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Israel Can Rebuild Her Temple Now!

May 6, 2024

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Our article this week has to do with where the Jews will be building their new Jewish Temple. And why the Dome of the Rock is a non-issue. Enjoy!

And, as always, more of those eye-opening and often-censored Additional Resources.

Use us, Lord!



For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, but the wicked stumble in time of calamity. Prov. 24:16

Israel Can Rebuild Her Temple Now!

For you are a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. Deut. 7:6

We're in the dispensation (time period) of the Church— the age when Believers almost inexplicably have the Creator God of the universe living inside of them. God's focus during this time is His Born Again Believers.

But the next dispensation, the Tribulation, has almost begun. And God's world focus will turn back on Israel for seven years, completing Daniel's 490-year prophecy (Dan.9:24-27).

Israel has a special place in God's heart. He loves the Jewish people and chose them as His own. And He gave them His most important spot on earth to live. But there was a condition—they had to obey His Bible or they would pay the price.

Never bet against Israel, no matter how bleak it may look.

And when they rejected Jesus as His Messiah, they were scattered worldwide for some 1900 years. That's a long time to exist without a homeland. But in their exile they remained a pure race and around 1900 God began bringing them back home, a few at a time.

After World War I, the League of Nations divided up the spoils of war, the defeated Ottoman Empire, and gave the Jewish people (VIA Great Britain) this entire amount of land (in orange):

But the Muslims were furious and by the time WWII was over, they had successfully lobbied to severely reduce Israel's land portion by giving 74% of the British Mandate to the Arab Muslims.

The Jews were disappointed, but they took what was given to them. The Muslims were still not satisfied.

On May 14, 1948, the United Nations declared Israel a nation, along with Transjordan (later renamed Jordan), Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Syria. Literally the next morning, Transjordan, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel from all sides. (Click on the map to make it more clear)

With an hours-old government and no official standing army, Israel managed to fight for almost a year to repel the onslaught. For the first few days of the war they pulled together about 12,000 men, women and young teenagers into their rag-tag army.

They believed what God said in the Old Testament that He had given them the land of Israel and were therefore divinely motivated. They managed to hang onto about 20% of the original land the League of Nations had designated as “Israel” in 1922.

By April 1949 when the fighting finally ended, Israel had held onto 70% of Jerusalem (but not the treasured Temple Mount), most of Galilee, the Mediterranean Coast and the barren Negev desert to Eilat on the Red Sea.

They lost control of Samaria, Gaza, and the land to the east of the Sea of Galilee. But they had survived and now had “nation status” from the U.N.

The Arabs were not happy about the new Jewish nation. Mohammad pointedly says in the Koran—once a land is won by Muslims, if it is ever conquered by another country, they have to fight at all costs to get it back.

In 1967 Israeli leaders watched as a fruitcake Egyptian leader started amassing troops, planes and armored vehicles on their southwestern border, known as the Sinai Peninsula—spanning out from Gaza to Eilat.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia was bringing in troops to Israel’s southeastern border; Iraq and Jordan began bringing forces to their eastern border; and Lebanon and Syria were amassing troops on Israel’s northern border.

Israel was surrounded. It was obvious that six nations planned to attack, as Nassar publicly said, “To push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea.”

So Israel had to make a decision—should they just wait for the Arabs to attack? They decided not to wait. The rest is history. Israel went to war and defeated the Arab nations in six days.

It was really mostly over in a single day. Israeli jets surprised the Egyptians and took out their entire air force sitting on the ground near Israel’s border. They then destroyed the Egyptian tanks and surrounded the shell-shocked Egyptian troops in the desert. Israel then mopped up the eastern and northern fleeing armies of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

Israel gained a LOT of land from winning the war, including East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on Mount Moriah, which formerly housed the first two Jewish Temples.

The jubilant Israeli soldiers raised their flag over the Dome of the Rock. But Moshe Dayan, the eye-patched secular military leader who was directing the Israeli takeover, singularly decided to take the flag down and immediately give administrative control back to the Muslims.

