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Still Trust Your Doc?

February 16, 2022

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Remember when doctors used to walk on water? You had complete trust in whatever they said. Rarely would you question any health treatment recommendations.

However, over the last two years as our entire nation has had to deal with the so-called “Covid Crisis,” our respect for doctors has plummeted into the toilet. And hospitals have already been flushed.

What caused this total reversal from being the most trusted profession to being so mistrusted? Well, to understand we have to look back and trace what transpired in medicine from America’s early years.

Medicine in America has a dark history. In 1799 George Washington was basically bled to death by the top doctors of the day trying to cure his sore throat.

It wasn’t until the mid-1850s that medical colleges began teaching their students to wash their hands after poking them in cadavers. Especially before they delivered babies. Once implemented, baby mortality dropped from 1 of 5 newborns to 1 of 100.

By the early 1900s most of the doctors used natural medicines—herbal remedies passed down for centuries combined with eclectic homeopathy.

As great strides were made with the discovery of x-ray machines in 1895 used for finding and fixing broken bones, gun shots, kidney stones and swallowed objects, modern medical advances were naturally being hailed.

In Steps Rockefeller

Around this time John Rockefeller had amassed a fortune (America’s first billionaire) by controlling 90% of all oil refineries in the U.S. through his oil company, Standard Oil.

Rockefeller had gained control of the oil industry by being a ruthless businessman and crushing his competition.

The Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled on how Rockefeller dealt with his competitors and in 1911 found him guilty of corruption, illegal business practices and racketeering under the Sherman Antitrust Act.

Standard Oil was forced to be broken up into Chevron, Mobile, Exxon and 30 other companies. But this didn’t slow down Rockefeller as he saw another even more potentially lucrative market to dominate—healthcare.

His idea was to use petroleum waste to develop “petrochemicals.” He envisioned creating all kinds of new drugs that could be patented and sold with extremely high margins/profits.

Most doctors at that time were still using natural/herbal medicines for treating diseases holistically. Over half of the medical schools at that time were centered around teaching holistic medicine.

Holistic medicine focuses on using your own God-designed defense system to ward off viruses. If you were sick, most likely your natural defenses were out of balance. So they focused on making the patient well using natural herbs of nutritional benefit.

Rockefeller soon colluded with his friend Andrew Carnegie, the second-richest man on the earth at the time, to figure out how to get rid of any medical competition for this newly developing drug industry.

They decided to use the classic communist approach. Simply publicize a problem and then have a solution ready to solve the problem that would give them the control they wanted.

The first thing they did was have a report created on the state of the medical industry. They hired a man named Abraham Flexner to write a report showing all the problems with the unregulated medical industry in the U.S.

There were a few problems at the time—traveling snake-oil salesmen, for instance. But Flexner’s report purposefully made the whole medical industry sound awful.

Creating this fake paper was not much different than the fake Steele Dossier created and used against Donald Trump. Basically lies were included in the Flexner report to alarm people.

And Rockefeller and Carnegie used their control of the media (newspapers and magazines) to fan the flames of horror that screamed for something to be done.

The solution Flexner was paid to offer to solve the problem was to organize the medical schools and regulate them so only “true” doctors would be allowed to practice “science-based” medicine.

The American Medical Association (AMA) was formed as the solution. It would oversee and regulate all hospitals and doctors to follow the “science,” and the AMA would determine what was science and what was not science. Sound familiar?

To help change the minds of the public, Rockefeller opened the Rockefeller Foundation and began doling out over $100 million to colleges and hospitals to teach them how to use his drugs. That would equate to trillions of dollars today.

Holistic doctors practicing natural medicine were mocked, smeared and demonized in the controlled media. They were called “quacks” and some were even jailed.

For a doctor to continue his practice, all he had to do was get on the “treat everything with drugs” plan and let the AMA watch over the industry.

These new drugs were usually not that different from the natural medicines they were replacing. Rockefeller funded scientists to simply identify the chemicals in the plants that were effective for medical treatments and then create a slightly different petrochemical that could be patented.

Medical schools, with huge funding from Rockefeller and Carnegie, left holistic treatments in the dust as there was no profit to be made using them. It was that simple.

Rockefeller and Carnegie then set their sights on other countries using basically the same tactics. They used their tax-free “Foundations” to fund AMAs in most other first-world countries and controlled them with grants.

Down With Vitamins

This was also the time that natural healing molecules, dubbed vitamins, were discovered to have life-saving health benefits…even able to prevent many chronic health conditions.

