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Revelation 3:10 ????

November 21, 2023

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Good Morning Lord! — QUESTION FOR THE DAY

Dear Compass,

You have often referred to either not being able to lose your salvation or not being able to earn it. Since you also purport to believe in total inerrancy of Scripture, what do you do with the following verse?

Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing . . . —Revelation 3:10 

As I read it, there is a direct connection between what you do and who goes to heaven. Am I wrong?


At first glance, based on the way that verse has been traditionally translated, it would seem to support a works doctrine. However, careful examination of the Greek shows that it was improperly punctuated.

To save valuable space on the parchment, the ancient Greek and Hebrew manuscripts were written in all caps with no punctuation. Punctuation was assumed. This, of course, caused problems when translating the text to other languages. Punctuation had to be added based on the translators' opinion.

As an example, consider this sentence written without punctuation:


By adding punctuation, it could be incorrectly translated to say:

"I ate breakfast. Because I was hungry I read the newspaper."

Or it could be properly translated to say, "I ate breakfast because I was hungry. I read the newspaper."

This is exactly what happened when the translators translated Revelation 3:10. It was simply human error.

In the original Greek, following proper sentence construction, "because you have kept the word of My perseverance" should be linked to the preceding phrase (verse 9), not the following phrase (verse 10). No period should have been inserted after ". . . I have loved you." Rather, a comma could be inserted or no punctuation at all. 

Also, adhering to proper exegesis, "because" could easily be translated "for." 96% of the translations of that word were translated "for." To translate it "because," the translators used a "suspensive use" of the word, allegedly to make it read better. And "kept" could be translated "obeyed." So, making all the adjustments, the verse should read:

Verses 9-10 . . . I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you(,) (for) you have (obeyed) the word of My perseverance. I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell upon the earth.

Paraphrased: I will rapture you before I would let you enter into tribulation, or, through death, you will miss tribulation.

And, with the correct translation, there is no "salvation by works" doctrine in that verse.

Again, if you wish to sign up for GML, CLICK HERE


In looking over the links below, I feel sorry for anyone trying to understand what's going on in the world without using the Bible as a guide! BP

---Click on any fuzzy picture below to clear it up---

The Final Goal Is To Eradicate Humanity

4-minute video


Lauri Aboli says all that's been going on for the last 60 years has been preparation for a few Globalists/Satanists to rule the world. And the end game is Trans-humanism. She made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! Jeepers!

Youth Dying At "Explosive" Rates



Ed Dowd recently released a 45-page report of his shocking findings on UK excess deaths. He used readily available government statistics from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics. He has to use UK data because the USA data is being hidden, censored.

There is no reason to believe the USA percentages are any different. And note that this is just cancer, not heart or any of the myriads of other excess death causes.

Summary: The study’s results in the rate of cancer deaths above the historic norm in 2022 for ages 15-44 in the U.K. included:

  • A 28% rise in fatal breast cancer rates in women.
  • An 80% increase in pancreatic cancer deaths among women and a 60% increase among men.
  • A 55% increase among men in colon cancer deaths and a 41% increase in women.
  • A 120% increase in fatal melanomas among men and a 35% increase in women.
  • A 35% increase in brain cancer deaths among men and a 12% rise in women.
  • A 60% increase in cancer death rates among men in cancers “without site specification” and a 55% increase among women.


Let's see now, if the va((ines don't work, and hundreds of thousands of people have died or been severely injured for life after they took them... why is our government buying them and continuing to push them? Because we're not in Kansas anymore!

Which makes us suspicious of all those va((ines, as Dr. Mercola articulates...

  • As people have become aware of the dangers of the COVID shots, they’ve also started questioning conventional vaccines, and many parents who didn’t get their children va((inated during the pandemic are not taking them in to catch up on their routine shots now.
  • Va((inations aren’t the only thing forced upon our children that is doing them more harm than good. The public education system also poses a massive threat to our children, as the indoctrination and brainwashing spans from kindergarten to high school and beyond.
  • The current educational system completely ignores everything we know about child development and brain development, and by not allowing proper brain development to occur, the school system impairs children’s ability to think critically.
  • Using medication to bring fever down often does more harm than good. A fever is your body’s way of killing off invading pathogens and clearing out inflammatory toxins, so by lowering your fever, you’re prolonging the problem.
  • Avoid acetaminophen when sick. Acetaminophen depletes your body of glutathione, which you need for speedy healing.

Conclusion -- more and more people believe ALL va((ines are fundamentally flawed and come with huge risks. Yet they haven't given up on making them the law of the land!

In 1973 Israel was attacked in the Yom Kippur War. The price of gas basically quadrupled, when you could find it or had the time to wait in line.