Dayan said giving control of the Temple Mount was his way of trying to keep Israel out of a regional war with the Muslims. Probably correct, but he didn’t ask anyone for permission. He just did it.

Dayan/Israel agreed that its soldiers would keep peace on the Temple Mount but the Muslims would administer day-to-day activities. That agreement has remained in force since Israel took over East Jerusalem.

I have to say, when we take groups to visit the Temple Mount, the presence of Israeli soldiers is hugely comforting.

Through the years Dayan’s Temple Mount agreement has kept Israel from plowing under the Dome of the Rock shrine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque located on the south end.

Ready To Rebuild, But Where?

And as Israeli citizens grow weary of being attacked all the time by Muslims, many Israelis have been more and more vocal that Israel needs to rebuild her Temple and go back to animal sacrifices in order to get back under God’s protection.

Regardless, even when (not if) they get back administrative control of the Temple Mount, there is a major problem that has to be solved before they begin building—which is WHERE will they build it?

If the Dome of the Rock is over the original Jewish building site, then the Dome of the Rock must come down. However, it’s a FACT that the Dome of the Rock is NOT built over the site of the previous two Jewish Temples. Here’s how we know:

I remember once seeing a picture of Moshe Dayan with a couple of Israeli leaders under his command standing inside the original Golden Gate they had captured. The gate was located directly under the current Golden Gate that was bricked up by the Ottomans around 1800.

The photo was taken INSIDE the ORIGINAL Golden Gate (The Gate Beautiful). The gate you see in pictures today, still called the Golden Gate, is located directly above the ancient gate where Dayan was standing.

Jim Flemming, a past Steeling the Mind Bible Conference speaker (who has since graduated to heaven) studied Biblical Archeology in Jerusalem in 1969. While he was studying over there, he got interested in the original ancient Golden Gate and wrote extensively on it.(2)

He is one of many who confirmed that the original Golden Gate is directly under the current Golden Gate.

Here is a picture from 1891 taken from inside the Temple Mount where you can see the top of the wall compared to the original ground level:

Here is a drawing of the Golden Gate from inside the walls.


And here is a picture today showing the two entrance gates that Moshe Dayan would have used to enter.

Therefore, we know for sure the location of the Golden Gate has not moved in 2500 years.

Proving the ancient Golden Gate entrance is under the current location is the KEY to where the 3rd Jewish Temple will be built. Here’s why:

The Ashes of the Red Heifer has been in the news a lot lately. The Jewish Priests have to sacrifice a 100% red, Red Heifer without blemish BEFORE they can begin sacrificing again on Mount Moriah.

And the Red Heifer sacrifice ceremony confirms the ancient Temple’s location. Check out this photo from the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. The Temple Institute has been working on all the items necessary to begin sacrificing for over 30 years.

What the picture shows is the Red Heifer being sacrificed across the Kidron Valley from the Temple Mount directly lined up with the Golden Gate AND the Jewish Temple.

However, before they began the sacrificial fire for the Red Heifer they would open the doors to the Golden Gate on the eastern Temple Mount wall.

Just inside the Golden Gate they would open the Lower Gate, which is the gate into the Temple Compound on the Temple Mount.

Continuing on a straight line across the Court of Women, they opened the Nicanor Gate that separated the men and women inside the Temple compound.

And then they opened the Temple’s front gate. And finally, inside the Temple they opened the veil to the Holy of Holies sanctuary that stood between them and where the Lord dwelled.

The idea was that God could see directly out from His Holy of Holies Sanctuary through the open gates and across the Kidron Valley to the Red Heifer being sacrificed. The Red Heifer sacrifice was the linchpin for all other sacrifices.

Of course, we know God could see what was going on without the doors being opened, but the Jewish sages were just following Numbers 19 and the traditions passed down orally and in the Mishna (a revered commentary on Old Testament scripture).


