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The Believer's Jewishness

September 20, 2023

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We Believers are technically Jewish because the Bible says we’re adopted (Eph 1:5; Gal. 4:5) into Abraham’s inheritance and grafted into the rich root of the Jewish family tree.

But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive, were grafted in among them and became partaker with them of the rich root of the olive tree [Israel], Rom. 11:17

God even goes so far as to say we are co-“heirs” through the Jews’ line of ancestry.

…a son…an heir through God (Jesus’ atonement) Gal. 4:7

Which is consistent with John’s point-blank statement:

…salvation is from the Jews. John 4:22b

Few Believers understand the depth of their Jewish roots or even appreciate getting into heaven via Abraham’s coattails/God’s promises to the Jews.

We don’t replace the Jews, we’re just co-heirs with them. God is currently primarily focused on the Believers in the Church Age. But post-Rapture He’ll make the Jews a priority and complete the last seven years of the 490-year-long Daniel 9:24 prophecy in the Tribulation before the Second Coming.

God has not rejected His people whom He foreknew. Rom. 11:2

One of the main reasons we published the award-winning The List novel was to share with Christians what life was like for the Jews at the time of Christ—what it would have been like living under the strict Levitical Law and provisional sacrifices in Israel.

(THE LIST book continues to win hearts as I noticed we just went over 500 reviews on Amazon, 4.8 / 5 and 4.7 on Goodreads. That’s quite a testament to Buck Storm’s phenomenal writing skills.)

So, with our spiritual connection to the Jews, we had a fun celebration of Rosh Hashanah this year! There was SO much going on around the world it FELT like the Rapture could happen at the last blowing of the trumpet on the Feast of Trumpets.

But feelings don’t matter. God’s timing of the Rapture has yet to be revealed. And when it happens, it will be the perfect time.

We were blessed to have 22 friends at our Rosh/Rapture breakfast at our house Sunday morning. We all raised our hands together at 8:42 AM (time of sunset in Israel)… and somewhat disappointingly took them down again at 8:43.

If we’re correct about Rapture and Rosh Hashanah, it’s not happening this year, oh well.

There was a funny and awkward moment at our breakfast. My friend Glenn had his cell phone connected to a live video of the wailing wall in Jerusalem as we counted down to the last trump at 8:42 AM.

Since we were listening for a trumpet to blow, it was exciting to hear, out of nowhere, the ram’s horn clearly blowing at the wailing wall for the Rosh Hashanah celebration.

For a split second, most of us had to think twice about what we were hearing…but it was not from heaven and our exhilarating exit would have to wait.

But we shouldn’t be disappointed that the Rapture didn’t happen…because when the Rapture does happen, it will be God’s perfect timing.

But primarily we shouldn’t be disappointed because a lot of people will get saved this year and miss the quite-horrible seven years of Tribulation. We all have friends and family we’re praying for daily.

Getting saved in the Tribulation will be eternally awesome for those who miss the Rapture… but most likely it will be a death sentence. Millions will be martyred and few will be left alive at the end of the seven years.

…few men are left. Is. 24:6b

So we have a bonus year(s?) to pray for our non-Believer family, friends and co-workers to get saved and miss the horror show. We have another year for someone to see a difference in the way we Believers approach life…that we’re not afraid but rather secure in our faith.

When the Rapture happens is God’s call. He knows best. We should be grateful for having more time to be used in the lives of those around us for eternal purposes.

And, on the plus side, no Holy Spirit departing the earth means next week 163 of us are quite blessed to be heading over to the Holyland to see our Bible come alive!

Our entire Compass staff is traveling with this outstanding group of Believers…which means it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get out any Compass eNews issues for the next four weeks.

If I run across some links that I think might be really important, I’ll try to get them in the queue to send out. Maybe with a picture or two of our trip. But, barring unforeseen circumstances, the eNews should be back beginning October 26.

Use us, Lord!



And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:7

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Heb. 11:1 

Definite Link Between Va((ines and 17 Million Deaths Worldwide



If that link doesn't work, try this one... HERE

Researchers estimated the COVID-19 vaccines led to approximately 17 million deaths worldwide, with the most deaths occurring among the elderly. Sounds like "euthanasia" to me, but Satan's not that bad...is he?

