Steeling Studies Vol 1


Author: Bill Perkins

Five “make you think” mini-Bible studies that you’ve probably never heard before. But critical to understanding the Bible.

1) “Dispensations for Dummies” (AKA Dispensations made easy–they are soooo important!)

2) “The 7000 Year Day/Age Model” (Why the Rapture may be in 2030 AD)

3) “Noah Says Jesus is Pre-trib!”  (Take this, you a-millennial types! Jesus Himself is pre-trib!)

4) “The Identity of the Two Witnesses” (Elijah and _____?_____)

5) “The Eight Temples In The Bible” (And you were thinking maybe two or three?)

Presented by Bill Perkins, Executive Director, Compass International, Inc.

Note: This study is priced lower because I’m not in the same league as the other speakers!!! But hey, if you think Rapture is mid-trib, or don’t understand why dispensations are important to understand in the Bible, get this DVD! – BP

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