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Two Weeks Before Passover, 33 AD

March 27, 2024

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Easter Sunday

Some people disagree, but it's perfectly OK to use the word "Easter." When our kids were growing up, Susie and I insisted they use "Resurrection Sunday" in place of Easter.

But about 10 years ago, after doing some digging, turns out the bunny and eggs are bad but using the word Easter is OK! We were just taught incorrectly. 🙁

It's obviously perfectly fine to refer to Easter as our resurrection celebration, but a bit legalistic to insist.

CLICK HERE for more "Ok to use Easter" details.

Leading Up To The Passover/Easter Celebration

This Sunday most decent churches will be teaching various scriptures regarding Jesus' last week before His crucifixion. So I decided to back up a week to see what was going on the week before the last week to understand the events leading up to the Passion Week. Enjoy Two Weeks Before Passover, 33 AD.

Use us, Lord!



The chief priests and the scribes were seeking how they might put Him to death; for they were afraid of the people. Luke 22:2 

Two Weeks Before Passover, 33 AD

About 1991 years ago, two weeks before the Feast of Passover was to begin, Jesus and His disciples learned Lazarus was sick.

Now a certain man was sick, Lazarus of Bethany,… John 11:1a

So they made a quick visit to Bethany, located about 2 miles east of the Old City of Jerusalem, and Jesus miraculously healed his good friend, Lazarus.

This was a major healing. Laz, as his close friends called him, had died and had actually been buried for four days. He was so obviously dead that his body smelled worse than rotten eggs.

So Jesus then said to them plainly, “Lazarus is dead," John 11:14

Martha actually said that he had been dead so long, "he stinks." But Jesus called him out of the grave and back to life in front of dozens of people. There was no denying the miracle.

The commotion and uproar exploding from that amazing resurrection traveled by word of mouth. And it didn’t take long for the sensational news to reach the entire city of Jerusalem, which was beginning to overflow from those arriving for Passover.

Every Jew knew the Lord had promised through His prophets that one day He would send Israel a Savior like Moses. And most Jews associated Passover with Moses, so they assumed their Messiah would show up at the time of a Passover.

With Jesus having crisscrossed the nation for 3 1/2 years performing His phenomenal miracles, on this Passover people were even more sky-high about the possibility of this being the year of their long-awaited Messiah.

The buzz on the streets was, “Is this the Passover when the Messiah will be revealed?” and, “Is Jesus the Messiah?”

However, those in the Sanhedrin leadership were working hard to make sure Jesus was NOT the Messiah. They feared they would lose their power and prestige. So they were looking for Jesus in order to kill Him.

Therefore many of the Jews who … saw that He had [raised Lazarus from the dead], believed in Him. But some of them went to the Pharisees and told them the things which Jesus had done. Therefore the chief priests and the Pharisees convened a council, and were saying, “What are we doing? For this man is performing many signs. If we let Him go on like this, all men will believe in Him, and the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation.” John 11:45-48

So after high-fiving Lazarus, Jesus couldn’t stick around and shake hands with the crowd. Instead, He headed north/northeast through Samaria to the village of Ephraim, about 10 miles away.

He knew no one would dare follow Him through the detested area of the Samaritans because the Jews considered them to be the scum of the earth.

The Samaritans were a mix of Jewish and foreign blood who worshiped using only the first five books of Judaism. But the real drawback was that they saw no problem worshiping idols.

They apparently skipped over the first of the 10 commandments:

You shall have no other gods before Me. Exodus 20:3

Adding to this understandable abhorrence, when the Jews returned to Jerusalem and began to rebuild their Temple, the Samaritans vigorously opposed it because they had built their own Temple on Mt. Gerizim in Samaria and were even doing sacrifices!

The Jews detested the Samaritans so much they would travel an extra day between Jerusalem and Galilee, going around Samaria on the east or west side.

So Samaria was good cover for Jesus and His disciples when they made a hasty exit due to the uproar over Laz’s resurrection.

They made their way to the village of Ephraim, located on the northeastern edge of the Judean wilderness on the border of Samaria and Galilee. There Jesus overnighted with His disciples.

The next day He and His disciples headed back toward Jerusalem by walking down to west bank of the Jordan River and turning right toward Jericho.