The Prophetic Significance of Yom Kippur



This is a great outline by Olivier Melnick of how the Fall Feasts line up with/foreshadow future events. Here is a sample of his article:

Based on the perfect record of the Spring Festivals all fulfilled at the First Coming of Yeshua, the Fall Feasts will be fulfilled at the Second Coming of Yeshua the Messiah:
• Rosh Hashanah: Leviticus 23:23-25 – The Regathering of the Saints (Isaiah 27:12-131 Thessalonians 4:13-181 Corinthians. 15:15-58)
• Yom Kippur: Leviticus 23:26-32 – The Great Tribulation (Ezekiel 36:24-25; Zechariah 13:8-9, 12:10, 2 Corinthians 5:10)
• Sukkot/Tabernacles: Leviticus 23:33-44 – The Ingathering of the Messiah and the Believers (John 7:38-39, 8:12; Zechariah 14:16-19; Matthew 17:4)

Who's Behind The Deep State?

59-minute video


Alex Newman talks as fast as Chuck Missler used to talk. And his information is just as interesting! There really is a DEEP STATE and a SHADOW GOVERNMENT! Interviewed by Jan Markell/Olive Tree Ministries.

Why Non-Believers Are Asking Questions About The 666 Mark



Mark Hitchcock points out excellent observations regarding Joe Rogan's show comments regarding the Mark of the Beast.

Don't Bank On Banking

30-minute video (watch at 1.25 playback speed)


Brannon Howse asks all the right questions of insider Rebecca Walser. I watched this one twice it was so mesmerizing! And learned a lot!

Collapse Coming?



A lot of really smart people are calling our monetary system a 100% ponzi scheme. The Fed's own numbers reveal there's no way out of this mess. It's just a matter of time. Will we get a new money system before Rapture? Fascinating times.

Blue Cities Sing The Blues



Goodbye New York City

“…. We are getting 10,000 migrants per month.  we are past our breaking point. … For each family seeking asylum through the city's care, we spend an average of $383 per night to provide shelter, food, medical care, and social services. With more than 57,300 individuals currently in our care, on an average night, it amounts to $9.8 million a day, almost $300 million a month, and nearly $3.6 billion a year." Eric Adams, mayor of New York City.

The AI Big Picture

25-minute video


Imagine not being able to unplug "Hal" in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Well, that's where we are today. This AI thing is horrible...we're at the point it's a speeding train coming at us with no time to jump off the tracks. This is a great info/update/explanation video of AI.

Dr. McCullough's Speech To The European Parliament

17-minute video


Oh wow, you won't see this reported in the US on mainstream news!

Dr. Peter McCullough delivered a speech to the European Union Parliament on September 13, 2023, in a session dedicated to the World Health Organization and Pandemic response.

In Dr. McCulllough's speech he said:

"Covid 19 has inflicted global terror through three false narratives:"

1) "SARS-CoV-2 infection is unassailable. It cannot and will not be treated early. The only public health responses are to social distance, lock-down, and mask-up, and take genetic vaccines every six months with no end in sight."

2) "The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, with no questions allowed from academia, mainstream media, or among peers."

3) "The massive human toll of Spike protein injuries, disabilities, and death are from the coronavirus infection, not the va((ines."

(Yes Martha, more proof they're still trying to kill us. Nothing has changed.)

Thinking About EV? Don't Go There



You would think that trying to get the world to substitute burning a fuel to make a fuel, in place of a fuel you could just burn, would make no investment sense. Well...apparently it does makes sense if you're trying to limit travel.

10 Red Flags Of Looming Recession

Interesting with a lot of good graphs.


Mostly just pics and quotes...

The Bible says a wise man has many counselors (Prov.15:22; 11:14; 24:6). It also says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Prov. 27:17. Great advice but don't miss the fact that this helps you understand who is right and who is wrong.

The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him. Prov. 18:17 

You have to look at both sides, or multiple sides, of a question to guide you to the best answer.

So it's a big deal when Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc., keep alternative information from being considered. It means we're living in a communist country and are being controlled. If you don't "do what they say," you'll pay the price.

So we offer all this additional information each week to give Believers more information as alternative reading.

>>>>If an image below is blurry, click the image to read<<<<<

More proof of censorship. A scientific journal is rejecting a request to retract a study that found people who received a COVID-19 booster were more likely to become infected when compared to unvaccinated people.
Analyzing numbers from California's prison system, a research group found that those who received one of the bivalent boosters had a higher infection rate than people who have never received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

But they won't retract the study.

"I can confirm that we were contacted by the corresponding author with a request to retract. However, we have determined that there is no basis for retraction and therefore it will remain published," Graham Parker-Finger, director of publishing and customer success for Cureus.

Hmmm.... Obviously they're being paid to keep it posted. Big Pharma should be called Big Satan.

