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Palms and Vaccines

March 29, 2021

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It feels like the world is in some sort of slow-motion change...changing to a One-World everything and there's nothing we can do to slow or stop it.

Here in the United States things are changing almost by the minute.

Between the Biden Administration's anti-Biblical Executive Orders, the border crisis, HR1 and the Dems spending money like they are trying to collapse our economic system, the poop will eventually hit the fan...unless God does something major soon.

They are even going after Oral Roberts University, saying they shouldn't be allowed to compete in the NCAA March Madness because they hold to Christian values.(1)

Realistically, considering the lateness of the hour, we shouldn't be surprised to see the things that are happening all around us.

Take Amazon's new Palm Reader. They advertise it this way:

"Meet Amazon One, the fast, convenient, contactless identity service that uses your palm – just hover to enter, identify, and pay."

Holding your hand out to be read is so close to Rev. 13:16,17 that it's mind-numbing. But it gets even creepier. Here's a screenshot from their website: https://one.amazon.com/

I'm not doing this. It's way too close to the mark of the beast. Some will say what's the difference in the Amazon One set up and a fingerprint ID to use your phone?

I have no answer. You won't go to hell if you sign-up for Amazon One. Nor will you go to hell if you get the va((ine.

But not far down the road it is my concern that most will regret having taken the jab. Those who jump on this may sadly regret it later.

I've said it before, I never dreamed so much would come together BEFORE the Rapture. I just assumed all this control stuff would come together after the Rapture.

But all this prophecy fulfillment IS happening so we have to deal with it in real-time. The Bible says a wise man has many counselors. This is the time to make sure you're getting more than one opinion on both the palm readers AND the (ovid va((ine!

Especially since there are now dozens of doctors screaming "Don't do it!" We've been publishing these warnings since March of 2020—12 months ago. You can't say you were not warned! Don't be naive!

A prudent man sees evil and hides himself, but the naive proceed and pay the penalty. Prov. 27:12 

Someone last week called me a "Fear-monger." But I'm just pointing to a lot of smart people who are looking out for our best interests. I'm doing what I would want you to do if the roles were reversed.

Several people have called or emailed about what's the best thing to send someone who says they are getting the shot. So I've pasted all our past "don't-get-the-shot" links into one list below that you can forward to your friends, family and co-workers.

The list of physicians willing to risk their licenses and way of life to warn us about not taking the va((ine is growing exponentially.

The naive believes everything, but the sensible man considers his steps. Prov. 14:15 

If you were to watch/read this entire list of va((ine warnings and still get those shots, I give up.

Doctors Warning People to NOT Take the (ovid Va((ines: (It's a long list but certainly not exhaustive!)

Dr. Geert Bossche

Dr. Vernon Coleman

Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dr. Simone Gold

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Delores Cahill

Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr. Herve Seligmann

Dr. Steven F. Hotze

Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Dr. David Martin

Dr. Erickson

NYC Doctor

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Dr. Lorraine Day

Dr Pat Morrissey

And now we're finally getting numbers from Europe...

You can access the above information here:

You can watch the above 25-minute video here:

Based on all the doctors above, we suggest you wait to take the va((ine for at least a year, and best to wait two. [Remember, we at Compass are not doctors and we are not giving any medical advice. Consult your own doctor.]

Most of the above doctors say it's better to take preventive measures like Vitamin D(3), zinc and Hydroxycloroquine to increase your odds from the already safe 98.7% for surviving.

If you have taken the first shot, don't take the second, and pray the Lord will protect you.

If you have taken both shots, also pray the Lord will protect you.

If you are told you have to take the shot to keep your job, Click here: https://www.icandecide.org/

Things are changing fast because Satan has control of the U.S. Government. Covid and the follow-up vaccines were never about a disease. Rather, they are about control(2). And who knows what else.

But God has us here in this day and this time. So be smart, keep the faith, look for opportunities to share God's truth and pray without ceasing!

...pray without ceasing; 1Th. 5:17

Two thousand years ago this week was THE most important week in the history of the world. We pray you have a most reflective and scripturally sound celebration.




1) https://thenewamerican.com/usa-today-christian-values-are-archaic-oral-roberts-u-should-be-banned/

2) https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/the-biden-administration-is-developing-a-national-coronavirus-vaccine-passport-scheme-for-americans/ar-BB1f5bwa

3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha2mLz-Xdpg (This is a great video, but you only need to watch the first 10-15 minutes or so to understand the huge need for supplementing your Vitamin D.)

Reasons I Won't Take The Covid Vaccine

-- by Chananya Weissman  February 2, 2021

It's not a vaccine

A vaccine by definition provides immunity to a disease. This does not provide immunity to anything. In a best-case scenario, it merely reduces the chance of getting a severe case of a virus if one catches it.

Hence, it is a medical treatment, not a vaccine. I do not want to take a medical treatment for an illness I do not have.