While on the way, ten leprous men began screaming from their separated secluded area saying:

“Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” Luke 17:13

Jesus heard them but He didn’t go to the secluded area. Instead He simply replied back,

“Go and show yourselves to the priests and make an offering for your cleansing...” Luke 17:14b

None of the leprous men were instantaneously healed but all ten, nine Jews and one Samaritan, followed Jesus’ instructions and headed to see the priests.

Jesus obviously had a huge reputation for healing people!

As they were moving by faith to go see the priests, the leprosy was healed in all ten men. One of the ten, a Samaritan, turned back, and walked toward Jesus loudly praising God for what had happened.

He fell face down at Jesus’ feet, thanking Him for being healed. Jesus said,

“Were there not ten cleansed?” Luke 17:17

He was disappointed that only one came back to give thanks for His healing them, and the one who did come back was a non-Jew.

This seems to be a word picture of the Jews accepting Jesus’ miraculous cures by faith but rejecting Him as a Messiah.

It was the steps of faith that Jesus rewarded. But although the Jews were physically healed by faith, they missed the spiritual salvation boat.

The foreigner proclaimed his faith, he was thankful AND acknowledged Jesus as the healer!

And He said to him, “Stand up and go; your faith has made you well.” Luke 17:19

Since the Samaritan was already healed due to his following Jesus’ instructions, Jesus was adding spiritual salvation to his physical healing.

The Samaritan BELIEVED that Jesus cured him. His belief made him spiritually well, forever.

This pre-cross situation is also echoed in Matthew 7:

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?' And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’" Matt. 7:21-23

Jesus was saying to the Jews before the cross, to go to heaven you needed to have faith that He was the Messiah.

Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’" John 3:5-7

It was not enough just being a Jew to qualify for heaven. A person had to have a spiritual birth due to their belief, due to their faith in the coming Messiah.

Today, in the post-cross Church Age, we too are saved by believing Jesus and His good news of salvation. Nothing more, nothing less.

John, one of Jesus's closest disciples, said 10 times through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that salvation is centered on belief.

"...whoever believes in Him..." John 3:16
"He who believes in the Son..." John 3:36
"... he who hears My word and believes..." John 5:24
"...he who believes in Me shall never thirst." John 6:35
"...everyone who ... believes in Him, ..." John 6:40
"...he who believes has eternal life." John 6:47
"...unless you believe..." John 8:24
"...he who believes in Me..." John 11:25
"...everyone who ... believes in Me..." John 11:26
"...that (by) believing you may have life..." John 20:31

If you try to add anything else to salvation in addition to BELIEVING the Gospel of Jesus Christ… anything… you’re wrong.

Salvation is not Believing plus good works.
Salvation is not Believing plus Baptism.
Salvation is not Believing plus repentance.(1)
Salvation is not Believing plus continually confessing sin.(2)

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, … Eph. 2:8,9a

Much like the thief on the cross, the Samaritan healed of leprosy didn’t know pre-trib vs. post-trib doctrine. He didn’t know if you could or could not lose your salvation. He didn’t have to believe creation over evolution.

But he got saved, forever. And you can talk to him one day in heaven.

So this weekend, as we enjoy celebrating what Jesus did on the cross and His resurrection, also remember what He taught us the week before on His trip to Ephraim. We must have a spiritual birth to go to heaven.

You must be born again. John 3:7b

Use us, Lord!


Jesus' Last Week Supplements

I feel sorry for anyone trying to understand what's going on in the world without using the Bible as a guide! BP

---Clicking on any fuzzy picture below usually clears it up---


Shadow Gate

2-hour "Gotta See" documentary


Wow, wow, wow! Find the time to watch this and you'll be dumbfounded...to say the least. This is a documentary that reveals how a “shadow government” is manipulating society from behind the scenes and using psychological warfare tactics against the American public.

It was banned on YouTube, so that tells you how accurate this video is. It's the best laid-out information tying together what is taking place behind the scenes. Watch in real time...

If you can't watch this documentary soon, save the link... this inside info will blow you away!


