all sons of light and sons of the day. 1Thes. 5:4-5


The third thing mentioned in scripture is that the New World Leader comes conquering with “pharmakeia,” or drugs. We wrote about this in detail in the past—if you missed the article, CLICK HERE.

Now we soon may be able to see a little more clearly how the New World Leader will accomplish this.

May 21-30 the WHO (the World Health Organization arm of the United Nations) will meet in Geneva, Switzerland. The whole shebang is controlled by the Globalists/Satanists.

Their stated purpose is to gain absolute control over the health-related decisions for all 194 member nations.

Once this is passed by the WHO, it will give one unelected group of Globalists/Satanists complete control over anything remotely health-related worldwide–things like abortion, euthanasia, environment, travel, gas vehicles, guns, even buying food.

They could demand tests, shots, lockdowns, wearing of masks, limitation of travel, social distancing and even limitations of the size of church gatherings.

Physician Meryl Nass told The Epoch Times: “If these rules go through as currently drafted, I, as a doctor, will be told what I am allowed to give a patient and what I am prohibited from giving a patient whenever the WHO declares a public health emergency. So they can tell you you’re getting remdesivir, but you can’t have hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. What they’re also saying is they believe in equity, which means everybody in the world gets vaccinated, whether or not you need it, whether or not you’re already immune.”

And apparently they intend to monitor all this by globally tracking and tracing everyone with a QR (Quick Response) code.

For those who refuse to comply, once the Globalists get control of the money and food, they have all the leverage they need.

My first reaction was “No way this is happening, we have our constitutional rights in America.” But it seems the Biden Regime is not bothered much by any restrictions in the Constitution.

It is being claimed that the National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress and signed by Biden on December 23, 2022—which was conveniently done on Friday afternoon before Christmas on Sunday—gives the WHO authorization to be in charge of our healthcare.

I have not read the entire Act that was passed and signed by Biden. But there are a lot of people hot and bothered by this. I have a hard time believing Biden can just give our rights away without approval from Congress.

But that's what they're saying! Take a moment to watch this interview by James Dobson of Michelle Bachman. CLICK HERE

All this so bothered Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), that he has introduced legislation, H.R. 79, to unhook us from WHO (which Trump did but it was reversed under Biden). If Biden has already given away our sovereignty, it will take a miracle to get this undone between now and May 20.

But who knows, even if what they’re saying is true, God may spare us. So all Believers need to fire up a prayer to the Lord for mercy. And take action—everyone needs to call their Representatives and encourage (demand?) them to support H.R. 79. Call 202-224-3121 — works for any state. Tell your Congressman to support H.R. 79!

Here’s another article talking about all of this: CLICK HERE

Now this is actually quite exciting for Believers! If all this comes about, we’re that much closer to the Rapture. (All the more reason for our sending 100K Millions Missing mailing in July.)

Or, if it does pass but the Rapture doesn’t happen in September, God will find other ways to hold back the Globalists’/Satanists’ world goals a little longer. They keep pointing to 2030 to have all this in place.

Either way, we’re in the catbird seat watching all this coming together. And it's a great motivator to share what we know!




Links from article above:

Dobson/Bachmann / CLICK HERE

How Bad is the Banking Crisis? /CLICK HERE


Bank Bubble Popping

55-minute Video (start at 3-minutes)


Ed Dowd's recent presentation...excellent charts and easy to follow. I only had to back up twice 🙂

More info in Sara Westall's article HERE

U.S./UK Secretly Hid Bad Va((ine Data



Well, there you have it, the whole world was controlled from the beginning of Covid with the express purpose to jab as many as possible...knowing millions would be maimed. Mercola does a good job. Unbelievable!

J6 Gulag

43-Minute Video


This video is proof the USA is communist to the core. How can this be happening? An inside account from the prisoner's mom.




This is a really good article on the Rapture covering all the basics!

The Euthanasia Agenda

Last week we stirred a lot of hearts with the link to the "What Happened To Our Hospitals?" link. If you missed it, the link is added below. As a follow-up, here's a video interview of a guy who is suing the hospital over the death of his daughter. In the discovery phase of the trial he has uncovered absolutely astounding documents. Keep the tissues close by.

59-minutes (start at 3-minutes and watch at 1.25 speed)



What Happened To Our Hospitals? (From Last Week)



This is a cold-water-in-the-face recap of how the Globalists/Satanists got control of our hospitals during Covid and used them to do what Satan does best.



Mostly just pics, no links

The Bible says a wise man has many counselors (Prov.15:22; 11:14; 24:6). It also says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Prov. 27:17. Great advice but don't miss the fact that this helps you understand who is right and who is wrong. You have to look at both sides, or multiple sides, of a question to guide you to the best answer.

So it's a big deal when Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc., keep alternative information from being considered. It means we're living in a communist country and are being controlled. If you don't "do what they say," you'll pay the price. So we offer all this additional information each week to give Believers more information as alternative reading.

If image below is blurry, click image to read<<<<<

NJ librarian sues parents for speaking out against sexually explicit books at school library

OAN Brooke Mallory
UPDATED 6:04 PM – Friday, April 28, 2023

A high school librarian in New Jersey is suing two mothers for raising objections about sexually-graphic books in their children’s school library. The mothers declared that they would not be intimidated and urged other guardians to speak out alongside them.

The parents involved in the unanticipated defamation lawsuit are Kristen Cobo and Christina Balestriere of Roxbury, New Jersey.

