Missing Millions Flash Drive with All 5 Steeling Ark Conference 2017 Titles


Millions Missing Key Chain Flash Drive and all 5 Steeling Ark Conference 2017 Titles…

Product Description

When the Rapture happens, there will be a lot of empty cars! So what better place to witness than your key ring! Put this nifty little 8GB flash drive on your key ring, and whoever steals your car will have access to three things:

1) Millions Missing? Critical instructions for those left behind!

2) The Bible’s Big Picture – A video that covers the entire Bible in 30 minutes.

3) The Book of Revelation in 55 Minutes –  A video that covers Rev. 1 to Rev. 22 in 55 minutes.

Five titles from our 2017 Steeling the Mind Ark conference:

How Science Confirms the Bible by Ken Ham

Biblical Proof God Loves Israel by Dave Reagan

Why Grand Canyon Proves a Recent Global Flood by Russ Miller

All About Rapture by Dave Reagan

Inside the Public School Nightmare by Russ Miller