Special–All 5 Steeling Noah’s Ark 2017 Conference Presentations


Get all 5 of the following Steeling/Ark videos and SAVE!

How Science Confirms the BibleKen Ham – Ken Shows where the theory of evolution is lacking in key areas–both in scientific explanation and common sense…all in a layman’s language!!

Biblical Proof That God Loves IsraelDave Reagan – The Bible Says Israel is the apple of God’s eye, and both history and future prophecies confirm that truth! Excellent!

Why Grand Canyon Proves a Recent Global Flood – Russ Miller – The scientific evidence supporting the canyon being carved out quickly by a global flood about 5,000 years ago is overwhelming! Learn the facts and defend your Bible!

Inside The Public School Nightmare – Russ Miller – This one’s an eye-opener. Learn what kids today are taught using textbooks as the source-unbelievable!

All About Rapture – Dave Reagan – Everything you need to know about our sudden, surprise and exhilarating Church exit. Stand-up-and-yell!

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