Bible Prophecy Top 10 Videos


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1) 10 Truths About Rapture

Author: Andy Woods  Pastor/Author

Andy walks through a Biblically solid and detailed outline of the coming Rapture . . . that incredible future blink-of-an-eye moment when Believers disappear from the earth. Excellent!

2) 7 Future Events that Will Shake the World!

Author: Ed Hindson

This is one heck of an outline of the BIG 7 prophetic events that are dead ahead. Great for witnessing, Sunday school classes, small groups or personal studies. Ed Hindson, using great visuals, is always awesome and motivating!

3) Great Last Days of Deceptions

Author: J. B. Hixson

The Bible is chock full of prophetic predictions about the time in which we live. J.B., a seasoned writer/lecturer on pre-millennial/pre-tribulational doctrines, takes a look at Bible Prophecy through the lens of Satan’s deceptive agenda. And boy has Satan been busy!!

4) 7 Huge Bible Prophecy Lies

Author: Ed Hindson

The closer we get to the second coming of Christ, the more Satan works overtime to keep his lies on the front burner! Ed skillfully compares the truth with seven commonly accepted prophecy errors. Great for small groups or individual study.

5) Why Mid & Post Trib Can’t Happen

Author: Paul Van Noy

Will the Rapture happen prior to the great Tribulation, the 70th Week of Daniel? Or will the Church endure some or all of the horrific events described in the Book of Revelation? Paul proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Rapture will happen BEFORE the 7 years.

6) The 70 Weeks of Daniel

Author: J. B. Hixson

Based on Daniel 9:24-27, this is one of two foundational Bible prophecies you MUST correctly understand to properly understand the future. It covers the entire time from 483 BC through the Tribulation. It promises Israel will go back to blood sacrifices before the 2nd Coming and confirms there’ll be a peace treaty that sets it all in motion. WOW!

7) 2 Thessalonians 2: Apostasy or Rapture?

Author: Andy Woods

This one is exciting for Believers! While most Bible scholars teach that 2 Thes 2 is referring to a “falling away” that will happen at the end of the age, Andy will walk us through a different yet scripturally sound interpretation. Mind-blowing!

8) 10 Unmistakable Signs

Author: J. B. Hixson

This one will be stand-up-and-yell! J.B. will blaze through the top 10 Biblical signs that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re living in the very last of the last days. Goose bumps galore!

9) The Air-Tight Case for Pre-Trib Rapture

Author: Ed Hindson

The correct interpretation of Biblical Escatology (Bible verses dealing with future events) heavily influences how you view Israel, the second coming of Jesus, and even the wrath of God. Ed gives verse after verse explaining the absolute certainty of pre-trib Rapture!

10) 7 Signs the Rapture’s Close

Author: Ed Hindson

We’re living in the last days of the last days and Ed shows why in no uncertain terms!

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