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Self-Replicating Tissue Clots in the Va((inated

June 22, 2022

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Not Blood Clots, Worse!

When a person dies, a mortician will usually obtain permission to drain the blood from the body and replace it with embalming fluid. This slows the decomposition process for a week or two so the person can be viewed in an open casket.(1)

Since the Covid va((ines have been circulating, we've often heard that morticians are having problems draining the blood because the veins and arteries are clogged up.

The picture (right) is what morticians have pulled out of the arteries of va((inated people who have recently died. They had to pull this stuff out so they could continue to drain the blood. Not good!

Much like the doctors who didn't want to lose their jobs by speaking out about obvious va((ine problems they were noticing, most morticians just ignore what they're seeing...hey, they have bills to pay.

But that's not the worst of it

Some brave morticians are speaking up and handing over these assumed "blood clots" to scientists to be analyzed.

I watched a 3-hour video(2)(3)(4)(5) of Mike Adams dissecting some of these "clots" that the morticians have pulled out of dead va((inated people.

What he showed under a live microscope is that these "clots" are NOT blood clots at all. Rather, they're tissues.

The implication is that people are not dying from blood clotting but because of tissues blocking the veins and arteries of va((inated people of all ages.

Where are these tissues coming from? The morticians say none of this showed up until after the Covid va((ines.


And to top it off, these tissues are self-assembling or self-replicating. What????

Adams shows these things are not attached to the walls of the veins and arteries but are growing as they flow freely through the body.

That would mean that a va((inated person's genome has been hijacked and re-programed to continuously grow these tissues.

In the video you can see the tissue clots they're pulling out of va((inated people resemble small rubber bands. Yet some are as large as the diameter of a pencil.

This also would explain why traditional drugs used to treat blood clots like Coumadin don't work on these tissue clots.

The implications of this are horrifying, to say the least. Are all va((inated people full of these tissue clots? Are mini-tissue clots in the brain causing "Covid brain fog?"

Well, like most other strange things that have happened recently, they warned us ahead of time.

Back in 2019, the slimy little A. Fauxi made an off-hand comment that no one paid much attention to. Referring to the va((ines he said,

"...these platform technologies that we are going to bring forward include DNA, messenger RNA, virus-like particles, vector-based and self-assembling nano-particles vaccines."

Now we're understanding more about what Fauxi was talking about. Apparently "self-replicating nano-particles" have been in the development stage for decades. If you look it up on Duckduckgo.com you get pages of information that go back for decades.(6)

The implications here are obviously huge. There's no way this self-assembling instructional code would accidentally be inserted in the mRNA code unless the Big Pharma scientists added it on purpose.

Naturally the question becomes, is this tied to the billions of humans who post-Rapture die worldwide?

Covid Brain Fog

Millions of these self-assembling tissues are growing all through va((inated people's arteries. The bigger ones are the tissues that are causing the heart attacks. But smaller ones would also be all over the body.

What has been referred to as Covid Fog may actually be who-knows-how-many of these tissues forming in the blood vessels in the brain.

Since your brain works on blood circulation, less blood to the brain means less cognitive ability.

If this is all true and treatments are not quickly developed to treat this problem, more and more va((inated people will be dropping dead of SADS(6).

We of course don't know if all the va((ines have the same instructions. After all, this is a worldwide drug test and there are indications that all the va((ines are not the same.

So just because you got the clot-shot doesn't mean you'll eventually die from these tissues clogging your arteries.

But if this proves to be true, and it looks to be, then it's even worse for the va((inated people than we thought.

I guess this also means there's more to this verse than first meets the eye:

...do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body. 1Cor. 6:19-20



1) https://www.greencremationtexas.com/embalming-fluid/
2) Part 1: https://www.brighteon.com/2cc9879d-4ffa-4473-a01a-0e42fff370ba
3) Part 2: https://www.brighteon.com/76993eb7-db76-4792-bd5a-017aa5c84b9e
4) Part 3: https://www.brighteon.com/194ea7f9-73e3-420c-9430-ae12865e87ab
5) https://www.brighteon.com/f9696069-e0d6-4dcb-8aa5-55a6b24ffd87 (skip first 2-minutes)
6) https://statnano.com/news/70366/Novel-Nanoparticle-SARS-Cov-2-Vaccine-Combines-Immune-Focusing-and-Self-Assembling-Nanoparticles-to-Elicit-More-Potent-Protection

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If you only have a little time, watch this one first!

