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Where Are the 3000 Solid Gold Frying Pans?

March 31, 2022

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As promised last week, I was able to talk to my archaeology friend and past Steeling Conference speaker Randall Price about Qumran and the Copper Scroll Project.

The Copper Scroll group is searching for Solomon's buried Temple riches listed on the Copper Scroll that was excavated among the animal-skin Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Copper Scroll is a list of the Temple treasures from the time of Solomon. The amount and weights listed would be measured today in the tens of trillions of dollars—so much that if/when discovered in Israel, Russia's Putin could be enticed to make a post-Rapture invasion of Israel.(1)

As the fiat currencies begin to fail worldwide, gold and silver, or a system backed by gold and silver, could become the only acceptable monetary exchange in the future—hence the reason for Putin to "devise an evil plan" to invade Israel.

Thus says the Lord GOD, “It will come about on that day, that thoughts will come into your mind and you will devise an evil plan," Ezek. 38:10

Russia does invade to steal Israel's gold and silver treasures, but loses badly. You can read the story in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Randall was unfamiliar with anyone having used ground penetrating radar around Qumran. But he did say it was possible, although unlikely, that someone did it without a permit.

Randall's had some past dealings with Jim Barfield, the main promoter of the Copper Scroll Project and didn't think it was likely that they could get a permit from the Israeli government to excavate. Especially since Barfield was not an archaeologist (I think he's a retired fireman).

Randall did say the Copper Scroll found in Qumran was dated around the time of Jesus. But he also admitted that my theory of Solomon's treasures being buried before the Babylonian Captivity could be true.

After all, where are those ten solid gold, six-foot, seven-branch Menorahs and ten solid gold Tables of Showbread? That alone is tons of gold. Not counting all those 3000 solid gold frying pans.(1)

That'll make great headlines one day! "Solomon's Gold Frying Pans Uncovered!" What was Solomon doing with 3000 gold frying pans? Why would anyone need ONE gold frying pan? Maybe he used them for wedding presents.

Anyway, Randall agreed it was possible that later the location of all these valuable items could have been hammered out in a hurry onto the Copper Scroll after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD and before the Romans captured Masada around 72/73 AD.

See the entire mind-blowing list of Israel's lost treasures worth trillions HERE

As fate would have it, another personal friend of mine contacted me after reading the Compass eNews to tell me of another group who supposedly DOES have an archaeologist and supposedly does have a permit to dig in Qumran. How about that!

The name of their expedition is Project Qumran. They have a most-interesting video (8 minutes) posted on their website HERE.

They too believe Solomon's riches are buried somewhere in Qumran. But their purpose is to prove Israel's past, nothing to do with Ezekiel 38/39.

Their research shows that the location of the buried treasure is somewhere "under the stairs."

As you'll see in the video above, they have found two sets of underground stairs in Qumran that are carved out of solid stone, just as described in the Copper Scroll. Very, very interesting. Info on this is in the video above.

I have been in contact with this group and have arranged to meet when in Israel sometime over the next two weeks.

I wasn't planning on sending out our Compass eNews while traveling in Israel, but I might try to squeeze out one if I get any wild new info. If not, I'll update on this when I return.

So this may be the last eNews until about April 21. If you think about it next week, please pray for all the testing our group of 30 souls have to do to get in and out of Israel to be negative. Thanks!!



Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord. 1Cor. 15:58

(1) https://compass.org/israels-coming-mind-blowing-gold-riches/


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Now he's recently published an article asking the next obvious question: WHY would anyone want to push out such a dangerous product if they knew the severe risks? What was their true motive?

Renz points out that the people pushing the Covid agenda either have a means to get out of trouble when it all comes to light, or, this entire scam is a means to an end—jab as many as possible before the world learns the truth. I'll take door number 2.

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He also covers how Ukraine, inflation and the coming digital dollar are connected. Excellent, packed with info!

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Gen. Flynn: Putin Disrupting The New World Order Plans


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Big Pharma Has Known For Decades That Zantac Causes Cancer


Those sicko drug companies used Zantac in laboratory experiments to induce cancer in animals—for 40 years. Satan is really good at what he does...hey, he's had 6000 years of practice on gullible humans! NEVER take another drug without asking LOTS of questions.

Same goes with Equal and other sweeteners!

Gene-edited Cows Approved By FDA


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Ivermectin Cover Up Continues


The Wall Street Journal published an article concluding Ivermectin didn’t reduce COVID-19 hospitalizations. They conveniently ignored news that the individual responsible for covering up a key positive review, had been revealed—a review that showed how Ivermectin could have saved millions of lives.

If you murder one person you go to jail... so what if you murder millions?

Clinton, DNC Paid Over $1 Million To Purchase Fake Steele Dossier


Quietly they admit what that did, paying a small fine...but it accomplished what they wanted... to slow down President Trump. Sick.

Below is a 1992 Op-Ed by Joe Biden in the Wall Street Journal


Below is a leaked letter from the Dems regarding their strategy to move past the pandemic with the least problems. Interesting....


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Bill Perkins
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Bill Perkins
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