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Behold, A Pale Horse

January 27, 2022

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I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. Rev. 6:8

Last week we looked at the Black Horse of Revelation 6 and its associated inflation. This week we’ll look at the Ashen horse that follows.

The word “ashen” in the Greek is literally “pale green.” It indicates something going from green and fruitful and turning toward yellow and dying.

MacArthur says "ashen" is the Greek word from which the English word "chlorophyll" is derived. He says it describes "the pale ashen green pallor (no color/sick look) characteristic of the decomposition of a corpse."

So, following the New World Leader bursting on the scene post-Rapture in Rev. 6:2, war in Rev. 6:4 (“a great sword” = nuclear bomb?) and the economic collapse with sky-high inflation in Rev. 6:5-6, death and hell naturally follow.

Jesus bestows authority for the 4th rider to begin causing unprecedented death—25% of the earth’s population. That's about two billion deaths. Hard to even imagine, but the pallor color makes a lot of sense with that many dying so quickly, and probably from a nuclear bomb.

...their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongue will rot in their mouth. Zech. 14:12

Four ways are mentioned as to how people die—1) Great sword (nuclear?), causing 2) famine, 3) pestilence and 4) wild beasts. So we're wondering if the coming world famine may be raising its ugly head.

We have continued to ask the question, “Are the va((ines today connected to the (among other things) famines in the Tribulation?”

Could be. If the Rapture is close, it shouldn’t surprise us to see a lot of this coming together just like we see the beginnings of inflation and a one-world monetary system.

There seemed to be plenty of food for everyone up until the Brandon administration took over in January 2021. It seems every decision they make contributes to more pain. More and more people are asking, “Whose side are you on?”

But if that group of yahoos is a tool of Satan (I just don’t think they’re working for the Lord) then it makes sense that they are doing everything they can to collapse the United States into submission to the world Globalists/Satanists.

Their ultimate goal is getting to a digital currency that they control. That is the prize, ultimate control. They will ultimately get there according to the Bible, but not until after the Rapture. In the meantime, Christ is freedom and Satan is the opposite…no freedom.

To understand how close we are to losing our current system and beginning a new one controlled by the bad guys, we can look back a couple of years to see the obvious.

We can trace our most current financial situation to the fall of 2019, when the Globalists/Satanists were doing all they could to ruin the USA monetary system. We know this from the actions they took when they lost control of the Fed's borrowing and lending.

Only this time, rather than letting companies fail, the "powers that be" made a calculated decision to prop up the bankrupt companies by allowing more borrowing to cover their losses.

The losses were so huge, tens of trillions of dollars, they couldn’t borrow from normal channels so they high-jacked the Federal Reserve to cover their trillion dollar losses.

These losses amount to some 20 times higher than the losses in 2008. (See “Fed Repo Loss” chart)

To best understand what happened in 2019, we need to compare it to what happened in 2008. Then, so many investment companies bet on mortgage-backed securities and other high-risk investment derivatives only to see their portfolios fall apart when the housing bubble burst.

But investment companies like Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns and many banks were allowed to go bankrupt to help reset the system. It was painful, but we got through it.

Yet in the fall of 2019, we were back to the same problems we had in 2008. Banks and investment firms were again betting on high-risk derivatives and they began losing huge amounts of money.

Look at the difference between 2008 and 2019. If 2008 caused a worldwide financial crisis, what was going on in 2019? The answer is that they allowed all those bankrupt companies to borrow massive amounts to cover loses.

All this was done to keep bankrupt companies afloat a little longer so they can keep the illusion that they’re making money. Our inflation today is a result of all this excessive borrowing. These companies can’t stop borrowing or they’ll go broke.

Just last week the six banks who borrowed the most in 2019 were revealed:

Deutsche Bank $1.3 Trillion
Citigroup $1.43 Trillion
Barclays $1.48 Trillion
Goldman Sachs $1.67 Trillion
JP Morgan $2.59 Trillion
Nomura Securities $3.7 Trillion

When, Not If

These are shocking amounts borrowed. And sadly they can stay alive only by continuing to borrow. There’s little hope any of these will survive in the long run.

It’s just a matter of time until the decision is made to pull the plug and institute a new, for our own good of course, world digital monetary system.