But today, clearly, the Dome is NOT lined up with the Golden Gate! See below the recent picture I took. You can obviously see the top of the Dome of the Rock is NOT in line, but rather to the left.

Here is a diagram of the Temple Mount today:

As you can see, the Dome of the Rock is NOT lined up with the Golden Gate. Here's a recent picture showing where the ashes of the Red Heifer sacrifice ceremony would line up—to the north of the Dome of the Rock.

If you are able to zoom in on this photo, you'll see the line of sight points directly to what's called "The Dome of the Spirits." It's a small outcropping of Mt. Moriah that has been expertly carved perfectly flat. It has a little cover over it and rarely is it given a second thought. Here is a picture of the Dome of the Spirits:

This would be the highest point on Mt. Moriah. Which means this would be where Abraham offered Issac as a sacrifice. It would also mean it would have been where the Mercy Seat was placed behind the curtain in the Holy of Holies. All this gives me chills to think about.

Most people today believe the Dome of the Rock is constructed over the Jewish Temple foundation. And inside the Dome of the Rock IS a gnarly part of Mount Moriah that is anything but flat. Here is a drawing of the inside of the Dome of the Rock:

In the center you can see the piece of jagged rock down a couple of feet below the surface. Here is a close up of that rock:

It's definitely a piece of Mount Moriah, and the Muslims call it the Foundation Stone or Noble Rock. But this location doesn't line up with the Golden Gate. So why would they build the Dome of the Rock in this location?

Well, there is a reason. The Muslims took over Jerusalem in 638 AD and about 50 years later they built the Dome of the Rock in recognition of their belief that Mohammad departed to heaven on a horse from that spot on Mount Moriah. Why that spot?

Around 135 AD the Jews were finally dispersed after their last uprising called the Bar Kokhba Revolt. Rome decided to put an end to rebellious Israel by renaming Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina.

And like most Roman cities, the Roman citizens of this new colony built a shrine to their favorite god. In this case it was the god Jupiter.(4)

After a couple of hundred years the Temple of Jupiter eventually fell into shambles, most likely from an earthquake. The foundation where the Temple of Jupiter stood is where the Dome of the Rock stands today... over that gnarly rock.

So the Temple of Capitoline Jupiter was the last structure built on the Temple Mount when the Muslims decided to build their Dome of the Rock about 400 years later. It was common in those days to build on top of another foundation.

So the gnarly rock inside of the Dome of the Rock is NOT where the Mercy Seat sat. Rather, the Mercy Seat was located on the perfectly carved flat spot about 100 yards to the north, referred to as the Dome of the Spirits.

This is where the third Jewish Temple's Holy of Holies will be built over, with the Holy Place and the Women's Court to the east. Note the Temple compound diagram below.

There is enough room on the Temple Mount, about 40 acres, to build the Jewish Temple to the north and even have plenty of room for a Catholic Church farther north (assuming the Pope will be left on the earth post Rapture).

Back in 1995, Asher Kaufman, a physics lecturer, spent 90 minutes explaining why the Temple would have to be rebuilt north of the Dome of the Rock. He used great drawings to prove his theory.(5)

One of his more interesting points was that there is a huge drain that goes from the northern location where the sacrifices would have taken place, down to the southern steps area.

His theory was that it was so large because it had to carry away the blood from 20,000 sacrifices on Passover.

Susie took this picture of the end of the drain near the Southern Steps. I'm there as a reference point to see the size of the drain. From there the blood flowed into the Kidron Valley and down to the Dead Sea.

Today, several cosmetic companies dig up the mud at the Dead Sea and make creams out of it. These creams (i.e. Ahava) are curing psoriasis and other diseases.

All that sacrificial blood, and other things, that washed down from Jerusalem is still there in the mud. Some insurance companies in Europe will pay to fly patients to the spas on the Dead Sea for healing. Susie and I use Ahava hand cream for skin burns and it always works incredibly well.

Point is, the drain doesn't start from where the Dome of the Rock is located. It comes from where the sacrifices were made to the north of the Altar. I wish I had taped Kaufman's presentation!

