Steel on Steel Vol. 1


Edge of the Envelope Bible Truths to Steel Your Mind With God’s Word!

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Prov. 27:17

A Great Read and/or Reference book that uses over 600 Bible verses with a verse index.

(100% of the proceeds from this book go to Compass International, Inc.)

Whether you’re a new or mature Believer, these provocative studies will challenge you in areas few teach and defend these days.

Each chapter is “stand-alone” and will likely give you pause to reconsider verses in light of the information presented…what we call “Steel on Steel”!  Pass ’em around to friends and family alike–see special pricing for multiple copies!

Check out these titillating chapters:

1. Ten Unmistakable Signs That We’re in the Last of the Last Days
You have to be two short of a coaster set not to recognize the writing on the wall—it’s a heart-pounding list!

2. Why Asking Jesus Into Your Heart Won’t Save You
Many people think this is Biblical, but it’s not at all. Learn the truth about how you are saved.

3. The Mystery of the Church Age
This special time when God’s Spirit engulfs the earth was hidden from the Jews but revealed to Jesus-saved Believers—fascinating!

4. America’s Birthrate Nightmare
Satan has Believers trading the only eternal treasure offered on this planet for temporal things that will eventually burn up.

5. God’s Patience in the Last Days
God patiently waited over 100 years for Noah to build his escape ark, and today God is again patiently waiting to pull the plug.

6. When Believers Die
Christians don’t die, they just change places–it’s a God-given reward and something to which we should all look forward!

7. America in Bible Prophecy
Few people know these 23 verses that fit only one country in the world, the USA. We’ve been a “golden cup in the Lord’s hand.”

8. Is the Rapture in September?
A solid case for September, regardless of the year. Learn why it’s important to know your adopted Hebrew roots!

9. The Pre-Wrath Deception
The Bible says to beware of those who “distort the scriptures to their own destruction.” But knowing the truth will set you free!

10. What Pornography Does to the Brain
60% of pastors view it once a week. The average age of first viewing is 10. It’s the #1 reason cited for divorce today. It’s worse than drugs.

11. Earthquakes & Volcanoes in Bible Prophecy
God will be silent no more in the great post-Rapture Tribulation—the world is shaken to its core when ALL the mountains are flattened!

12. When Jesus Went to Hell
The amazing story of how and why Jesus descended to Hades just after He was crucified.

13. Russia’s Future Humiliating Defeat
A detailed account of Russia’s post-Rapture invasion of Israel and her defeat that the world watches.

14. Home of the Brave?
If you understand how this country came about, you won’t be a creep who won’t stand for the National Anthem!

15. Who are the 144,000 in Revelation?
The 100% accurate identity of those strange Jewish virgin evangelists in the Book of Revelation. You can even talk to them today.

16. Rapture or Return?
A simple but useful list of the differences between the Lord coming “FOR” His saints and “WITH” His saints.

17. Should We Continually Confess for Forgiveness?
Your sins were pinned to the cross some 2000 years ago—so don’t fall for the legalism taught by well-meaning pastors!

18. The Designed Decline of Public Education
God says a good Bible-centered education is desirable, but our adversary has run roughshod through the heart of our system.

19. Satan’s Lie: “Do Everything Jesus Says”
If you don’t rightly divide the Word of God when you study, you’ll eventually find yourself chasing your tail!

Great STEEL ON STEEL to pass around or save for future reference!

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(100% of the proceeds from this book go to Compass International, Inc.)



Bill Perkins is Executive Director of Compass International, Inc., a non-profit, non-denominational evangelical ministry that he and his wife Susie founded in 1993 to defend the accuracy of the Bible–every sentence and every God-breathed word–through their Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences, Biblelands trips, monthly Compass eNews articles and daily Good Morning Lord! email Bible studies.

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