In 1979 the Iranian Revolution began and crude oil prices tripled, as did gas.

In 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait and oil prices doubled.

Since 40% of the world's oil supply comes from the Middle East, and most of that oil comes through the easily blocked Strait of Hormuz, this latest "terrorist" attack has the potential to shoot gas prices sky-high. And our government, for no good reason, has already put policies in place that have caused tight oil supplies. So, for what it's worth, consider filling your gas tank when it gets to half-full.

So now we can see that the "Mayday" calls from aircraft have shot up after the va((inations began... big time... 386%! I wonder what in the world could have caused this sudden uptick? Hmmm...

More info CLICK HERE

There Goes The Internet



We all knew this would eventually happen. You have to do all the right things to use the Internet. It'll be interesting if this happens before the Rapture. Probably not, but could.

Chinese police and national security agents raided a Christian worship service in the nation’s Sichuan province last week and arrested 13 believers.

Among those arrested in the November 9 raid were Elder Li Yingqiang and Pastor Dai Zhichao of Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church, an independent Christian church regularly harassed by the Chinese Communist Party.


January 6 And The Death of Matthew Perna

1-minute video


Newly released footage of Matthew Perna (seen in red sweatshirt in video) shows Matthew walking calmly into the capital on January 6, 2021. The Department of Justice led him to believe he would get 6 to 12 months in jail if he pleaded guilty. After he pleaded guilty, the DOJ decided to enhance the charge adding a TERRORISM enhancement to his sentencing.  Now he could get 10 years plus. Hearing what was ahead for him, he committed suicide. Hell is not hot enough for some people.

Iran captures Israeli-owned ship Galaxy Leader. No Israelis were included in the 22 ship's crew prisoners.

The John Kennedy Magic Bullet

Article and short video


This info is offered because last week I apparently raised some eyebrows saying we'd been living in a managed world for 60+ years. Now we find out that doctors who treated President Kennedy after he was assassinated knew full well that there was more than one shooter. But they were censored.

President Eisenhower saw the problem before Kennedy.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

“We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”

NY Court Paves Way For Quarantine Camps

13-minute video


This has not yet reached the Supreme Court of New York, but the fact that it has been ruled OK to proceed should make all of us nervous. The only thing you can depend on these days is the Word of God!

CitizenFour — Snowden 10 Years Later — He Warned Us!

Article and/or 2-hour movie


“CITIZENFOUR” is a documentary about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who exposed what the NSA was doing. It was so embarrassing that he had to flee the USA and now lives overseas looking over his shoulder 24/7. CitizenFour came out in 2014, but it’s even more pertinent today than it was then. This documentary is not for everyone. But if this is of interest to you, watch 10 or 15 minutes to get the gist of it, more if you want.

Undeniable Toxic Ingredients in HPV Vaccines

There’s documented evidence of death and severe injuries linked with Gardasil HPV va((ine. It contains aluminum, a well-known cell killer. It creates harmful molecules called reactive oxygen species, misleads the immune system to become overreactive to our body components, damages the energy supply chain, and is toxic to our DNA.

Aluminum is especially harmful to our brain and nerves, as it plays multiple roles in the clumping of harmful substances (amyloid, tau protein) in the brain, leads to the death of brain-protective cells called astrocytes, and disrupts the "protective wall" around the brain resulting in more vulnerability to harmful substances.
NEVER should anyone, much less a child, get this shot!

Bad news for the double-va((inated!

Epoch Times says you're as dumb as a democrat if you get a COVID + a flu va((ine at the same time.

But the CDC and the FDA just keep pushing the shots.


                            Of course taking them separately may kill you too.

Israel's Real Enemy

38-minute video


This is a fascinating discussion about Israel and Hamas, Lebanon, Syria and what's probably going on behind the scenes.

The Sobering Border Truth

8-minute video


This sums up the southern border including what's ahead. Excellent footage.

In the end they'll refer to this in past-tense... "turned." Ezekiel 38/39

Bill Gates To The Rescue

No More Needles? Gates Foundation Funds Patch-Style Vaccine Technology

Reuters reported:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given $23.6 million to U.S.-based life science company Micron Biomedical to fund the first-ever mass production of needle-free vaccine technology. The technology works by delivering the vaccine via dissolvable microneedles attached to the skin on a patch-like device. Global health experts have long argued for the potential of similar technology to boost the uptake of life-saving shots.

It is simpler to transport and administer than traditional injections, particularly in low-income countries where reaching all of the children who need vaccines remains challenging. But scaling up production has been a hurdle.

It reduces the need for a cold chain for distribution and does not require a trained professional to give the vaccine. It could also help those with a fear of injections, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

The company has had several other grants from Gates, to help deliver the technology to “underserved populations around the world”, Micron’s CEO Steven Damon said.