Unfortunately, only a few Orthodox Jews believed Kaufman was correct. He died in his 90s. However, they WILL believe the Two Witnesses when they show up just after the Rapture. Especially since one is named Elijah and they have been waiting on him for some 2600 years.

Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD. Mal. 4:5

Oh boy—dressed in sackcloth and ashes these two dudes will be quite the pair. The other guy is John the Revelator.

Then there was given me [John the Revelator] a measuring rod like a staff; and someone said, “Get up and measure the temple of God and the altar, and those who worship in it. Leave out the court which is outside the temple and do not measure it, for it has been given to the nations; and they will tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months. Rev. 11:2

John and Elijah, the Two Witnesses(3), will measure where the Temple will be built and the text even says the area around the Temple is given to the pagans.

So the Dome of the Rock is not a hindrance in any way to rebuilding the Jewish Temple. And the Dome of the Rock can even remain next to the Jewish Temple. All of this will probably be worked out in the 7-year peace treaty. But that's a topic for another day.






2) https://library.biblicalarchaeology.org/department/exclusive-new-photos-of-ancient-jerusalems-eastern-gate/

3) https://compass.org/the-identity-of-the-two-witnesses/

4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzoSzTAlcrM

5) https://www.bibleplaces.com/blog/2007/06/asher-kaufman-lecture-on-temple/


I feel sorry for anyone trying to understand what's going on in the world today without having the Bible as a guide! But we know Who is really in control, and all things work together for us Believers. The links below are to help us be wise and aware as we live and make decisions living in the concluding moments of the Church Age. Use us, Lord! BP

---Clicking on any fuzzy picture below usually clears it up---

Screams Before Silence

1-hour Documentary


Beware, this is a tough one. I could only get through the first 30-minutes. It really shook me up. My heart breaks for Israel learning what really happened on Oct. 7. It was beyond Satanic.

I was reluctant to post this link but EVERYONE needs to know what went on, especially those ding-bat "Save Gaza" protestors. See also the link below: "Decoding the Middle East Crisis" by Dave Reagan.

Also, more info here that shows the UN investigating that Hamas victims showed "systematic genital mutilation." CLICK HERE

Decoding the Middle East Crisis

38-minute Dave Reagan video


Of all the Believer men I know, this is one who will definitely hear on judgment day, "Well done my faithful servant." This video is a great delve into all the antisemitism nonsense going on in our country... and applies worldwide. Plan to sit back and learn from one of the top Bible teachers of this generation. I learned a lot from this one and I've heard this man dozens of times!

It's Happening, Pay Attention!

43-minute video


I absolutely LOVE Jan Markell! As a Jewish Believer WITH EXCELLENT doctrinal beliefs, she has steadfastly stood her spiritual ground via her Olive Tree Ministry. For years she has organized Bible conferences in Minnesota similar to Steeling the Mind...only 10 times larger! And she has a radio station reach in the hundreds. Plus lots of other things too numerous to list.

This video interview by Tom Hughes (another good last-days pastor and Bible teacher) is a Biblically rich and frank assessment of the times of which we live. Enjoy!


United Methodist Church Affirms And Celebrates Its Fall Into Apostasy

By Joseph Kerr / Harbinger's Daily
The United Methodist Church (UMC) voted on May 3 to change its bylaws (called Book of Discipline), repealing its longstanding ban on same-sex marriages by its clergy or in its churches. The change allows clergy to be homosexuals themselves and to perform all homosexual ceremonies celebrating homosexual unions.
The decision followed a repeal of language banning homosexuality among the clergy two days earlier. The UMC had for 52 years labeled homosexuality as "incompatible with Christian teachings" but chose to remove that language as well. They also changed the marriage clause to read: "a covenant between two adults" rather than limiting it to heterosexual couples.
Some UMC churches have tried to remain neutral, but neutrality is a fallacy. There is no uncommitted zone here. Choosing a side on this sin or any sin in Scripture will be controversial to someone who wants to commit that sin, but that's not how we decide. Any doctor can tell you cancer is still deadly, even if we all stop calling it a disease and start calling it "alternative health."