Books were published with research showing the amazing benefits of eating certain foods to live more healthy lives which would ward off disease. And the key molecules could even be taken in pill form.

This, of course, was a direct threat to Rockefeller’s newly flourishing pharmaceutical businesses because this entire vitamin industry was “natural” and therefore non-patentable.

Elimination of this unwanted competition from micro-nutrients was viewed by Rockefeller like going to war. Using the control of his newspapers and magazines, he ruthlessly used the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic to begin a witch-hunt on all forms of medicine that were not covered by his patents.

Medicine Today

Today, the AMA is still controlling what is taught in medical schools. While many great advances have been made in how to fix broken body parts, our “approved” medical schools only teach treating the symptoms of disease and viruses with petrochemical drugs.

Consequently, all medical schools today churn out doctors who have no clue what holistic medicine is about—which is getting your body working correctly to fight off infections. Instead, these holistic medical treatments are referred to as backward and worthless.

Today the AMA and the FDA are fully and completely controlled by Big Pharma. The leadership and key positions of AMA and the FDA come almost exclusively from Big Pharma. And of course Big Pharma is “for profit.”

In medical schools today, pretty much every medical problem is addressed as "What pill should they take."

This cavalier approach has had a disastrous effect on the life-saving benefits of antibiotics. First used in the 1940s to kill bacteria, over-prescription through the years has caused bacteria to become more and more resistant and antibiotics less and less effective.

The door swings both ways between Big Pharma and the FDA. If an FDA official or AMA official gives a few favors to Big Pharma, they will be richly rewarded with a cushy job and an enormous salary in the Big Pharma world. That’s how Diet Coke got aspartame/NutraSweet approved.(5)(6)

In this last year Pfizer, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson made a cumulative profit of over $100 billion off the Covid “va((ines.” All done at no financial risk from any complications from the drugs' adverse effects.

Today the United States spends 15% of its GDP on healthcare. Yet the system run by Big Pharma does not focus on cures but on symptoms which means, in essence, purposefully enslaving people as recurring clients.

This explains why after 100 years there are still no cures available for cancer, diabetes, autism, asthma or influenza (the flu). Don’t you think it’s interesting that the American Cancer Society was founded by Rockefeller in 1913?

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the drugs a physician prescribes are to treat the symptoms, not to fix the reason you got cancer to begin with.

Most chemotherapy treatments today will wipe out the cancer, but they also wipes out your God-given immune system. So it’s only a matter of time until the cancer comes back with nothing to fight it off. But you don't get your money back.


Regardless of where it originated, in early 2020 Covid came on the scene. Recently acquired emails show Fauxi knew full-well that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin cured 95% of Covid patients with early treatments.(3)

But the purpose of Covid was to create demand for a va((ine. So Fauxi used the FDA and the AMA to suppress the known inexpensive treatments.

He also colluded with major media to spread fear and panic with Covid death counts publicized daily, with numbers that are now proven to be highly inflated.

Physicians who spoke out against the obvious drug suppression got their licenses suspended. That quickly got all doctors’ attention.

Most licensed doctors today have faithfully followed the AMA’s advice and are rewarded with high incomes. So when they’re told to back off of something, few are willing to risk losing that income.

The love of money is a root of all sorts of evil. 1Tim. 6:10

Hospitals were, and still are, told not to treat Covid patients but to send them home and tell them to return if they get worse. Without treatment, patients inevitably do get worse and return to the hospital.

The hospital protocol is to give them the drug Remdesivir, which causes the same symptoms as Covid. 50% of the Remdesivir patients then have to be put on ventilators where 80% or more die.(2)(4)

The hospitals are paid huge sums of money for each stage of the illness. It’s being reported that a single deceased Covid patient who was on Remdesivir and a ventilator is worth as much as $100K in revenue to the hospital.(11)

Few doctors complained because the financial penalty was too high. But scores of nurses did come forward exposing the horrors that were unfolding.


Our natural God-designed defense system wards off hundreds of viruses every day. Healthy people don’t need va((ines. But rather than tell people how to stay healthy in order to not get sick, Fauxi and the FDA instead foisted a new untested va((ine on the entire world.

The well-hyped Covid va((ines were launched and claimed to have around 90% efficacy. That turned out to be a lie. Even to call it a va((ine the definition had to be changed.(1)

Turns out it’s really only a gene-modification treatment—a often deadly injection that changes your God-designed genetic software.

This treatment disables forever your natural immune system that has worked quite well for 6000 years, to a human-designed immune system controlled by changes in your genome.