In the meantime, our inflation will only get worse as their borrowing debases our dollar. So they need something to happen (a fake or real war, another virus, collapse of food supply, electrical and/or Internet failure, etc.) to cover their financial changeover.

Russia and China

Communist Russia and China are balking at going along with the newly proposed world monetary system.

China has their own financial system and are successfully using it to build their Belt and Road from China to France (through/next to Israel).(2)

They have their jealous eyes on the Republic of China (Taiwan) (orange on map) to take over and make part of the CCP.

Russia knows the Globalists/Satanists are in control of the U.S. and they want no part of the new world financial system of which they would have no control. Communists want ALL control so they're not about to get in bed with the Globalists. So Russia is being positioned as “the bad guy.”

Russia's on the verge of annexing some or all of Ukraine. It probably won’t be a “war” because most of the eastern half of Ukraine speaks Russian anyway. It may be only changing out leaders to one who is pro-Kremlin.

Or they may take it over piece by piece, the first piece being the eastern Ukraine who has the most Russian-speaking people. When the dust settles, they’ll slowly take over the rest of Ukraine, piece by piece.

Ukraine’s adjoining neighbor to the south, Crimea, used to be part of the USSR. Along with Ukraine, it gained independence in 1991 when the USSR fell apart. Russia took back Crimea in 2014 and nobody cared.

According to UNICEF, 10 million Ukrainians are either starving or severely malnourished. So a lot of hungry people would be happy for someone else to run things for a while.(3)

But the Globalists/Satanists will probably call this an invasion and/or war. They need the distraction to cover for a new digital dollar and/or food shortages due to the ridiculous Covid restraints laid down by Brandon. Ports are jammed, borders are restricted to va((inated truck drivers, etc.

These food shortages will continue to show up in our stores. Currently we are just seeing scattered spot shortages of a few items. According to a lot of farmers, expect it to get a lot worse. Here’s one farmer’s opinion:

“Things for 2022 are interesting, and scary. Input costs for things like fertilizer, liquid nitrogen and seeds are like triple and quadruple the old prices. It will not be profitable to plant this year. Let me repeat, the economics will NOT work…. Our plan is to drop about 700 acres of corn off and convert to soybeans [because] they use less fertilizer. We are not the only ones with those plans [so] there will be a major grain shortage later in the year, especially with corn."

CLICK HERE to read his whole tirade.

But again, just like inflation is beginning to take root as prophesied, food shortages should also begin to be seen. All this just means we’re getting close to the Rapture.

So our big question is, "How bad will it get before the Rapture happens?" I know some Believers who are storing food and getting ready to hunker down. Hmmm...

Our Time To Shine!

Well, before you run to the mountain top to live in a radar-reflecting tent* and eat tree roots, remember that Jesus said there would be an economy in place at the time of the Rapture.

There will be buying, selling, building, planting, harvesting and social events right up until the day of the Rapture (Matt. 24:37-39; Luke 17:26-30).

This has to be referring to the Rapture, not the 2nd Coming, because before the 2nd Coming the earth is shaken so badly that all the islands sink and all the mountains on earth fall down!

And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. Rev. 16:20

Nothing will be normal after that! Therefore we should have an economy, food and even weddings right up until our big, loud, upward transfer.

And we should be able to discern when we are getting close because the Rapture will only come as a surprise to the unbelievers.

But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief; for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night nor of darkness; so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober. 1Th. 5:4-6

Based on those admonitions alone, I can assure you the Lord wants us to stay put, not hide, and to be ready to share with our families, friends and neighbors the truth we know about heaven, hell and Jesus the Redeemer.

And we are to COMFORT one another while we wait.

Therefore comfort one another with these words. 1Th. 4:18

We're comforted knowing Believers are exempted from receiving God's horrible wrath that is soon to come.

For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him. Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing. 1Th. 5:9-11

Bottom line—either we’ll somehow recover from our present situation and stabilize for a while or we’re right up against the exit door.

If the trumpet doesn't blow soon, we should be grateful for more chances to witness to friends and family.

praying at the same time for us as well, that God will open up to us a door for the word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ... Col. 4:3

When the Lord opens a door, walk boldly through! How exciting is that! Use us, Lord!



