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What is Compass Pointe?

As we get close to the end of the Church Age and God’s Holy Spirit being removed (Rapture) from earth, now more than ever we want to get the word out about Jesus’ offer of salvation and the Bible being 100% trustworthy for eternal truths. We want you to partner with us so we can extend our reach with God's infallible truths!

Your Compass Pointe membership is a way for you to support us and for us to support you!
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Compass Pointe Membership Opportunities

Once you check out that is the first step in getting your Pointe membership started. We will email you to finalize the details! 

You have the option of having future donations come from debit or credit card, or receive a bill each month.
Choose your preferred membership plan:
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5 Great Compass Pointe Membership Benefits

Two DVDs to give away each month!

One you’ll receive every two or three months is called The Bible’s Big Picture. It’s a remarkable DVD that covers the entire Bible in 30 minutes — Adam to the New Heaven and Earth.

It covers key topics like Adam’s sin, the flood, Israel, the cross, the Church Age, the future tribulation period, the anti-christ, Armageddon and the Millennial reign of Jesus from Jerusalem.

We rotate a couple of other major titles every few months as your “bread and butter”.

FREE Downloads of all Steeling the Mind videos

For any of our other over 300 incredible Steeling the Mind titles, as a Compass Pointe, you can download and watch any and all for FREE! 

Instead of renting a movie, kick back and enjoy great Bible studies by speakers like Josh McDowell, Frank Peretti, Ken Ham, or a fun apologetics title on creation, Noah's Flood or an eye-opening “Signs of the Times” topic. 

Some Pointes have assigned their kids the task of choosing and watching a title once a week. You can even hook up your TV to play what’s on your computer. 

If you want DVDs shipped to you, you pay only half price — $5 each. There’s no limit or minimum to purchase.

50% Off all Steeling the Mind videos mailed to you

As a Pointe, anytime you purchase Steeling the Mind Bible Conference physical videos, you can purchase them for half-off the regular price, $5 each. As many as you want or need. If you need 100 or more of any title, only $3 each.

Free LIVE Simulcast Access to Steeling the Mind Conferences

For most Steeling Conferences (multi-day conferences are usually not simulcasted), Compass Pointes are given access links and passwords to watch live from your home on your computer. You can hook up you computer to your big screen TV and invite your friends and family to enjoy! Or watch it on your phone or tablet. If you know of a family or friend that might benefit from the teaching, you can share your log-in credentials.

You're Supporting The Missions of our Ministry

You’re helping to support Compass reach the world with eternal truths! We would not be doing what we do if it weren’t for people like you!

The idea is that, each month, we want to make it easy for you to “do the work of an evangelist!” (2 Timothy 4:5). As a Compass Pointe, you plant the seed and we’ll water the ground. Easy to cancel anytime, by e-mail or phone. We'll be your resource... you’ll be the Pointe!

Time may be short so we look forward to working with you! Choose your preferred membership term package to get started.
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Compass is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-denominational ministry based in Coeur d’Alene, ID, founded in 1993 by Bill and Susie Perkins. Our mission is to defend the accuracy of the Bible through our email Bible studies, Bible trips and cruises, missionary outreach, and Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences.
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