Takedown Of The USA

50-minute video

Greg Hunter in a classic interview with Catherine Austin Fitts regarding what's dead ahead. If the Rapture doesn't happen in September, you've been warned! It's not inflation, it's war and the prize is world control.

The Next Planned Pandemic—Engineered To Be Va((ine Resistant

27-minute video (Watch 1st 2 ,minutes, skip to 6-minute mark, watch to the end! Also can choose to listen at 1.25 view speed)

David Martin explains the Globalists'/Satanists' plans in place. He also shows in no uncertain terms that the Covid va((ines are the gateway drugs used to gene-edit humans.

Fauxi Caught Red-handed By Rep. Jim Jordon

9-minute video (Skip first 1 Minute 20 seconds)

This is amazing. Rep. Jim Jordan scorches Fauxi with a timeline that shows Fauxi trying to cover up the truth. Unfortunately, nothing will happen to Hillary, Hunter, Fauxi! 😡

More "Accidental" Food Production Problems. Read The List—99 In All!


Here's a long list of strange food production problems that have recently happened—99 in all! Eventually, whoever ends up controlling what food is left will control the world. If you want to eat, you'll have to do what they say. Between inflation and food shortages, this will be a mess—coming to a head in the next year.

Where The Globalists/Satanists Want To Take The World


Their mission is to do away with the democratic process and give all ownership and control to the Deep State.

Va((ines WILL Kill Healthy Children


An inside-Pharma whistleblower shows proof the Satanists/Globalists KNOW children will die from taking the sinister non-va((ine va((ine. Of course, we already know this from the tissue clots article above, but these demons have now voted to approve the clot-shots. And they knew all this before the vote!!

Scientific Journal Admits Va((ine Problems


Well do tell, even the scientists are having to come clean and deal with the Covid va((ine problems. This is not an easy read, but it shows a few cracks in the major media control of information.

Preparing Mentally For What's Coming

9-Minute Video

As people continue to die post-rapture, the massive deaths will collapse everything...food, real estate, energy... not to mention how you bury that many bodies! This is a recording of a Catholic anthropologist, so his eschatology at the end is worthless because Catholics don't believe in the Rapture. But still interesting to hear.


And, if you're interested, there's even more bad news for the va((inated from Science magazine:


ABIM Playing Hardball With Dr. Peter McCullough

20-minute video

The American Board of Internal Medicine is threatening to pull the medical license of highly credentialed (and Steeling Conference Speaker) Dr. Peter McCullough. His crime? Advocating early Covid treatment and explaining that the clot-shots were not as safe and effective as the CDC was advertising. And these truths saved thousands of lives. Can't have that!! Del Bigtree explains.

Why Food Inflation Will Get A Lot Worse


See the sad stats via some great charts.

What Russia Thinks Will Happen Next—War With USA


Captured communications reveal Russia thinks it's likely a false flag will be dropped as an excuse for the USA to attack Russia.

Flying The Not-So-Friendly Skies


Biden says due to all the airline flight cancellations he's considering calling in the military. Translation, they want to nationalize the airlines. For our own good, of course.

So they want to solve the problem they created in the first place. Almost like it was planned that way all along.

Tucker Carlson sums up what's caused all these problems better than anyone...

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Reduces Sperm Count In Men


Another "Don't Look Here" ... Not only are the Globalists/Satanists trying to kill off the world's population with tissue clots and termination of pregnancies, they're also trying to keep the future population down by reducing sperm counts. Satan hates humans.

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Israel To Hold New Elections


Below you see that Iran is continuing to enrich its uranium. Translation: Iran is continuing to build a nuclear bomb.

Israel can't allow Iranians to finish a nuke because they've vowed to use it against Israel. This is interesting to Bible students, of course, because Ezekiel 38 and 39 discuss Iran (Persia) invading Israel while using nuclear weapons.

Dealing with all this has led to Israel needing a strong government. But currently they have dove-like leadership. Hence new elections are coming. I wonder if Bibi Netanyahu is busy?

Results Of Oregon Legalizing Drugs

Below: More "Don't worry, nothing to see here, NASA can explain..." hmmm... I wonder if Satan thinks the Rapture will upset the polarity of the planet? Naw...

After the CDC voted to approve Covid Va((ines for very young, not-at-risk kids, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told reporters:

“All the risks are to the innocent children and all of the billion-dollar rewards go to the government-protected pharmaceuticals.”

Good summary.

I’ve met
the author
of my story…

I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am.

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Bill Perkins
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