The drug companies, politicians, medical establishment, and media have joined forces to universally refer to this as a vaccine when it is not one, with the intention of manipulating people into feeling safer about undergoing a medical treatment.

Because they are being deceitful, I do not trust them, and want nothing to do with their medical treatment.

The presumed benefits of this medical treatment are minimal and would not last long in any case. The establishment acknowledges this, and is already talking about additional shots and ever-increasing numbers of new “vaccines” that would be required on a regular basis.

I refuse to turn myself into a chronic patient who receives injections of new pharmaceutical products on a regular basis simply to reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus that these injections do not even prevent.

Better Options

I can reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus by strengthening my immune system naturally. In the event I catch a virus, there are vitamins and well-established drugs that have had wonderful results in warding off the illness, without the risks and unknowns of this medical treatment.

It may not be safe

The establishment insists that this medical treatment is safe. They cannot possibly know this because the long-term effects are entirely unknown, and will not be known for many years.

They may speculate that it is safe, but it is disingenuous for them to make such a claim that cannot possibly be known. Because they are being disingenuous, I do not trust them, and I want no part of their treatment.

The drug companies have zero liability if anything goes wrong, and cannot be sued. Same for the politicians who are pushing this treatment.

I will not inject myself with a new, experimental medical device when the people behind it accept no liability or responsibility if something goes wrong. I will not risk my health and my life when they refuse to risk anything.

Israel's Prime Minister has openly admitted that the Israeli people are the world's laboratory for this experimental treatment. I am not interested in being a guinea pig or donating my body to science.

Israel agreed to share medical data of its citizens with a foreign drug company as a fundamental part of their agreement to receive this treatment. I never consented for my personal medical data to be shared with any such entity, nor was I even asked. I will not contribute to this sleazy enterprise.

The executives and board members at Pfizer are on record that they have not taken their own treatment, despite all the fanfare and assurances. They are claiming that they would consider it unfair to “cut the line”.

This is a preposterous excuse, and it takes an unbelievable amount of chutzpah to even say such a thing. Such a “line” is a figment of their own imagination; if they hogged a couple of injections for themselves no one would cry foul.

In addition, billionaires with private jets and private islands are not known for waiting in line until hundreds of millions of peasants all over the world go first to receive anything these billionaires want for themselves.

The establishment media has accepted this preposterous excuse without question or concern. Moreover, they laud Pfizer's executives for their supposed self-sacrifice in not taking their own experimental treatment until we go first.

Since they consider us such fools, I do not trust them, and do not want their new treatment. They can have my place in line. I'll go to the very back of the line.

Three facts that must be put together:

1) Bill Gates is touting these vaccines as essential to the survival of the human race.

2) Bill Gates believes the world has too many people and needs to be “depopulated”.

3) Bill Gates, perhaps the richest man in the world, has also not been injected. No rush.

Uh, no. I'll pass on any medical treatments he wants me to take.

The establishment has been entirely one-sided in celebrating this treatment. The politicians and media are urging people to take it as both a moral and civic duty.

Benefits Exaggerated

The benefits of the treatment are being greatly exaggerated, the risks are being ignored, and the unknowns are being brushed aside. Because they are being deceitful and manipulative, I will not gamble my personal well-being on their integrity.

There is an intense propaganda campaign for people to take this treatment. It's the most widespread marketing campaign in history.

Politicians and celebrities are taking selfies of themselves getting injected (perhaps in some cases pretending to get injected), the media is hyping this as the coolest, smartest, most happy and fun thing to do.

This is not at all appropriate for any medical treatment, let alone a brand new one, and it makes me recoil.
The masses are following in tow, posting pictures of themselves getting injected with a drug, feeding the mass peer pressure to do the same.

There is something very alarming and sick about this, and I want no part of it. I never took drugs just because “everyone's doing it” and it's cool. I'm certainly not going to start now.

Those who raise concerns about this medical treatment are being bullied, slandered, mocked, censored, ostracized, threatened, and fired from their jobs.

This includes medical professionals who have science-based concerns about the drug and caregivers who have witnessed people under their charge suffering horrible reactions and death shortly after being injected.

When the establishment is purging good people who risk everything simply to raise concerns about a new medical treatment – even if they don't outright oppose it – I will trust these brave people over the establishment every time.

I cannot think of a single similar case in history when truth and morality turned out to be on the side of the establishment.

Great Medical Experiment

This is the greatest medical experiment in the history of the human race. It is purposely not being portrayed as the greatest medical experiment in the history of the human race, and the fact that it is a medical experiment at all is being severely downplayed.

If they had been up-front with the masses, very few would agree to participate in such an experiment. Manipulating the masses to participate in a medical experiment under false pretenses violates the foundations of medical ethics and democratic law.

I will not allow unethical people who engage in such conduct to inject me with anything.

The medical establishment is not informing people about any of this. They have become marketing agents for an experimental drug, serving huge companies and politicians who have made deals with them.

