Special–All 8 Newport Steeling 2013 Conference Presentations


“Just Before Rapture” Bible Prophecies – Mike Gendron – The Bible has a plethora of verses describing what the world will be like just before the Rapture, and Mike will delve into them all. You’ll be amazed at these two to three thousand year old sobering prophecies about the times in which we live!

Why Mid & Post Trib Rapture Can’t Happen Paul Van Noy – Will the Rapture happen prior to the great Tribulation, the 70th Week of Daniel? Or will the Church endure some or all of the horrific events described in the Book of Revelation? Paul proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Rapture will happen BEFORE the 7 years.

What’s Wrong with America? Lessons from the Book of Judges Ed Hindson The Bible says to look to the past to understand the future. Ed walks us through the process of unfolding spiritual apostasy, moral corruption and civil catastrophe right from the Book of Judges! Unless you’re an ostrich, don’t put your head in the sand!

The Fight Against Leftist Educators – Russ Miller – 90% of Christian parents send their children to public school, but you won’t believe the lies our children are being taught…like “there is no right and wrong.” By graduation day, 88% of Christian children deny their faith. A must-see for parents and grandparents!

Buying Time as America Crashes – John Loeffler – Homosexual marriages, dissolving property rights, loss of freedoms once considered sacred, the dollar being purposely destroyed….what should we watch for as the noose tightens on American citizens? John’s research will open a lot of eyes!

Confessions of a Female Talk Show Host – Gina Loudon A quickly rising conservative television and radio host, Gina’s opened a lot of eyes with her passion for true conservative values. Her background as a homeschool mom of five and wife of a State Senator, combined with her wit and intelligence, has provided her daily national audience with great ammunition for defending Evangelical conservatives’ values.

Soros, Obama, and the UN Plan to Rule the World – Cliff Kincaid – There are some big names who want to reduce America’s world dominance. Who are these people and what have they put in place to achieve this goal? Cliff outlines myriads of uncomfortable facts of which you need to be aware! It’s time to be wise! Cliff Kincaid has written or co-authored nine books on media, cultural affairs and foreign policy issues. He’s appeared on Fox News’ Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, and Crossfire and has been published in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Human Events and Insight.

The Future of Gold, Silver and the Dollar – Tom Cloud – Whether by stupidity or design, our dollar is on a steady path of destruction. First it was “QE1,” then “QE2,” and now we have “QE Forever.” What will this mean for your personal finances? What should you do between now and the eventual implementation of a new world currency?