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Women & \/accines

April 26, 2021

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Despite a massive cover-up by major media, it’s apparent that COVID \/accines are causing women around the world all kinds of problems regarding their menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

Thousands, and maybe tens of thousands of women worldwide are reporting abnormal and horribly painful periods after having taken the C19 \/accine. Many others have reported miscarriages.

Is Satan so evil he would purposefully be inducing population control/reduction through \/accines? Yes, he would. And this is a very real possibility, if not a probability.

It's hard for Americans to believe and/or be concerned about our adversary wanting Believers dead or crippled. But this is the reality of where we are today. Christians in China have been dealing with this for 70 years.

Always remember that Big Pharma and Bill Gates have a documented history of sterilizing women in Africa, India and the Philippines.(1) Were they just practicing to later foist this on the rest of the world?

There's a massive media cover-up of tens of thousands of ticked-off women who've figured out that this vaccine is causing huge problems with women's periods, pregnancy and pre-borns.

Naturally, Facebook and YouTube are deleting their heart-breaking posts. Why is that? Because they're doing their best to keep the lid on this.

I used DuckDuckgo to search the web and still had to go through hundreds of “\/accines are safe” articles before I could find any article about \/accine problems.

I did find that even MSN had to admit there is a big problem developing with women and the COVID \/accine.(2) And with women worldwide dealing with menstrual and pregnancy problems, this has the possibility of blowing up this whole-world \/accine rollout.

Those ding-a-lings trying to take over the earth may have taken one step too many. As most of us know, “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” (Adapted from The Morning Bride, by William Congreve, 1697) It will be next to impossible to put a lid on this one.

Health care workers all over the world, mostly women, are screaming more and more loudly, “Don’t take the \/accine” because of what it’s doing to women’s bodies.

Here is a link to a couple of videos by concerned women over this \/accine, and the information will make you shudder. Every woman, Christian or not, should watch these short pleas, about 6 minutes each:


In Canada, most of the docs are under government control, but there is a lone-wolf doc in British Columbia who has thwarted the government’s threats and is blowing the cover off this tragedy.

And he also explains why he thinks any woman who has the \/accine may never have children in the future. CLICK HERE to watch.

And this problem is NOT just for women of child-bearing age! I have a friend in her 60s who called me explaining she hasn’t had her period in 20 years. Yet she just started one this week. Turns out this is a problem worldwide as you will see on the above videos.

Even worse, she DID NOT take the \/accine! Which means she was probably infected by someone who has taken the shot.

This really opens a can of worms because if \/accinated people are shedding and spreading their problems to UN-\/accinated people, anyone who has a compromised immune system should stay away from \/accinated people.

What a mess. But it falls nicely into the category of "divide and conquer." What better problem for them than having two groups—those \/accinated and non-\/accinated.

There is the possibility that older women getting periods again could be due to pheromones. This is what causes the bonding that takes place in women in families, weekly scrap book groups, Bible studies and such when they all get synced together with their periods.

Pheromones are not physical, but rather something God created that cannot easily be explained. But the point is, if the COVID \/accine is messing up women so badly that it’s causing all this, no woman should subject her body to this \/accine.

You can get more info about this in these two videos: (FYI: These two videos are excellent, not too long, but a bit detailed—I had to watch them twice and still didn't understand it all!)



What To Do If The Shot Is Already Taken

Many have asked what to do if they regrettably got the \/accine as both men and women may have a tough time in the future if/when they’re exposed or re-exposed to COVID, or maybe any other virus, in the future.

Please note: I do not have a medical background. So this is not medical advice.

But in my opinion, based on the doctors I’ve talked to and read, it’s now more important than ever to live and eat healthy. If you watch the above videos, you can see that having your body use its God-designed defenses to protect you is your best chance.

Doctors say taking plenty of Vitamin D and zinc is the first step, according to 100 scientists, doctors and leading authorities.(7)

Of course, the CDC, who makes money off the COVID scamdemic, is trying to keep people from taking Vitamin D! What's their real purpose?(8) They certainly aren't trying to protect us!

If you have high levels of Vitamin D and Zinc, you’re ahead of the curve. 80% the COVID cases admitted into hospitals have low Vitamin D.(3)

Taking Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative is the second step. And if/when you are exposed in the future, take Ivermectin. All of the above is available through America's Frontline Doctors.

You simply go to their website and schedule a time for a phone appointment. The fee is $90—not bad for a doc visit these days.

A physician will call for a phone consultation and write you a RX. The next day their drug store will call to confirm shipping and payment of RX. You can pay for overnight delivery if desired.

CLICK HERE to link to the website to arrange a Tele-medicine doctor who will prescribe you Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Everyone should have a good supply of these for at least the next year.

Bible Prophecy

If we’re living in the last days during the run-up to the Rapture, and I believe we definitely are, then in addition to the prophecies already fulfilled in 2Tim.3:1-5, we should also expect to see:

—> A global monetary system coming together. (Rev. 13:16-17)

—> Israel discovering gold and silver riches so vast that Russia, Iran, et al. will invade (post-Rapture) to steal.(4)

—> A global government coming together.(5)

—>Financial Pressure to Collapse America

The Globalists want a one-world digital currency and the USA is still in the way.

Under our current system, citizens can choose to live financially independent and make decisions on their own. We can save money and live outside of any government control.

But that dog won’t hunt in the New World Order. They need complete control of everyone all the time. So they are trying to spend us into bankruptcy in order to force us into their new world currency.