Teaching Kids It's OK To Sleep With Satan



Children are overtly being targeted with occultic entertainment. Several Satanic-themed shows will be released in the coming months with stories that try to make witchcraft, demons, and even sex with the devil look appealing. Parents and grandparents need to be aware.


War On Food



20-minute video


We know it's all about depopulation. But when you hear what's actually going on, wow wow wow!

PETA Wants Your Children to Stop Dissecting Animals in the Classroom

These people are nuts.

Something weird is going on with the Royal family of Great Britain. First they got caught faking a family picture and had to apologize. Now they released a video that is fraught with more problems.

In the picture above:

Notice Kate's left eye-brow. LOL!

Notice the slats on the bench are larger on one side of her.

Notice the fake background studio "green screen" that was used.

And best of all, notice that her shadow on the bench INCLUDES the stripes on her shirt.

So why are they going to so much trouble to lie like a rug?

Well, regarding the above... I know why and I bet you do, too!

Inviting Invasion

7-minute video (watch at 1.25 speed)


Ron Paul is beside himself! He says we're at the point of anarchy. But again, he misses what's really going on. Few people realize all that we're seeing happening on this planet is part of a dispensation transition.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a warning on Thursday about potential disruptions in air travel surrounding the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8.

The celestial event, set to cast a path of totality across 13 states, is anticipated to impact air travel operations before, during, and after the eclipse, according to the aviation agency.

The FAA indicated that the eclipse’s effects on U.S. airspace are anticipated between approximately 2:30 p.m. and 3:40 p.m. ET. At this time, some 32 million people in North America are expected to witness the rare event, which is anticipated to be the most-watched solar eclipse in history.

Good grief! Zero happened during the last eclipse in 2017. So what are they concerned about? Why are they calling out the National Guard?

CLICK HERE for an interesting 12-minute video analysis of the eclipse by little-known or followed Lisa Haven. But she asks interesting questions.

Alex Jones said: "The Feds are using the Total Solar Eclipse HYSTERIA to practice martial law ahead of the November elections." Time will tell .... he's not always right. But he's batting over 600-700.

FDA Loses Ivermectin Lawsuit



Under terms of a settlement reached Thursday in a lawsuit alleging the agency exceeded its authority when it directed health professionals and patients not to use Ivermectin, the FDA, while denying any wrongdoing, said it will remove content warning people not to use Ivermectin to treat COVID.

Thousands died who could have survived had they been allowed to take the drug, but no one is held accountable. Instead, they will remove this ad:


An FDA alert is telling all American hospitals to immediately stop using plastic syringes made in China, after reports of quality issues that could have fatal consequences. No comment.

Were those bolts holding the door left off on purpose? Yikes! So much for window seats!

Passengers on an Alaska Airlines flight that had a panel blow out midair might be victims of a crime, the FBI said in a letter obtained by CBS News.

The two-page letter was sent by a victim specialist in the Seattle Division of the FBI to those flying – 174 passengers and possibly six crew members  — on Flight No. 1282 on Jan. 5 from Portland, Oregon, to Ontario, California. The plane had to make an emergency landing, arriving safely at the Portland airport after a door plug blew off mid-flight.

"We have identified you as a possible victim of a crime," the FBI letter said. "This case is currently under investigation by the FBI. A criminal investigation can be a lengthy undertaking, and, for several reasons, we cannot tell you about its progress at this time."

The plane had reached approximately 16,000 feet when the panel fell off, one passenger said in a lawsuit filed against Alaska Airlines, Boeing and door plug manufacturer Spirit Aerosystems, claiming the event left him and six other passengers with physical injuries and "serious emotional distress, fear, and anxiety." The passenger said his seat belt saved him from being sucked out of the gaping hole.



11,000 Who Took The Flu Shot With Covid Booster Had A Stroke Within 90 Days!

Researchers from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) headed up the FDA-funded study, which was launched after the agency detected and reported a safety signal among older people taking the boosters in January 2023.

The FDA researchers analyzed data from Medicare recipients to assess the risk of stroke after taking the boosters and when taking them concomitantly with the flu shots.

Among more than 5 million Medicare beneficiaries who received the Pfizer or Moderna boosters, at least 11,001 of them had strokes within 90 days of receiving the vaccine.

