Special–All 9 Denver Steeling 2013 Conference Presentations


A Mind-bending Walk Through Revelation 12Andy Woods Andy takes us on a walk through one of the most action-packed chapters in the entire Bible. Israel, the Messiah, Satan’s crash to earth, Jesus in the Tribulation and Israel’s worst day in the history of the earth are all covered.

The Judgment Seat of ChristPaul Van Noy – If you think you’re going to have to watch a video of your life and wince at all your life’s sin, you’re wrong! Paul will scripturally outline what JSC is—and isn’t!

The True Goal of Islam and Shari’ah Law in the U.S.Shahram Hadian – This is a bit creepy, but every Christian needs to know the facts! A Christian pastor and former Muslim, Shahram’s heart is to awaken America and the church to the true agenda of Islam as a theo-political ideology focused on establishing oppressive Islamic law (Shari’ah) in every nation. He demonstrates how Shari’ah has already infiltrated many of our governmental laws, policies and agencies and even our churches and how we as believers must respond in this hour.

Who is Mystery Spiritual Babylon?Mike Gendron The Bible says that in the Tribulation, all the world will be under a One-World Church—so how the heck will the Arabs and the Christians get under the same roof??

Daniel 2 – Understanding God’s Foundational Prophecy! – J.B. Hixson JB is a Pastor, author and eschatology expert. Enjoy a great fun study of the statue in Daniel 2, one of the clearest of all Bible prophecies. Learn the identity of the toes and their implication for those of us alive today!

Why Jesus is PremillenialDavid Hocking One of the biggest hoaxes in the history of the Church Age is the blasphemy called A-millennial teaching. Dave uses scores of verses to expose the error.

Juggling, Fibonacci, Intelligent Design & SalvationCooper Dauer Cooper, only 19 years old, is a rising name in Biblical apologetics. Home schooled, he won California’s Young Man of Achievement Award in 2012. His presentation is targeted to youth, so as he juggles, solves the Rubik’s Cube, discusses God’s “Intelligent Design” and gives the salvation message, think about getting this presentation into the hands of your kids and/or grandkids!

Middle East FlamesJack Kelley – So goes Israel, so goes the world. This is a great study of where we are and where we’re headed in the Middle East—which in turn tells us how close we are to the Rapture and the end of the Church Age.

The Church of ConfusionFrank Peretti Frank looks closely at the scriptural outline given to us by Paul in the Epistles. What are we doing well and where have we strayed off course? Are we fulfilling Bible prophecy by “tickling of ears” with our post-modern culture and marketing? Eye-opening!

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