The Bad Guys Are Not Giving Up On Disease X

59-minute video
Great interview between two past Steeling speakers, Alex Newman and Peter McCullough. Disease X is being ramped up in the mainstream media as the World Health Organization (WHO) is set to vote on a new pandemic treaty at the end of May this year. If Biden signs it, and he says he will, that would give away U.S. sovereignty in the event of a public health “crisis.”
Now let's think about this...do you think the bad guys would use WHO and Disease X to lock us down to be forced to use mail in ballots? Hmmm...
More on the same subject as above...

Play It Again Sam


Don't Let The Birds Poop On Your Summer Parade

26-second video
FDA Commissioner Robert Califf just testified that the FDA is preparing countermeasures for the possibility that the sneaky H5N1 avian influenza will mutate sufficiently to make the jump to humans. The "possibility."
It is so strange these things seem to come out of no where every four-year election cycle.


These incredible demands are being made despite its members delivering underwhelming results for its students. According to the last Nation’s Report Card, which provides national results about students' performance, only 21% of the city’s eighth graders are proficient readers (meaning they can't read!). So they think they need a reward?


CDC Seeks Profits Over Cures

By America's Frontline Doctors

Recent revelations have brought to light disturbing evidence about the CDC's handling of vaccine-related adverse effects, particularly myocarditis that has led to deaths post-vaccination.

This information, reported by The Epoch Times and obtained through diligent investigative efforts and Freedom of Information Act requests, exposes a serious discrepancy between the CDC’s public statements and the actual data on the adverse impacts of COVID-19 vaccines.

Internal CDC documents have confirmed cases where myocarditis directly linked to COVID-19 vaccinations from Pfizer and Moderna, was indisputably acknowledged as a cause of death on autopsies and death certificates.

These findings starkly contrast the CDC’s public assurance that there was no evidence linking the vaccines to any deaths. 

Alarmingly, this pattern of dismissing crucial data extends beyond individual reports. The CDC’s method for counting COVID-19 deaths, where any death following a positive test is often attributed to the virus, contrasts sharply with their approach to vaccine-related deaths.

From Epoch Times:

“People who die in the United States with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 are counted as COVID-19 deaths. That count has included a number of deaths from unrelated causes. The CDC also in 2023 advised death certifiers to include COVID-19 on certificates even if the deaths happened years after COVID-19 infection.”

Their approach to vaccine-related deaths is the complete reverse.

When it comes to the vaccines, the CDC has set a narrow window of 42 days post-vaccination to establish any causal link to adverse effects, beyond which any connection is considered tenuous.

This arbitrary cutoff has led to a systematic underreporting of vaccine-related complications.

Furthermore, in cases where myocarditis following vaccination was evident, the CDC  looked for alternative causes to list, diluting the perceived impact of vaccines on public health.

This approach highlights a troubling double standard in how death data is categorized and reported, raising questions about the transparency and objectivity of the CDC's public health messaging.

The CDC's handling of vaccine-related deaths starkly reflects its alignment with the Medical Industrial Complex, an entity notorious for placing profits far above patient welfare. 

This complex has a profound impact on American health, contributing to a society that is more sick, more addicted, and more suicidal.

(i.e. They don't make money getting you well!)

A subtle strategic maneuver has recently been completed in the US House of Representatives—with Republican support.

House Resolution 6090, interestingly named the Antisemitism Awareness Act, was passed recently without a full committee hearing or markup, which would have enabled lawmakers to address many of the concerns voiced by those who see dangerous implications for American’s free speech rights under the US Constitution.