“11,001 strokes within 90 days of receiving influenza/COVID-19 vaccines is an astronomical number of avoidable neurological events in our Medicare recipients,” cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told The Defender.

Hertz EV Debacle



The artificial boom and then meltdown of the EV market is a modern industrial calamity. It was created by government, social media, wild disease frenzy, far-flung thinking, and the irrational chasing of utopia, followed by a rude awakening by facts and reality.
Hertz CEO Stephen SCHERR bet on a large EV inventory that went up in flames… No pun intended. EVs have gone from a liberal’s delight to the redheaded stepchild.

The key issues with EVs are:

The upfront costs are much higher

Financing charges are higher.

They depreciate at a higher rate than internal combustion cars.

The insurance is more expensive, by at least 25 percent.

Repairs are much more expensive, if you can get them done at all, and take longer.

Tires are more expensive and don’t last as long because the car is so heavy.

Refueling is not easy and missteps here can have nightmarish consequences.

They are more likely to catch fire.

So now, since nobody wants EVs because they are impractical, Biden just announced he’s going to forbid gas cars by 2030. Hmmmm….

In a nutshell, gas cars are freedom and electric cars are not. Can’t have that!


New Biden Regulation Will Make Gas Cars Illegal by 2030



It’s unconscionable that the man in the White House should have the power to force Americans to abandon clean, efficient, affordable, reliable, and low-polluting cars in favor of cars that are filthy, inconvenient, dangerous, and expensive. The Founders, who valued individual liberty, would never have tolerated a chief executive who, with the stroke of a pen, can enact regulations that affect at a micro level every American’s safety, convenience, and finances.

Banks On The Brink?

9-Minute Video


Having used up their reserves on last year's bank failures, the FDIC is as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. Another bad year will basically tank the back-up system...so don't think you can depend on them to bail you out. More likely, they'll bail you in!


Tit For Tat

At last, the tide is turning against this criminal enterprise of mentally ill adults advocating the butchering of children. Yesterday the Telegraph reported:

French Senators want to ban gender transition treatments for under-18s, after a report described sex reassignment in minors as potentially “one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine.

This news comes on the heels of the UK NHS telling clinicians to stop routine prescribing of puberty blockers. As reported in the BMJ

The decision was announced on 12 March as part of NHS England’s ongoing overhaul of children’s gender identity services in England. In new guidance NHS England said, “We have concluded that there is not enough evidence to support the safety or clinical effectiveness of PSH [puberty suppressing hormones] to make the treatment routinely available at this time.”

RFKjr's Dire CBDC Warning

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) threaten to replace the cash we use with programmable, trackable tokens controlled by governments. Your financial choices could be censored, and privacy eliminated. Based on what I’ve learned and experienced directly, this could happen before the 2024 election….

Robert F. Kennedy, the 2024 presidential candidate, said transactional freedom is absolutely critical for freedom of speech to exist.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) pave the way for an authoritarian government in America similar to the Chinese communist regime.

“I’m against central bank digital currencies because that is part of the path to getting us where China is today. That’s where they started, that’s where all these other countries started with central bank digital currency, and it’s the end of freedom.
"We will be slaves if we allow that to happen,” Mr. Kennedy said during a March 22 event. He pointed to the Canadian truckers' protests to explain why CBDCs were dangerous for freedoms. The Canadian government portrayed the truckers “as right-wing, fascist, and racist” when they were not, he said.

“The government used facial recognition systems and other intrusive technologies to identify the participants, all the truckers. They got their license plates, etc. And then they froze their bank accounts. So they couldn’t get diesel for their trucks, they couldn’t buy food for their kids, they couldn’t pay for their education, they couldn’t pay their mortgages.”

A trucker told Mr. Kennedy that he was going to jail for being unable to pay his alimony. “It occurred to me that transactional freedom is as important as freedom of the press. If you have freedom of speech in the First Amendment, and yet when you exercise that speech, the government doesn’t like it, they can starve you to death, they can throw you out of your home because you can’t pay your mortgage or your rent, then that is meaningless.”

Transactional freedom is “absolutely critical” for freedom of speech to exist, he said. “If we get a central bank digital currency, they’d do what they do in China.”

