Special–All 7 Noah’s Ark Steeling 2016 Conference Presentations


All Seven Steeling Noah’s Ark DVDs shipped to you!

The Believer’s Exciting Future! – Ed Hindson – Oh is this ever a great time to be alive! Ed shows why!

What Happened to the Dinosaurs – Russ Miller – This fascinating study will forever change the way you think of Noah’s Ark and the Dinosaurs!

Conservative Insight From Behind the Camera – Gina Loudon – Gina is the consummate “Fox Girl” and her passion comes out in this, “Here’s what’s really going on” expose’!

Why a “Literal Genesis” is a Necessity! – Ken Ham – Why taking the Book of Genesis word-for-word is so important to Biblical accuracy.

Noah’s Flood – God’s Judgment of Sin – Ken Ham – The Genesis Flood was a testament to God’s intolerance for sin and Ken makes an uncomfortable comparison to events today.

7 Signs the Rapture’s Close –Ed Hindson – We’re living in the last days of the last days and Ed shows why in no uncertain terms!


STM Ark 2016 Highlights Video / Home of the Brave?  – Bill Perkins – A six minute video of the Steeling the Mind Bible conference highlights held at the rebuilt Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky in September 2016. Includes shots of the inside as well as the outside of the Ark, video clips from the conference & A 12 minute video of the “Home of the Brave” reading by Bill Perkins on opening night of the Steeling the Mind Bible Conference at the rebuilt Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky in September 2016

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