At issue with this bill is any clear definition of what constitutes antisemitic speech. It seems that this bill is little more than a knee-jerk reaction (or don’t waste a crisis) to the violent antisemitic actions currently wreaking havoc on several college campuses across America. As such, the bill fails to adequately address the current turmoil and does not give any clear direction for prosecution of offenders in the future.
Within the language the IHRA provided is this gem: “Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.” Using a cross, a Bible, or biblical passages can under this bill be deemed antisemitic.
Christians of all people should see the handwriting on the wall. Our judicial system has become progressive and Marxist. How do you think a judge will rule on a case when the defendant is a pastor who was teaching from the book of Acts and happened to linger on 4:10-12 which says:
“let it be known to all of you and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead—by this name this man stands here before you in good health. He is the stone which was rejected by you, the builders, but which became the chief corner stone. And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”
Under the proposed definition of antisemitism pastors who might preach from these biblical passages would be subject to criminal prosecution and sentencing if any Jewish person wanted to press the case.
I used to say that most everything the Democrats want I oppose. The Democrat party has lost touch with not just Americans but truth and reality. I can now add most Republicans to the same principle. They are either exceedingly gullible, or more likely, have given up trying to make a difference for Americans and especially Christian Americans.
As author Daniel Silva observed, “The barbarians broke down the gates a long time ago…They’re living among us and devouring our children.”
God, please give us wisdom to navigate the days in which we live.
(edited for brevity)

(That's an interesting campaign photo)

The Verden regional court in Lower Saxony has upheld a verdict against Rotenburg AfD leader Marie-Thérèse Kaiser for incitement to hatred.

The 27-year-old was also found guilty in the appeal hearing on Monday of inciting hatred against Afghan local workers.

For this, the politician now has to pay 100 day fines (a type of fine related to daily income of the convicted) plus a fine of €60, a total of €6,000. In Germany, you are considered to have a criminal record if you are sentenced to pay more than 90 day fines.

The charge was based on a post that Kaiser had spread on her social media accounts in August 2021. In it, she wrote: “Afghanistan refugees; Hamburg SPD mayor for ‘unbureaucratic’ acceptance; Welcoming culture for gang rape?”

Among other things, the politician linked to an article showing that Afghans in Germany are particularly heavily involved in gang rape. 

Elon Musk commented on X:

Are you saying the fine was for repeating accurate government statistics? Was there anything inaccurate in what she said?

Weapons of Mass Migration

Over 7.2 million people have entered the United States either illegally or through the amnesty system since President Joe Biden came into office.

The border crisis is not organic. Behind it are official policies, heavy financing, and agreements between the U.S. government and the United Nations.

The U.N. and United States work hand-in-hand to facilitate mass migration, which is being weaponized to destroy America. —Epoch Times

In case you missed it, the Boy Scouts is no longer just for boys.

I was a scout in the 50s and never made Eagle. But great memories of camp outs, canoe trips and overnights in caves. But since it taught moral principles, they have been a target of the Globalists/Satanists for years.

Bob Unruh of World Net Daily recaps it this way:

In what is being viewed by many as a final plunge into wokeness, the Boy Scouts of America has announced a name change.

No longer will the name include "Boys." It will be just "Scouting America." Effective next year.

USA Today reported the organization said its goal is to be more "inclusive."

To which one social media commenter noted, "What exclusion has there been? There's 'The Boy Scouts' and 'The Girl Scouts' … Am I missing something?"

Actually it already was several years ago that the Boy Scouts agreed to allow girls to join, actually drawing a lawsuit from "The Girl Scouts."

Homosexual youth were allowed to join 2013, and a ban on homosexual leaders ended in 2015. Girls were allowed to join in 2017.
Pretty soon it will be run by drag queens and called twerk camp.


The Departure

10 Reasons The Rapture Happens Before Tribulation



Excellent and fun Bible prophecy teaching by pastor and pre-everything Bible prophecy expert, JB Hixson, a past Steeling the Mind speaker.

JB also shares excellent charts... don't you just love a great prophecy chart! I could analyze the above chart for hours. Just saying...