A world digital currency would be the end of privacy and freedom. When they fully control all transactions, the Mark of the Beast is not far away.

And the Mark of the Beast, as best as I can discern, does not come in fully until the second-half of the Tribulation.

Think what our government is currently doing that is contributing to financial collapse:

They just borrowed $14,000 per American for the dubious reason of paying Americans $1,400 each.

They are flooding the nation with illegal immigrants—putting them all on welfare, free healthcare, etc., with no way to pay for this other than borrowing more money.

They're sabotaging small businesses that primarily operate outside of the system. Already hundreds of thousands of businesses have been forced to close due to the fake plandemic.

They've pushed our national debt burden to over 30 trillion, not counting all they are obligated for future Social Security, health care, etc., which pushes it up over 100 trillion dollars.

So we're well down the road. The US is now the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. History tells us that every country with this type of debt has gone into decline. And that's where we're headed.

While we watch all this, common sense tells you the less debt you have, and the more paid-off hard assets you have, the better off you’ll be going into a new world currency.

We all have house insurance but are not expecting a fire, and there are a lot of people who believe it’s prudent to always have some gold and silver coins in the closet as insurance against a suddenly collapsed dollar.

Gold and silver would also give you more flexibility when the new global currency is introduced as it is likely to be gold backed.

I am not giving financial advice, just opinion! The Bible says a wise person has many counselors, so this should be one opinion of many.

—> Christians losing freedoms

The last thing to be watching for is more Christian persecution. As hard as this is to say, it's not looking good for the home team.


At the moment, large corporations are trying to INFLUENCE Christian behavior by using advertising that includes politically correct (woke) situations.

Have you noticed all the homosexuals, one parent households, etc., in national advertising?

This will eventually move to making Believers the bad guys and businesses moving from NO MASKS, to NO \/ACCINES to NO CHRISTIANS.

Don't roll your eyes at that. Unless we're raptured soon, I believe Believers will see blatant persecution in the United States.

Left wing groups are already pushing for credit card companies to ban conservatives.(9) The noose is definitely tightening. Compass has has already been banned using social media.

These Compass eNews direct emails are currently still flying under the radar, but eventually we'll be closed down.

Biblical Considerations

If this world \/accine effort falls apart due to push back from women, states, whatever, then we'll have just ended a "birth pang."

That may give us a reprieve for a year or two until the next pang begins. I'm praying for this possibility! Maybe.

But if those Satanic Globalists manage to hang on to their world aspirations at this time, we may be quite close to our very loud and mysterious (to the world) exit.

We do know that the Big Lie (2Thes. 2:11), the cover-up of what happened to all those who disappear in the Rapture, is being set in place. The Globalists are already laying the groundwork on how to explain away our vanishing act as connected to UFOs.(6)

Their lie might be something like:

"Those fanatical Christians were unmanageable so we took them away to reprogram them. Don't worry, they'll be back."

Just like Satan threw half-truths at Jesus in the desert, he'll throw half-truths at those left behind. And they'll buy it hook, line and sinker.

Of course, it IS true that we'll have gone away and that we will be back. And in a sense, we'll be re-programmed to operate without sin. Satan will just lie by twisting it a bit.

God's Got This

What an exciting time to be alive. God has, in His perfect timing, allowed us to be alive at this time and armed with Biblical knowledge to discern what in the world is going on.

So go boldly and prayerfully through any doors the Lord opens and share what you know.

...praying…that God will open up to us a door for the Word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ, Col. 4:3

We can take zero with us when we go to heaven. And the only thing that matters on earth is who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. So keep the main thing the main thing.

Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. Col. 3:2




(1) https://www.africanglobe.net/africa/vaccines-secretly-sterilize-women-africa/

(2) https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/can-the-covid-19-vaccine-affect-your-menstrual-cycle/ar-BB1fzZQD

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(9) https://www.bloodmoney.org

More Resources

Charlie Ward with Dr. Judy Mikovits

The COVID \/accine is a killing machine
9 minutes

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Lee Merritt

New Video, April 17, 2021- The medical industry has now been weaponized!
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Oregon Legislature proposes cattle must die natural death before slaughter
ARTICLE: (Remember how we laughed at the first Green Deal proposal? And now they're actually trying to do it! So don't laugh at this, especially if D.C. becomes a state!)
An Oregon ballot initiative proposed for 2022 would effectively criminalize the farming of food animals in the state by classifying their slaughter as aggravated abuse and redefining artificial insemination and castration as sexual assault. CQLJ!

Leigh Dundass

Orange county smack-down... glad she's on our side!
8 Minutes

MIT Study—Social Distancing Doesn't Work

ARTICLE: Study Suggests Six Foot Social Distancing, Limited Occupancy Rules Are Completely Pointless

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Re: 5G, non-human DNA, chimers, bio-metric data, crypto currency, humans to be a commodity,
4 minutes

COVID “\/accines” Trigger Alzheimer’s, ALS, more

Report: Pfizer and Moderna COVID “Vaccines” Could Trigger Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Other Neurological Degenerative Diseases

Biden's Beef

Biden wants beef cut to one burger per month, per person
13 minutes

Football explanation of the \/accine


This is a GREAT analysis of the \/accine by Del Bigtree, and worth seeing all of it. But if you want just the football explanation, fast-forward to about the 1:30 mark. You'll hear the technical explanation followed by the football play explanation in ten minutes.
2 hours, 15 minutes


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