In China, people pay for groceries and gasoline using their “face,” he said, referring to facial recognition systems. The Communist regime keeps a social credit score on its citizens so that anyone found violating regulations will face penalties and restrictions, like potentially restricting an individual’s access to grocery stores within a certain radius of their house or workplace.

“You can’t buy gas, you can’t buy an airplane ticket, you can’t buy anything else. So, you’re basically under home confinement. Like the truckers in Canada, they were never charged with a crime. They were certainly never convicted,” he said.

“It was just they were doing something the government didn’t like. The government was able to destroy their lives, and that is a very dangerous power to give government.”
By Naveen Athrappully
The Epoch Times

Santa Clara Vax Advertisement:


I have a good friend who studies a lot of trends, and he says whenever you see the high and low of a particular stock forming a triangle, when it gets to the point, it will break out and break to the upside. Naturally, I wonder if the same is true for what we’re seeing in the chart… The triangle is forming and it's about finished. Will our debt soar from here?


U.S. Spending Twice Revenues



The U.S. Government is issuing $1 trillion in debt every 100 days. Think about that. It's important to let that sink in. When the rush for the exits begin, it will be too late to do anything about protecting your cash.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse—On Purpose?

.Article plus 11-second video

Laura Logan smells a rat. She uses a video that APPEARS to show the ship turning directly into the support beam. She says: "Multiple intel sources say the Baltimore bridge collapse was an 'absolutely brilliant strategic attack' on US critical infrastructure — most likely cyber — & our intel agencies know it. In information warfare terms, they just divided the US along the Mason Dixon line exactly like the Civil War.”

Another video or the weird turn into the support column: CLICK HERE

More Flynn on "Black Swan" with Alex Jones CLICK HERE

Kids, Shots and Seizures

15-minute video


Children ages 2-5 who received the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine faced an increased risk of febrile seizures immediately following vaccination, according to a new study led by researchers at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Is Russia Responding To USA's Blowing Up Their Nord Stream Pipeline Or For The Murders At The Concert?

Most Americans are not aware of it yet, but what happened in Russia on Friday, March 22, places all of us in grave danger, especially those of us who reside in the U.K. and U.S., but also in France, Germany or Poland. Not to mention Ukraine, which is already feeling the brunt of Russian anger over what happened.

What the controlled media is releasing is that four Muslims, in a highly coordinated military style assault, shot their way into the building, then indiscriminately shot everyone they came in contact with. Then they burned the building down.

What's more likely, if I had to guess, is Ukraine, under the direction of American special ops forces, pulled off the job. And Russia knows it.

Leo Hohmann says:

Something doesn’t add up with this whole ISIS narrative.

In a normal jihad attack, the perpetrators don’t try to escape. They keep killing until confronted and killed by authorities. They want to be killed because that’s the only way to receive their promised reward from Allah on the other side of this life. They get their 72 black-eyed, full-breasted virgins and get to have fun for the rest of eternity (or so they believe).

But these killers did not kill for a heavenly reward. They killed for an earthly reward. Money.

In his initial interrogation, captured on video, one of the shooters told the Russians that he was promised in a deal made over the Telegram messaging app to be paid $5,400 (5,000 euros) for the job of shooting up a bunch of Russians. The initial conversation was with an assistant to an Islamic cleric. He flew to Turkey where he received further instructions and training.

Who paid for that flight? Who paid for the weapons?

As has been widely reported, the U.S. State Department also warned its embassy staff in Moscow on March 7 that ISIS was planning to carry out a terrorist attack in the Moscow area and they should avoid concerts and other large gatherings. That was very specific information and no other information was reportedly sent to the Russian government, according to former CIA analyst Larry Johnson speaking in an interview with Judge Andrew Napalitano.

So the Scott bridge in Baltimore harbor could very well be revenge. Through the controlled media, Biden immediately denied it was a terrorist attack. That means it was probably a terrorist attack. But again, I'm just wildly guessing.

But was it revenge for us blowing up Russia's Nord Stream Pipeline or for shooting up hundreds at the Russian concert? If it's for Nord Stream, expect more to come.

Either way, the escalation will eventually end with the events surrounding the Ezekiel 38/39 post-Rapture war. CQLJ!

Can you spot the trend?

