Back to the Garden


Author: Susie Perkins

When God instituted marriage in the Garden of Eden, everything was perfect. Just like the rest of God’s universe, His marriage model was intricately planned down to the last detail. Man loved woman and woman loved man . . . 24/7. But because marriage was so important to God, Satan immediately sought to destroy the perfect union. Today, Satan, that crafty ol’ demon angel, wants you to believe the damage is irreparable. He’ll whisper in your ear, “You’re a dirty rotten sinner; this is what you deserve.” But, as always, he leaves out more important verses. Like, “I can do all things through Christ.” And “all things” includes recovering the “order” God intended us to have in our marriages.

 On the heels of the 100% Woman article written by Susie Perkins and published by Compass in the Fall ’08 Compass Communique, Susie presented material at a women’s seminar entitled Back to the Garden.

 This 45-minute presentation proved to be quite the eye-opener. She shows how getting back to God’s original design for marriage can transform your marriage—regardless of what state it’s in! And this powerful “life key” is not just about you—it can impact your children and grandchildren for generations to come. To learn how a woman can be wise to Satan’s subtle, and not so subtle, marriage deceptions, order Back to the Garden.


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