Researchers from Australia took blood samples of 29 children before and after COVID-19 vaccination. They wanted to see if the vaccine might have other beneficial side effects.
Vaccines can trigger an immune response in your body that can help fight off additional viruses or bacteria—not just the one specific disease you were vaccinated against. Think of it as your body's defense mechanisms getting wiser. It’s called heterologous immunity, and it can happen with natural infections too.
The scientists noticed that nobody looked for this effect in COVID-19 vaccines for children.
But when they ran the experiment, what they found was exactly the opposite of what they expected.
Instead of seeing any improvement, they saw a reduced immune response toward other viruses, fungi, and bacteria. This was a big surprise for them.
But it was not surprising to the doctors who have been speaking out about mRNA vaccine safety. These doctors already have a name for this: vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or VAIDS.
(The reason we don't usually give a link to Epoch Articles and videos is that they make you give your personal info in order to read. And also because they are NOT Christian... Buddhist I think. Honorable, but in the dark overall.)

The Globalists/Satanists have a last-days plan ... total control of the masses through a global health treaty.

But what the Globalists don't understand is that they too will be tossed aside as useless eaters...Satan wants ALL humans dead. He's just starting with the Christians, Jews and conservatives because they're onto him.

Dr. Joseph Mercola summarizes our situation as being in the final stages of a well-planned global takeover:

The World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty, the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) and the global One Health agenda are all part of a soft coup, a global power grab.

> The globalists’ plan for our future can be summarized as “global dominion by the few and
total control of the masses.”

> The technocratic cabal has control over most if not all Western governments, as well as
the bureaucratic structure of the WHO; 85% of its funding comes from private entities, so it’s owned by private interests.

> Based on the current treaty draft and proposed IHR amendments, it’s clear that mRNA-
based vaccinations will be mandatory under the WHO’s power structure, and these vaccines will be made in 100 days by skipping human trials and shaving safety and efficacy testing down to the bare bones.

> Under the treaty, as currently written, nations will be required to surveil and censor social
media. The WHO’s narrative will be the only one allowed.

Dr. Meryl Nass, a biowarfare and epidemics expert, exposes the threat posed by the World Health Organization's (WHO's) pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs).

Nass explains that the COVID pandemic showed us that the technocratic cabal has control over most if not all Western governments. World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab has even bragged about how his Young Global Leaders have "penetrated" governments of the world.

The technocratic cabal also has control over the bureaucratic structure of the WHO. Eighty-five percent of the WHO’s funding comes from private entities, most of which is earmarked for specific programs. "So, the WHO is already owned by private interests,"
Nass says.

The WHO will also decide which medications can be used in medical emergencies, and which you cannot have. In other words, the WHO director-general will decide the health care for every person in every member state in the entire world. Your local doctor will be required to follow his edicts. You’ll have no medical freedom or bodily autonomy anymore.

The WHO director-general will then have the sole authority to declare a pandemic, or even potential pandemic, at which point all decision-making powers fall under the WHO.

However, there are no standards that must be met before a public health emergency can be declared.

Nations will also be required to surveil and censor social media. The WHO’s narrative will be the only one allowed. YouTube has already implemented this policy, even though the treaty is not even in place yet.

The bottom line is, our health agencies are not protecting us. They’re controlled by private, globalist interests, and they’re selling us out.

As noted by Nass, "There can be no question about it: Our health agencies are guilty of malfeasance, misrepresentation and deliberate infliction of harm on their own populations."

Ness wrote a peer reviewed paper detailing a lot more of this. To read click HERE

Dr. David Martin says:

"The World Health Organization, is a 'criminal cartel,' orchestrated COVID to 'subordinate the human population for the purpose of their sinister plans to enrich themselves by impoverishing and killing the rest of humanity.'"

For more Dr. Martin "WHO is criminal" comments, CLICK HERE

For Believers, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this fits perfectly with the last-days Tribulation period scenarios. So as we get closer to the Tribulation, the more our "rescue" will be seen as a "rescue."

Jesus, who rescues us from the wrath to come. 1Thes. 1:10

The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed, and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom; to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen. 2Tim. 4:18

For those brave enough to watch that Marburg video last week, here is some followup information:


About That New COVID Shot:

"Just 20 mice. No control group. No human testing.

"That’s all it took for the FDA to bless a new round of COVID vaccines . . . for a variant that’s already long gone.

"And with no emergency in sight, our public “health” officials authorized these shots for 'emergency use' for babies as young as 6 months old with no apparent regard for the risk of injury or even death that could follow."

RFK 1/15/23

We're watching our world change away from "dollar dominated" right before our eyes.

Big Pharma is already upset that the yearly flu shot sales are way down. Now their entire vax schedule for kids is in jeopardy...as it should be...it's all lies. God's design is the best design, no pharma help needed.
I wish there was enough time for all of these evil people to all be exposed and go bankrupt. Hmmm....well, actually, there will not be a single pharmaceutical shot needed, or even available, in the Millennium when Jesus rules righteously over the entire earth. Now THAT'S something to look forward to!!