Doctors all over America were told to get their patients va((inated because Big Pharma said it was safe. And almost all complied. It was something that they had already been doing for decades—selling va((ines to their patients.

Big Pharma has grown to be so strong it got the insurance companies and doctors to demand va((inations for kids.

Today, our kids take 72 “vaccine” shots by the time they’re 18, with 26 of the shots scheduled before they turn 15 months (see chart below). And the result is that we have the sickest kids on the planet.

But hey, for Big Pharma, what could be better than drug-dependent clients for life? There’s quite a lot of money involved as they conveniently manage a plethora of illnesses that many studies say are directly caused from the vaccines.(7)(8)(9)(10)

So if an oncologist prescribes a particular chemotherapy drug, the patient rarely is aware that the doctor is receiving a rebate (in sales it’s called a commission) directly from the drug companies.

When a doctor prescribes Remdesivir for Covid, is he prescribing it because he believes it’s the best treatment available? Or because the hospital demands the doctors follow the FDA/AMA protocol…which provides the highest billing for the hospital?

To be fair, most docs are incredibly smart but have little time to do research on every drug they need to prescribe. They have to rely on the Big Pharma drug reps to tell them what to use and when.

But Big Pharma has gone off the rails making money more important than saving lives. According to many docs who were willing to walk away from their cushy livelihoods, there will be countless more deaths coming as a result of all the Covid gene therapy treatments worldwide.

And all this has caused us regular peeps to wonder how our doc could have been so gullible. Or if they saw through the ruse, why they would not speak up when it was obvious the va((ines were killing people?

So, still trusting your doc? If not, next time you’re diagnosed with a health issue, when you get a second opinion, get it from one who is not controlled by Big Pharma.





A Brief History of Modern Medicine

How Psychopath John Rockefeller Wiped-Out Natural Cures to Create Big Pharma



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Additional Resources


If you have time to watch only one video, this is the one to watch!


David Martin Has Trudeau By The ....

20-minute Video

David Martin is one ticked-off cowboy and shreds an AP reporter for calling him a liar. In 20 minutes he proves Trudeau gets paid for every shot... worldwide! No wonder Trudeau wants those trucks to leave!!

Was The Next CCP Virus Released At The Olympics?

Article plus 14-minute Video (start at 42-minute mark)

According to Virologist and CCP whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who first disclosed Covid to be a man-made, gain-of-function, bio-weapon, the CCP is releasing a new bio-weapon at the Olympic games—a wicked hemorrhagic fever virus.

We first mentioned weird shutdowns and travel restrictions going on in China about three weeks ago. Here is a link to the story: CLICK HERE

Li-Ming says the new virus has a 3-4 week incubation period which would begin hitting about mid-March. She shares the antidote in the last 5 minutes, but it is difficult to get, nothing like Ivermectin.

"The virus has been altered inside a laboratory to make the incubation period longer than usual, now suspected at 3-4 weeks, in order to allow visitors to Beijing to return home with no symptoms during transit… The virus is said to be highly transmissible, and causes bleeding through multiple orifices of the body, even the skin." --CDMedia

Thankfully, the article also recommends what to take as an antidote, if you can get it: "Darzalex" which is used in cancer treatments. But it also goes into detail about other substitutes that will work. Plan ahead in case this is true!

More info on the virus CLICK HERE

On the right the map shows where the virus is already infecting people and its closeness to the Olympics in Beijing.

Israel's Ready To "Burn Pfizer To The Ground"

8-Minute Video

Well, this is interesting. Whistleblower Melissa McAtee reveals that in the agreement made between Pfizer and Israel to supply Israelis with their Covid va((ines, Israel had to agree to allow Pfizer to delete any data that contradicted the Covid narrative.

So does this mean the deaths and injuries in Israel are WORSE than what we're being told???

BTW, you will easily notice that McAtee's eschatology leaves a lot to be desired.

How Long Before Canadian-Style Tyranny Comes To America?

13-minute video and/or transcription

An excellent overview of what's at stake with the Canadian truckers and Trudeau declaring martial law.

Prosecutions Coming?

46-Minute Video


Attorney Thomas Renz is interviewed by Mike Adams regarding prosecuting those who are carrying out the Covid crimes against humanity.

Links To 48 Studies Showing Evidence Of COVID Va((ine Adverse Events


The list includes studies concerning the adverse reaction from COVID-19 vaccines, such as myocarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, vasculitis, cardiac, Bell’s Palsy, immune-mediated disease, and many more. 😡

In the above two pictures, on the left is what our esteemed drug companies projected in order to get their va((ine approved. On the right is what it turned out to be. Liars!!!

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