This is a direct conflict with their mandate to concern themselves exclusively with the well-being of the people under their care. Since the medical establishment has become corrupted, and has become nothing more than a corporate and political tool, I do not trust the experimental drug they want so badly to inject me with.

We are being pressured in various ways to get injected, which violates medical ethics and the foundations of democratic society. The best way to get me not to do something is to pressure me to do it.

What Are They Hiding?

The government has sealed their protocol related to the virus and treatments for THIRTY YEARS. This is information that the public has a right to know, and the government has a responsibility to share. What are they covering up?

Do they really expect me to believe that everything is kosher about all this, and that they are concerned first and foremost with my health?

The last time they did this was with the Yemenite Children Affair. If you're not familiar with it, look it up. Now they're pulling the same shtick. They didn't fool me the first time, and they're definitely not fooling me now.

The government can share our personal medical data with foreign corporations, but they won't share their own protocol on the matter with us? I'm out.

The establishment has recruited doctors, rabbis, the media, and the masses to harangue people who don't want to get injected with a new drug. We are being called the worst sort of names.

Not A Conspiracy Theory

We are being told that we believe in crazy conspiracies, that we are against science, that we are selfish, that we are murderers, that we don't care about the elderly, that it's our fault that the government continues to impose draconian restrictions on the public.

It's all because we don't want to get injected with an experimental treatment, no questions asked. We are even being told that we have a religious obligation to do this, and that we are grave sinners if we do not.

They say that if we do not agree to get injected, we should be forced to stay inside our homes forever and be ostracized from public life. This is horrific, disgusting, a perversion of common sense, morality, and the Torah.

It makes me recoil, and only further cements my distrust of these people and my opposition to taking their experimental drug. How dare they?

I know of many people who got injected, but none of them studied the science in depth, carefully weighed the potential benefits against the risks, compared this option to other alternatives, was truly informed, and decided this medical treatment was the best option for them.

On the contrary, they got injected because of the hype, the propaganda, the pressure, the fear, blind trust in what “the majority of experts” supposedly believed (assuming THEY all studied everything in depth and were completely objective, which is highly dubious), blind trust in what certain influential rabbis urged them to do (ditto the above), or hysterical fear that the only option was getting injected or getting seriously ill from the virus.

I won't be shamed into taking this vaccine

When I see mass hysteria and cult-like behavior surrounding a medical treatment, I will be extremely suspicious and avoid it.

The drug companies have a long and glorious history of causing mass carnage with wonder drugs they thrust on unsuspecting populations, even after serious problems had already become known.

Instead of pressing the pause button and halting the marketing of these drugs until these issues could be properly investigated, the drug companies did everything in their power to suppress the information and keep pushing their products.

When companies and people have demonstrated such gross lack of concern for human life, I will not trust them when they hype a new wonder drug. This isn't our first rodeo.

Horror Stories Are Being Ignored

Indeed, the horror stories are already coming in at warp speed, but the politicians are not the least bit concerned, the medical establishment is brushing them aside as unrelated or negligible, the media is ignoring it, the drug companies are steaming ahead at full speed, and those who raise a red flag continue to be bullied, censored, and punished.

Clearly my life and my well-being are not their primary concern. I will not be their next guinea pig in their laboratory. I will not risk being the next “coincidence.”

Although many people have died shortly after getting injected – including perfectly healthy young people – we are not allowed to imply that the injection had anything to do with it.

Somehow this is anti-science and will cause more people to die. I believe that denying any possible link, abusing people who speculate that there might be a link, and demonstrating not the slightest curiosity to even explore if there might be a link is what is anti-science and could very well cause more people to die.

These same people believe I am obligated to get injected as well. No freaking thanks.

I am repulsed by the religious, cult-like worship of a pharmaceutical product, and will not participate in this ritual.

My “healthcare” provider keeps badgering me to get injected, yet they have provided me no information on this treatment or any possible alternatives.

Everything I know I learned from others outside the establishment. Informed consent has become conformed consent. I decline.

Lies, corruption, propaganda, manipulation, censorship...

I see all the lies, corruption, propaganda, manipulation, censorship, bullying, violation of medical ethics, lack of integrity in the scientific process, suppression of inconvenient adverse reactions, dismissal of legitimate concerns, hysteria, cult-like behavior, ignorance, closed-mindedness, fear, medical and political tyranny, concealment of protocols, lack of true concern for human life, lack of respect for basic human rights and freedoms, perversion of the Torah and common sense, demonization of good people, the greatest medical experiment of all time being conducted by greedy, untrustworthy, godless people, the lack of liability for those who demand I risk everything...I see all this and I have decided they can all have my place in line.

I will put my trust in [my God-designed body]. I will use the mind He blessed me with and trust my natural instincts.

Which leads to the final reason which sums up why I will not get “vaccinated.” Because the whole thing stinks.

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Bill Perkins
Written By:
Bill Perkins
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