More info CLICK HERE

The Spike in Mortality Among Young People

CLICK HERE (begin at 13 minutes)

This CHD video goes deep into the relationship between CDC data, life insurance statistics, excess mortality and sudden deaths in young people. Host Michael Nevradakis interviews Mathew Crawford. Very good excess death slides.


How Switzerland Affects The World

4-minute video


This video says Bill Gates, Clown Schwab and the rest of the New World Globalists/Satanists should be arrested. Nice to hear, but of course it'll never happen. It's an interesting 4-minute video, but unlikely this guy is a Believer.

11 Signs U.S. Consumers Are In Financial Straits!



Debt levels have risen to unprecedented heights, but thanks to roaring inflation our standard of living has been steadily going down. As we come to the end of 2023, Bidenomics is not making it better, but worse.


After School Satan Clubs



This is not funny nor harmless. This godless movement shouldn't be ignored. The Satanic Temple (TST) has more than 266,000 followers on Facebook and posted a colorful flyer saying "Hey Kids! Let's have Fun at After School Satan Club!" Don't let your children or grandchildren near this.

The jury is still out on this guy because there are reports he was trained by Klaus at the World Economic Forum. Time will tell. The upside is that Argentina's populous is sick and tired of the unkept promises of socialism.


Never sneer at what is going on in Europe!

In the grand atheist tradition of forcing their values on others - Humanists UK wishes to ensure that their values are conveyed to every child in the U.K. via precisely the sort of indoctrination they claim to oppose. "Pupils are growing up in a diverse country, some of which will also be LGBT," they stated.
"Failure to teach about the existence of LGBT people or those with different beliefs not only makes a mockery of the law, but shows a disregard for the well-being of these children."
In short, the ideology of the LGBT movement must be taught to all children. The same argument - that because Christian children exist, Christianity should be taught to all children - would never be made, of course.
There is no such thing as moral neutrality, only competing value systems. The values of Humanists UK include euthanasia and assisted suicide; the killing of children in the womb; gender ideology taught to children; and the removal of Christianity wherever it can be successfully rooted out.
To ensure this, forced LGBT indoctrination in schools is one of their top priorities. They have the right to lobby for whatever they want - but let's be clear and honest about what it is they wish to accomplish.


Probably not, but the fact that others are watching for the post-Rapture Israel peace treaty is interesting. The real Biblical treaty will be between Israel and 10 nations...5 European and 5 Middle Eastern. And what's happening in Gaza could be part of the reason Israel DEMANDS it (from a strength position after she has defeated Russia's and Iran's Ezek. 38/39 post-Rapture attack).

iDNA—Coming Soon To An Arm Near You

Dr. Mercola's Analysis

  • “Immunization DNA” or iDNA is a novel class of gene therapy “vaccines” that encodes for the whole virus.
  • iDNA “vaccines” transcribe the full-length genomic RNA of the live-attenuated vaccine virus. The full-length viral RNA then initiates replication of live attenuated virus in the tissues of the vaccine recipient, resulting in an immune response.
  • The iDNA platform can be used to create vaccines in two different ways. You can either grow the iDNA in a culture to produce the vaccine in the conventional way, or you can inject the iDNA directly into the recipient and allow the body to produce the live attenuated virus internally.
  • The first human trials for an iDNA shot that codes for a live virus could begin as early as 2024.
  • In early April 2023, microbiologist Kevin McKernan reported he’d discovered DNA fragments in the mRNA shots made by Pfizer and Moderna, raising concerns about the possibility of genomic integration, autoimmune diseases and cancer. McKernan now reports having found a dose relationship between the load of DNA contamination and serious adverse events.

If you thought mRNA injections were the craziest things the vaccine industry has cooked up lately, you haven’t seen the half of it yet. Up next, we have so-called "immunization DNA" or iDNA,1,2 a novel class of gene therapy "vaccines" that encodes for the whole virus.

It’s like mRNA, but on steroids. Rather than instructing your cells to produce a small portion, the spike protein of a given virus, iDNA products instruct cells to produce the virus in its entirety. Essentially, the IDNA plasmid turns cells in the va((ine recipient into the cell-scale factories for manufacturing of live-attenuated va((ine.

Oh joy. Considering the shocking harms mRNA injections are causing, which instruct your body to create just a small portion of a virus that has no capacity to self-replicate, what could conceivably happen if we start injecting DNA that causes your cells to churn out replication-competent live virus?

(BP translation--If mRNA va((ines are bad for your health, iRNA va((ines are 1000 times worse! Beware!)


END, Compass eNews, Nov. 22, 2023


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Bill Perkins
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Bill Perkins
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