Booster Comedy Video

60-second Video


She's British so they have to add the subtitles for us to understand their English! LOL!

93% Of Muslims Don't Believe Hamas Committed Atrocities

Ninety-three percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas did not commit atrocities during its mass invasion of southern Israel on Oct. 7, and 72% support the attack, according to recent polling conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

When Palestinians were shown videos of the horror filmed by the perpetrators themselves, 81% still did not believe atrocities were committed.


Thousands Of Physicians Skirt The Broken System



Thousands of physicians have adopted direct primary care to avoid government and insurers’ obstruction of quality, personalized health care.

Why The U.S. Must Exit The U.N.

20-minute video


Alex Newman shares SOME of the many reasons we have to get out.

Did you know that all employees of the U.N. have diplomatic immunity? That means of the thousands of UN employees around the world, none can be charged with a crime because they are immune from criminal prosecution ... including civil lawsuits, and rape (regardless of the age).

95% Of Fruits and Vegetables Tested Positive For Pesticides

CHD is reporting that the latest edition of the Environmental Working Group’s annual consumer's guide reveals that almost three-fourths of non-organic fruits and vegetables sampled contained traces of toxic pesticides while the "dirty dozen" — including strawberries and spinach — tested at levels closer to 95%.

“There’s data to suggest that these fungicides can disrupt the hormone function in our body,” EWG senior scientist Alexa Friedman told Common Dreams, adding that the chemicals had “been linked to things like worse health outcomes” and “impacts on the male reproductive system.”

The twelve most-contaminated produce items that could have serious health impacts.

  1. Strawberries.
  2. Spinach.
  3. Kale, collard and mustard greens.
  4. Grapes.
  5. Peaches.
  6. Pears.
  7. Nectarines.
  8. Apples.
  9. Bell and hot peppers.
  10. Cherries.
  11. Blueberries.
  12. Green beans.

75% of non-organic fruits and vegetables tested were contaminated with pesticides.

Buy organic. It's not too late to start. It's better to drive an old car than to say you can't afford organic foods.


Long Covid, or Long Vax??

The Hill newspaper has provided a platform for doctors Paul Marik and Pierre Kory to shed light on the adverse effects of the jab, particularly a syndrome now recognized as "Long Vax."

In their groundbreaking article, Drs. Marik and Kory reveal that as many as 70% of their patients experienced symptoms post-vaccination, indicating a concerning trend that cannot be ignored. ... not even by the Mainstream Media.

Contrary to popular belief, Long COVID isn't the only lingering issue. Long Vax, characterized by brain fog, neuropathy, numbness, and excessive fatigue is a genuine epidemic in its own right. And with mounting evidence suggesting a link between COVID vaccinations and autoimmune diseases, the stakes have never been higher.

While Long COVID was widely researched and publicized, the long-term effects of the COVID shots were buried by the MSM, leaving the public unaware and at risk.

But the tide may be turning. A survey on Long Vax is finally undergoing peer review, signaling a crucial shift in the research community. However, censorship and suppression, as we've seen throughout the “plan-demic,” is still a threat to the health and wellbeing of Americans. They pose a grave danger.

The catastrophe has already started; the unchecked suppression has indeed led to a far-reaching disaster, with dire consequences reverberating across our nation (and the world).

  • Dr. Simone Gold

Knocking Out New York



If you're going to NYC, be careful. People have no incentive to be rational, much less Godly.

And we know where all this will end up:

“Those who see you will gaze at you [Satan],
They will ponder over you, saying,
‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble,
Who shook kingdoms,
Who made the world like a wilderness
And overthrew its cities, ...Is. 14:16-17a


Growing Cancers Everywhere

33-minute video (Winds down at 26, stop before 27 to avoid F-bomb)


Ed Dowd gives his latest update on the excess cancer deaths, and it's a doozy.