Boeing Hits The Skids...Again....And Again

A Boeing jet going from Paris to Istanbul landed without wheels. All the packages and crew were safe.

Boeing is continuing to slide downhill as another Boeing flight landed Senegal on the far west coast of Africa and skidded off the runway.

Two employees, who to my knowledge did not know Bill or Hillary, recently decided to expose all the maintenance problems at Boeing and were suicided. So this is apparently a high-stakes problem. These "non-suicides" were so outrageous that 10 more Boeing employees have now come forward. This is nuts.

Your Government Dollars At Work

So I clicked on the above video to check out what Meryl Nass is saying about the WHO taking over the US health (FYI—she says it's bad) and look what pops up... a government ad pushing va((ines!

So I click on the ad and it takes me here:

So I click on "CDC" and it takes me to this: (the red underline is my doing)

These evil people are still trying everything they can to kill people. The more the merrier. We've seen time and time again proof that the more clot shots you take, the more likely you'll die or be disabled from any of myriads of horrible problems. Again, this is our tax dollars at work. We've allowed the fox into the hen house and are financing our own destruction. CQLJ!

And if you want more recent info on how bad the vax is...


What the article says is that autopsy findings show that people who were Covid va((inated, usually died because they were Covid va((inated!

People who received more than one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine were more likely to contract COVID-19, according to a new study.

An analysis of data from Cleveland Clinic employees found that people who received two or more doses were at higher risk of COVID-19, Dr. Nabin Shrestha and his co-authors reported.

The risk of contracting COVID-19 was 1.5 times higher for those who received two doses, 1.95 times higher for those who received three doses, and 2.5 times higher for those who received more than three doses, the researchers found. The higher risk was compared to people who received zero or one dose of a vaccine.

FYI...this esteemed U.S. Representative from California's 43rd congressional district since 1991, current age 86, should be handcuffed to Biden as a tag-team.

Big Bucks For Docs Who Push Va((ines

Article and/or 26-minute video


From our Covid experience we've learned that all va((ines are a sham. We even have a Presidential candidate running on a NO VAX IS GOOD VAX campaign theme. So how did we get to this point of making 72 va((ines mandatory for kids? This explains some...but not all...of the reasons.

For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 1Tim. 6:10 

Ok, there may be some docs who are not pushing the evil shots for the money, they just thought it was a good idea. But they all know deep down inside that unva((inated kids are healthier!

Israel Has Done More To Reduce Civilian Casualties Than Any Nation In The History Of The World



"No military fighting an entrenched enemy in dense urban terrain in an area barely twice the size of Washington D.C. can avoid all civilian casualties. Reports of over 25,000 Palestinians killed, be they civilians or Hamas, have made headlines. But Israel has taken more measures to avoid needless civilian harm than virtually any other nation that's fought an urban war."

"In fact, as someone who has served two tours in Iraq and studied urban warfare for over a decade, Israel has taken precautionary measures even the United States did not do during its recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

(Good article, but they did put it under "Opinion.")

Trojan Tomato: A New GMO is Designed to Infiltrate America’s Gardens

They are doing all this without any oversight. Should we believe their promises?

By Sina McCullough, Epoch Times, 5/4/24

The GM Purple Tomato was engineered by scientists at Norfolk Plant Sciences in the UK. Led by biochemist Cathie Martin and her team, the project aimed to harness the natural properties of anthocyanins, compounds found in blueberries and blackberries, to enhance the nutritional profile of tomatoes.
According to Norfolk Healthy Produce, the U.S. subsidiary of Norfolk Plant Sciences, the Purple Tomatoes are a “rich source of antioxidants” due to the increased content of anthocyanins. Unlike domesticated tomatoes which contain anthocyanins in the skin, the Purple Tomato contains anthocyanins throughout the whole tomato.
The genesis of the GM Purple Tomato marks a significant milestone in agricultural biotechnology. Unlike previous GM crops primarily targeted at commercial producers, this tomato is the first GM food crop directly marketed to home gardeners in the United States, offering an opportunity for individuals to engage with biotechnology in their own backyard.

