Special–All 8 Denver Steeling 2015 Conference Presentations


7 Irrefutable Reasons You Can Trust the Pre-Trib Rapture PositionAndy WoodsAre you looking for Jesus or the Anti-christ? Andy uses tons of scripture to expose the nonsensical Mid, Post and A-Mill eschatological positions. Bring a sharp pencil for this one! Excellent!

The Battle for Israel!Ed HindsonGod says Israel is the apple of His eye, chosen from all the peoples of the earth for His purposes. Those who support Israel will be blessed, those who don’t, won’t. What does the future hold for the U.S. as she backs away as a staunch ally?

Islam’s American Agenda: Facts You’d Better Know!Shahram Hadian – Shahram was born a Muslim in Iraq, and born-again as a Believer in the U.S. He’s shared his eye-opening insights on Fox News and dozens of other high-profile outlets. You’ll learn mind-blowing information that no one seems to want to talk about.

8 Great Debates in Bbible ProphecyRon RhodesUsing myriads of verses, Ron outlines eight of the most important end-times debates in Bible prophecy, including the critical timing of events. He provides succinct conclusions that show Bible prophecy is intended to be a blessing for every believer! 
The 7 Cardinal Sins of Personal Bible Study – J.B. Hixson – As the world gets crazier during its run-up to the Rapture, many Christians are turning back to the Bible for answers. But due to poor teaching from most pulpits, our lack of Biblical understanding is taking our personal Bible studies outside of acceptable parameters. J.B. shows how to stay on course! 

Scientifically Unmasking the Evolution HoaxMarlin GoebelFor 30 years Marlin has taught thousands how to defend the Bible against pro-evolutionists’ banter. He’ll take on the big three arguments in the creation-evolution arena and you’ll love his down-home style and excellent graphics!

Ramifications of Legalizing Biblical Perversion Andy Woods – Nothing has become more disconcerting than for a Believer to be told they have to violate their beliefs or go to jail. But that’s what’s happening across the nation. Worse, they have only just begun! Andy exposes their national perversion agenda and it’s ramifications for Believers.

Jesus is Coming Soon!Ed Hindson  You have to have on blinders not to think Rapture might be close! So, like no one else can do, Ed winds-up our Bible conference with a fantastic outline of Jesus’ Second Coming! This stand-up-and-yell presentation will be passed around ’til the Rapture!!

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