Special–All 8 Denver Steeling 2014 Conference Presentations


Satan in Bible Prophecy Mike GendronMike covers several fascinating future events including when Satan’s thrown to the earth and takes over
the body of the dead world leader . . .excellent!

Christian Persecution in a Post-Christian AmericaAndy Woods This one is amazing. Christians are seeing so many rights vanishing that it makes you wonder if there’s an agenda at work here. Andy proves there is! Learn where this trend is heading!

Dinosaurs and the Bible Frank Sherwin Recent discoveries of dinosaur soft tissue and blood are throwing wrenches in the evolutionary model of billions of years and Frank, in a no-nonsense and quite witty way, exposes it all.

Illuminating the New World Order – J. B. Hixson  Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” J. B. provides a fascinating glimpse into a Satanic group who have been at work for many years attempting to bring about world government.

10 Truths About RaptureAndy WoodsAndy walks through a Biblically solid and detailed outline of the coming Rapture . . . that incredible future blink-of-an-eye moment when Believers disappear from the earth. Excellent!

How to Know God’s WillKirk Youngblood Let’s face it, Satan has his deceptive hands in everything. From our government and military to our local churches and homes. So as we make HUGE decisions in these last days, Kirk’s outline of how to really know God’s Will is timely!!

America’s Spiritual CrisisDave Reagan It’s a long and humbling list that Dave uses to make his point showing without a doubt–America’s problem is a spiritual problem! Nothing more, nothing less. This may be the most important presentation ever given at Steeling!

Incredible Future of IsraelMike Gendron Israel was prophesied to return after 2000 years of world exile and take over their God-given land in the latter days. They did. They are also prophesied to have a strong army, nuclear bombs and to be a burden to the world. They are. So what does the future hold for God’s chosen? Mike explains it all in a most fascinating outline of Israel’s future!

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