The GM Purple Tomato was deregulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2022. According to a statement from the USDA, the GM Purple Tomato is not subject to regulation by the USDA because it does not pose a plant pest risk:

“With respect to Norfolk Plant Sciences’ purple tomato, we did not identify any plausible pathways to increased plant pest risk compared to other cultivated tomatoes and issued a response letter indicating the plant is not subject to regulation.”

(I'll pass — BP)

Individuals who took COVID-19 vaccines were found to have later suffered from psychosis, with Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots linked to most of the cases.

The peer-reviewed systemic review, published in the Frontiers in Psychiatry journal on April 12, examined cases of new-onset psychosis among people who took the vaccines. Psychosis refers to symptoms that occur when an individual has difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy, with hallucinations and delusions being two key types.
The review looked at 21 articles describing 24 cases of psychosis symptoms following vaccination. The researchers concluded that “data suggest a potential link between young age, mRNA, and viral vector vaccines with new-onset psychosis within 7 days post-vaccination.”

“Collecting data on vaccine-related psychiatric effects is crucial for prevention, and an algorithm for monitoring and treating mental health reactions post-vaccination is necessary for comprehensive management.”



During the month of April, 43 percent of all small business renters in the United States were not able to pay their rent in full.

In principle, debt should only be incurred to finance production, increasing the amount of wealth in the world. It should never be used for consumer goods. But most debt today allows people to live above their means, not produce more. So, most of the debt in the country is very deleterious for that reason alone.

The banking system is the source of all this debt. It’s able to create consumer debt only because of a fractional reserve system—where, in effect, the dollar itself is a debt instrument, and every dollar that a bank lends in debt is redeposited in the banking system and re-lent for more debt. It’s a debt pyramid.

The fractional reserve system amounts to a Ponzi scheme that can only exist and go on because the Federal Reserve is there to bail out the banks that made the bad loans. But to go deeper, the government is the root cause of the problem. It set up the central bank and created paper dollars, fiat currency. It’s all based on debt, backed by the "full faith and credit" of the manifestly bankrupt US Government.


US retailers confirmed another 169 closures last week - bringing the total so far this year up to almost 2,600.
Stores that announced the shuttering of locations included Express, Outfox Hospitality, Shop 'n Save, Urban Outfitters and Walmart.
We are in the midst of another retail apocalypse. Why aren't we hearing more about this?
Economic activity is slowing down, mass layoffs are happening all over the country, and the cost of living is absolutely crushing the middle class.
Nearly 40 million families, or 29% of the population, fall in the category of ALICE -- Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed -- according to United Way's United for ALICE program, which first coined the term to refer to households earning above the poverty line but less than what's needed to get by.

7 Proofs The USA Is Moving Away From God

1) More than four-in-ten US voters say the country is likely to get ripped apart in a second civil war within five years, a shocking new survey reveals.
The Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 41 percent eye a civil conflict, compared to 49 percent who say it's not likely. Another 10 percent said they were not sure.
2) Gallup survey, only 36 percent of Americans approve of Israel's military campaign in Gaza...
3) 65% of Americans do not approve of the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade
4) More than 20 percent of Generation Z adults (22.3 percent to be specific) now identify as LGBTQ+...
5) The number of transgender troops in the U.S. Army has doubled since 2020...
The Pentagon has spent more than $26 million treating transgender troops since 2020, official records show.
6) By a vote of 692 to 51, the United Methodist Church has voted to approve LGBTQ clergy and same sex weddings in their churches...
The United Methodist Church, one of the largest Protestant denominations in the U.S., has voted to repeal its ban on LGBTQ clergy as well as prohibitions on its ministers from officiating at same-sex weddings.
7) Only 3.6 million babies were born in the U.S. last year, and the birth rate is now at the lowest level ever recorded...
The birth rate in the US has declined to a new low, according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

END, Compass eNews, May 9, 2024

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