Christine Anderson, a member of the European Parliament, believes that COVID passports and QR codes that became widespread during the pandemic were only test runs for implementing “15-minute cities” aimed at tightening government control over people.

A 15-minute city is a neighborhood where a resident can reach everything they need, like a grocery store, doctor, and so forth within a 15-minute walk. According to Anderson, such cities are the beginning of tighter government control of people. The administration can exert control by deciding “you are no longer allowed to leave your 15-minute immediate area. They don’t have to fence it in or anything. It will be done via digital ID,” she said in an interview with Jan Jekielek’s “American Thought Leaders” program published on April 25.

“If you now fancy another store and it does not happen to be in your neighborhood, guess what? You won’t be going to that store anymore. Like I said, total control is what we’re talking about.”

In Europe, legislation is being pushed forward to set up 15-minute cities. According to Anderson, the Digital Green Certificate, the COVID pass introduced during the pandemic, was only a test run designed to get people used to producing a QR code and related requirements.

“Now, they’re slamming us with these 15-minute cities. Make no mistake, it’s not about your convenience. It’s not that they want you to be able to have all of these places that you need to get to close by. It’s not about saving the planet either,” Anderson said.

“With the 15-minute cities, they will have to have those before they can lock you down, and that’s what we were talking about here.”

“In Great Britain, some counties have already passed legislation. They will be able to impose a climate lockdown. That’s the next step. That’s what we are talking about. In order to do that, they will have to have these 15-minute cities.”

The next step, Anderson says, will involve restricting people within their localities, only allowing them to leave the place two or three times a year. However, the rich will be able to get away with these rules as they can buy off exit passes from the poorer segments, she stated.

“The poor people will be left in these 15-minute neighborhoods while the ones that are better off get to go wherever they want to go. This is what we are talking about.”

An article featured on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) website in March last year called the concept of 15-minute cities “a lot more than a fad” and a consequence of the current times, specifically the pandemic.

“With COVID-19 and its variants keeping everyone home (or closer to home than usual), the 15-minute city went from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a rallying cry,” it claimed, adding, “As climate change and global conflict cause shocks and stresses at faster intervals and increasing severity, the 15-minute city will become even more critical.”

Digital Tyranny

Anderson pointed out that Chinese communist-style “social credit” systems are already being tested out in Europe. “There are pilot projects already going on in Bologna. There, it’s called the ‘Bologna Wallet.’ In Vienna, it’s called the ‘Vienna Token.'”

“It’s voluntary for now, and it’s only pretty much enticing people. If you do this, you get some tickets for a little less, to go to the theater. Voluntary. Once again, [it’s the] first step,” she said.

“But soon, there will be a time when you don’t have a choice anymore. You have to have this Digital Green Certificate with this QR code. Then, they will tell you where you can go, what you can do, and what you cannot do.”

Anderson criticized “The Line” project being constructed in Saudi Arabia. A 200-kilometer-long, 200-meter-wide, 500-meter-high structure, The Line is projected to house up to 9 million people.

“If I wanted to get total control of the people, that’s exactly where and how I would house them, and then, have them on a three-meal-a-day prescription. Guess what will happen if you do not do as you are told—they will probably cancel those meals. It’s so easy,” she said.

“That’s what we’re talking about. When you really take all of this together, there is no other way for me to actually say this—it will be a complete impoverishment and enslavement of all the people. I’m stating it so clearly because that’s what it seems like, and that’s what it looks like to me.”

The concept of 15-minute cities is drawing heated debate on social media. When documentary maker Carla Francome posted a thread in February about the benefits of such cities, it soon attracted criticism.

One person suggested that though 15-minute cities sound great in theory, it would become a problem once the government tries to enforce it.

Another pointed out that if 15-minute cities were to become a reality, Francome would have to take a special permit to visit her father if he was living 30 minutes away from her.

“One day, you’ll be trapped in your 15 minute city, waiting for a drone to deliver your sweet and sour bugs and trying to remember what it was like to be on holiday,” author Lisa Keeble said in an April 22 tweet. “You’ll ask yourself- when did it all go wrong. When you applauded lockdowns and masks.”

Government Fearmongering

Anderson also highlighted the fearmongering employed by governments to control people during the COVID-19 pandemic. “In Germany, there was a manual, an outline on how to get the people to do what the government wanted them to do to adhere to these restrictions,” she said.

“They outlined it there specifically, ‘Even though kids are at no risk of this COVID, we have to make them afraid. If they catch it and then they infect their grandparents, they’re responsible for having killed their grandparents.’ That’s the kind of thinking that went on in the governments.”

“A completely blown out of proportion kind of pandemic. For what? It was so the pharmaceutical companies could make billions and billions of dollars.”

Jekielek noted that there’s “unequivocal evidence” that the UK government was involved in sowing fear among its populace with regard to COVID-19 and had a specific strategy for doing so. Similar things were done in other countries, including the United States, he pointed out.

When asked whether this was the result of some kind of global coordination, Anderson replied, “Absolutely.”

“That is actually the scariest part of all of this. Had it only been two or three countries going rogue, we would have had the hopes another country would step in and put a stop to it,” she said.

“They were in lockstep with all of this. They literally read from the same script, repeating the same lines, ‘Build back better, safe and effective.’ Every single Western democracy was pretty much doing the same thing.”

Take a moment to understand this chart. It supports last week's Censorship Rising article.



END, Compass eNews April May 4, 2023


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