Washington Times on excess cancer:

  • In 2021, colorectal cancer suddenly shot from fourth place to the leading cause of cancer death in men under 50. It leapt to second place in women.
  • Young adult oral and liver cancer deaths spiked since 2021. So did deadly cervical tumors in women ages 30 through 44, which tellingly reversed “decades of decline” — not a long, slow increase as corporate media would have you believe. It’s the exact opposite.
  • According to the CDC’s heavily manipulated data, between pre-pandemic 2019 and 2023, across all ages, cancer deaths rose by +2%. And in young people aged 15 to 44 years, cancer mortality rose twice as fast, to +4%.
  • Some cancers had mortality increases far exceeding +2% and +4%. Deaths from the aforementioned colorectal cancer rose +17% in the 15-to-44 group, four times the population-wide increase.
  • Uterine cancer deaths shot up +37% among 25-to-44-year-olds between 2019 and 2023; they rose +15% overall (all ages).
  • Whatever they want to call it, more and more oncologists are seeing what we would call ‘turbo cancer.’ The Times’ article quoted William Dahut, the American Cancer Society’s chief scientific officer, who said “Colorectal cancers are presenting with more aggressive disease and larger tumors at diagnosis, which is more difficult to treat.”
  • Instead of citing out-of-date cancer studies ending in 2019, the Times cited recent studies, like a new preprint study of U.S. data, which found cancer deaths among 15-to-44-year-olds had “accelerated substantially” in 2021, over +6% above baseline, and then surged in a single year to +8% in 2022.
  • The Times cited another recent study from the United Kingdom finding “highly statistically significant” increases in cancer mortality in the same 15-to-44 age group during 2021 and 2022.

Jeff Childers' comments on no media coverage on the rising Turbo Cancer:

“…let’s all pretend the cancer epidemic cause is baffling and mysterious and has been creeping up behind us for decades without anyone noticing. La la la! What else do 15-to-44 year olds have in common, different from other groups? Well, they’re the working age cohort. In other words, they are the ones most likely to have run into the propeller blades of an employment or school-related jab mandate. I’m just saying.”

Epoch Times:

An appeals court’s decision to slash the bond by about 60 percent, reducing it to $175 million, still left a massive penalty intact while President Trump continues a legal challenge of Justice Arthur Engoron’s ruling.

Judge Engoron ruled that President Trump and his associates fraudulently overvalued their assets. …anyone who thinks President Trump’s activities in that case were irregular or fraudulent may lack an understanding of typical New York business transactions.

A source familiar with the case explained to The Epoch Times that, normally, business-related cases are handled in the New York courts’ commercial division.

There, cases are decided by judges who have specific, “sophisticated” knowledge of commercial law and business practices.

But the case didn’t go that route because New York Attorney General Letitia James found a novel way to use New York’s anti-fraud law.

Researchers examined other alleged fraud cases in New York over a 70-year period and found the Trump case stands alone. The Trump Organization was the only company that confronted the possibility of being forced out of business despite no victim suffering major financial harm.

Because of Ms. James’ unusual application of the law, the case was channeled to a court that would rarely, if ever, handle business-related matters.

Thus, the source said, “This case proceeded in just a highly irregular fashion from the start.”

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley agreed the case is atypical and its repercussions far-reaching.
“This has really done great damage to the New York legal system … Businesses are looking at this with a degree of horror—that a judge could come up with a figure so large you have to sell parts of your business just to get an appeal,” Mr. Turley told Fox News.

Speaking to reporters after the March 25 appellate court’s decision, President Trump called Judge Engoron’s original decision a “disservice” to New York.

“Businesses are fleeing,” he said.

The case promises to continue discouraging investors from doing business in the Empire State, Mr. Trzcinka and two other knowledgeable sources told The Epoch Times.

That’s not only because of the crippling dollar amounts involved, the sources said, but also because President Trump and his associates were behaving within the bounds of normal business practice and victimized no one.

“All the parties under this civil case were satisfied,” Mr. Trzcinka said. Yet Ms. James “brought a case without a victim” and secured a judgment approaching $500 million.

“I have never heard of a victimless civil case that even won $500,” he said.

More On Moving To The Mark

11-minute video


Alex Newman says if the World Health Organization (WHO) gets its way, it can take over your healthcare in case of a pandemic, including mask mandates, forced vaccination, quarantines, and lockdowns.

It will require a massive surveillance state using digital IDs, which will track nearly every aspect of your life, and if you step out of line, it can be used to sever you from your bank account and credit card. CQLJ!

END, Compass eNews, March 28, 2024



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