Forgiven Forever
Book Overview
by: Bill Perkins

Mainly due to our free Good Morning Lord! daily Bible study, we receive many questions about Bible prophecy, the Bible and life in general. And when we answer questions, we try to have our answers rooted in scripture, not opinions.

So we get questions, lots of questions. Too many to answer every one. So when appropriate, we try to give a link to a Compass free digital download.

The second most often asked questions, next to Bible Prophecy, have to do with understanding God’s love and acceptance of Believers. MANY Christians just cannot believe God still loves them after all the things they’ve done wrong!

They have a hard time going “Boldly to the Throne” because of current or past sin in their life. But they can, because God doesn’t look at our sin… it was paid for at the cross and is as far away as east is from west. Yea!

To help people deal with this issue, for many years Compass would purchase a case at a time of a book titled Forgiven Forever. The author was unknown as he spent his time being the pastor of a small church in Canada for over 60 years.

In fact, his church never grew larger than 70-80 people. But this pastor, Hector MacLeod, just taught the Bible faithfully to those God brought to his church.

And he armored his flock with scripture from a dispensational viewpoint. He knew his congregants’ names and gifts. Twice he took the whole church to Israel.

And that one little book he wrote, poorly written with numerous typos, simply nailed true grace. He takes 1 John 1:9 and shows why we don’t have to continually confess our sins to be forgiven. But most of all, he masterfully shows our true relationship with our Lord and Savior.

He died in his 90s, four days after teaching a Bible study. But before he died, he graciously gave Compass the rights to his book. (He was an avid reader of our Good Morning Lord! Bible study.)

I encourage you to read this book. Or at least the first two or three chapters. You can download the eBook for free, or you can buy the hard copy to be shipped to you.

Click here to order either.



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