The U.S. is in the throes of what researchers have deemed a “fourth wave” of the opioid crisis, a phase characterized by overdose deaths caused by the combination of stimulants and the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl.

Overdose deaths in the U.S. surpassed 100,000 for the first time in 2021, fueled by the rise of synthetic opioids, which accounted for 75% of those deaths. Once propelled by prescription opioids and then heroin, the decades-long crisis was overwhelmed by synthetic opioids in the mid-2010s.

The proportion of overdoses involving fentanyl and a stimulant — most commonly cocaine and methamphetamine — increased more than fifty fold from 2010 to 2021, a study published Thursday in the journal Addiction found.

Still lots of questions about Lahina deaths

The United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly (UNGA) president this week approved the non-binding U.N declaration on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPPR), without a full assembly vote and over the objections of 11 nations.

It's kinda like "It's just two weeks to flatten the curve." Once they get their foot in the door... they'll claim they have more authority than our own constitution (which has been taking a beating lately).

More here

And if you point out how bad Big Pharma is, you'll pay for it. Ask Russell Brand.

YouTube just took away Brand's million dollar yearly commission for telling the truth about Big Pharm. CLICK HERE to see what I think tipped the scales...1-minute video. Of course, the media is claiming someone claimed he raped her 20 years ago and ALL major media ran with the story. Interesting timing.

Well said....

I am deeply troubled by the outrageous recommendation from CDC Director Mandy Cohen to administer COVID "booster" mRNA jabs to every American aged six months and older.

It is a recommendation that lacks essential scientific backing and has far-reaching negative implications for our nation's health.

Pfizer's latest booster recently received approval based on a study involving 10 mice. It has no efficacy data available and was not tested on humans in the data set.

Let that sink in: The jab "booster" was only tested on 10 mice.

Moderna's new booster had a two-week trial with 50 people, resulting in one adverse event requiring medical attention. No additional information was included on the adverse event. Was it a stroke, heart attack or death? We are not allowed to know.

White House COVID coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha and CDC head Mandy Cohen have claimed the new vaccine reduces hospitalizations, long COVID, and the likelihood you will spread COVID. However, none of these claims have any scientific data or proof. These parameters weren’t even tested.

With such little safety testing and medical data, how could the US government approve these new vaccine boosters and recommend them for everyone six months and older?

These CDC recommendations are shockingly dangerous.

Prominent voices in the medical community, like Dr. Paul Offit, expressed grave doubts about this new COVID booster. As he rightly pointed out, it's time for transparency and honesty, not political apologists posing as medical experts..

The American people deserve the truth. And it is our mission to speak the truth, no matter the costs.

This reckless vaccine campaign is merely the latest attempt of authoritarian elements within our government seeking to capitalize on periods of vulnerability within our nation during what they label a "health crisis."

Simone Gold  9/20/23

More on those shots here

Rumors were swirling last month that 14 cities in the United States are planning to ban meat. The news made its rounds mostly on conservative news websites. The Federalist reported that the plan for 2030 outlines some very ambitious goals. This includes zero consumption of meat, zero consumption of dairy, three new clothing items per person each year, zero private vehicle ownership, and one short return airline flight per person every three years. Establishment news outlets were quick to label the whole thing as fake. But dig into these “fact checks” a bit more and you’ll find there’s a play on words. But they’re not banning meat and dairy, they’re just trying to restrict it to zero.
Don't laugh, this has zero to do with "Climate." And everything to do with "control." Fascists are not capitalists. And they want the USA defeated. If you still deny what's going on, here's a followup on John Strand who is in jail for nothing. CLICK HERE
Or HERE for more on Globalists/Satanists control.

Covid patients are becoming harder to distinguish from those suffering from allergies or the common cold, doctors say.

The most common symptoms of the virus are now sore throat, sneezing or congestion — the same as RSV, asthma or a pollen allergy.

For comparison, in the early stages of the pandemic, Covid had very distinct symptoms - such as a dry cough and a loss of sense of smell or taste.

But hey, maybe they can fan the flames and make it an excuse to take control of the planet.

Who thought we'd see pictures like this everywhere prior to our exit?

Dr. Joseph Mercola

They think they can take us over but post-Rapture, the USA will be worthless...Rev. 18

Well, this week's Additional Resources and Signs of the Times has important info but overall a bit dark. The good news is we'll be traveling for the next four weeks which will give all of us a break. Time to reset our Biblical foundation so we can be used by God in these wild and woolly last days! Use us, Lord! BP

END, Compass eNews, September 21, 2023


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