Special – All 11 Denver Steeling 2012 Conference Presentations


The Coming Financial Squeeze, Part 1 Tom Cloud – If you aren’t careful, you could lose a ton of money in the near future! Whether by design or stupidity, America’s in a horrible financial mess. Tom discusses the future, and the facts you’ll need to make solid financial decisions and protect your assets. Know the facts and prepare!

The Coming Financial Squeeze, Part 2 – Jerry Robinson – In Part 2, Jerry will build on the theme that Tom began. Our financial system’s morass will eventually cause a rush for the exits. Jerry will paint the future with facts you must know to make solid financial decisions to protect your assets. Know the facts and prepare!

The Church of the Laodiceans – Paul Van Noy – Pastor Paul, Compass’ doctrinal go-to-guy, takes on one of the most misunderstood passages in the Bible, specifically addressing who are those who the Bible says are vomited out of God’s mouth. Who are they? What can you do that will cause you to be vomited out of God’s mouth? This presentation will blow your doors off!

America’s Coming Implosion – Robert Jeffress – As we watch economic decline, immorality, terrorism and blasphemy, rarely have American Christians been less pessimistic and fearful of our country’s future. But rather than give up, Bob also shows us we how and where we’ll have more opportunities to be used by God to eternally impact millions. Exciting!

Christians & the Coming Chaos – John Loeffler – Like an ever growing tsunami, Christianity is the ever-increasing target of the liberal world agenda. John, known affectionately as “Mr. Research,” is a modern day “Watchman on the Wall’ as he unloads a boatload of information you need to know as we move from calm to chaos.

The Maddening Murder of the Middle Class – Wayne Jett – Capitalism in the U.S. has produced the most viable and economically secure middle class in the history of the world. But behind the scenes a powerful cadre of ruling elite seek return to two-class society by controlling government policies so as to destroy prosperity and the American way of life! Learn how investors in U. S. financial markets are like sheep in the midst of wolves! Provocative!!

Defending Genesis 1 & Revelation 22 – Dave Reagan – Defending a Word-for-Word Bible Translation is going out of vogue in many churches but Dave shows, in no uncertain terms, where that leads.You will love this vigorous defense of the Bible’s beginning and ending!

Where Will You Spend Eternity? – Mike Gendron – As we move closer to the Rapture of the Church, we expect to have more and more opportunities to be used by God with our family, friends and coworkers. So we asked Mike, a gifted evangelist, to make a presentation that can be used as a witnessing tract.

Obama’s War on Religious Liberties  Phyllis Schlafly – ObamaCare has been ruled legal and the floodgates are now open. Christians, businesses and churches being forced to pay for abortions and contraceptives is only the beginning. Does religious liberty still exist in America? Heavyweight Phyliss takes direct aim at Obama.

Unmasking the One-World Government Agenda – Brannon Howse – Brannon, a best-selling author and popular conference speaker, takes on a difficult subject and in layman’s terms. We know where this all ends- Satan will control the earth. But what parts are already coming together and visible today? Mind-blowing!

The Shocking Facts Behind the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender” Agenda – Randy Thomasson – The “LGBT” agenda and lifestyle—is it natural or unnatural, healthy or unhealthy, biblical or unbiblical, tolerant or intolerant? What’s the harm of teaching children to support these lifestyles? What does this agenda mean for the future of your liberties, the institution of marriage, and the very foundation of our nation? Randy will present the cold hard facts every Christian needs to know!

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