1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN5bQTAepa4
2) https://compass.org/china-in-the-tribulation/
3) https://journal-neo.org/2021/12/07/hunger-and-food-shortages-are-on-the-rise/
4) http://endoftheamericandream.com/a-farming-insider-has-warned-me-that-the-coming-food-shortages-are-going-to-be-far-worse-than-we-are-being-told/

*We're not saying not to prepare for short-term problems...hey, sometime the electricity and/or water will go out for weeks or more from a storm—be prepared!

Additional Resources


If you have time
to watch only one video,
this is the one to watch!

 If You're Red, They Want You Dead

4-Minute Video

This is unbelievable!

Solid research by Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer, has released hard data showing that only 5% of all va((ines had the really bad toxins in them.

Also that Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen took turns distributing the bad va((ines batches, pausing between releases to make sure they could tell which ones killed more people— to better measure the results. And there's hard data to prove it. This is collusion to murder.

And I guess we shouldn't be surprised to learn that they distributed twice as many bad lots to Red States. “On average, red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine deaths and injuries than blue states.”

They have organized a directory so if you've been va((inated, you can look up your batch number on your va((ine receipt to see if your va((ine lot was one that had the poison in it.

CLICK HERE to go to "how bad is my batch"

Click on Moderna, Pfizer or Janssen at the top of the above link/page and enter your lot number for results.

Monoclonal Antibodies Warning

(Plus Several More Bombshells!)

60-Minute Interview Video

Dr. Carrie Madej issues a shocking warning about using supposedly safe Monoclonal antibodies. Don't be fooled! And there are a lot more shockers in this excellent interview! (The interviewer is awful, but Dr. Madej is amazing.)


Truth About The "Variants"

48-Minute Video

Dr. Ardis Interviews Dr. Zelenko who reveals the truth about the Covid variants.


Complaint Filed to International Criminal Court Over Covid Crimes


Well now this is interesting! Gates, Fauxi, Daszack, Boris Johnson, and a host of others have been charged for "crimes against humanity" for all their Covid dealings by Dr. Michael Yeadon (former Pfizer VP and chief scientist) and others.

Read the complaint HERE

Stay tuned for this one....

Call To Replace The Federal Reserve


Well, this is interesting, a call for a new National Bank. Since the Federal Reserve is really bankrupt, this may have something to do with future monetary changes. Time will tell.

Hyperinflation Analysis


Last week we wrote about the coming hyperinflation. Someone brought this article to our attention—an excellent analysis of what happened to five other countries who've experienced hyperinflation.

Jim Jordan Asks A Doctor A Question Fauxi Won't Ask

3-Minute Video

What an amazing exchange, doctor admits Fauxi and company don't want to hear factual evidence that doesn't support their lying narrative...

Ticked-Off PA Explains Why He Can't Practice Medicine

8-Minute Video

Scott Miller, PA, from Washington State, saved over 2,000 lives using Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. So they suspended his license to practice medicine. His response is to name names and warn hospitalized Covid patients are not actually dying from the virus but are essentially held hostage once admitted—prohibited visitation or going home—and are typically administered Remdesivir and intubated to death.

A Good List Of Bad Foods


One thing that Covid has shown us is not to trust the FDA! Here's a long list of foods that include aborted babies as ingredients. Ewwww...

Hospital Death Zones

50-Minute Video

Analysis and research on the actual death records and hospital payouts for COVID shows evidence of a massive payout and fraud scheme perpetrated by our Government in collusion with major institutions. Maybe this evidence will be used to indict and prosecute the criminals that are still using this scheme to kill and injure people worldwide.

How the CIA Infiltrates Worldwide

9-Minute Video

Investigative reporting by Info Wars shows the WEF released the Covid virus on purpose and the deep reach of the CIA.

Excess Deaths From Va((ines, Con't...


Still more insurance companies see the writing on the wall...when will someone finally admit it's caused by the va((ines?


Military Deaths Rock DC

14-minute Video


Stew Peters and Attorney Tom Renz on testifying before Congress about the massive number of recent military deaths and catastrophic health complications after being va((inated.

Got the Clot-Shot?


What to do if you got the shot. A good place to start if you check your va((ine batch numbers and find out you got a bad batch.




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