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Moving Toward A New World Order?

May 13, 2020

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Oh! What a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive.
Sir Walter Scott, 1820

As we've often shown, it's abundantly clear that God hates lying. Lying is covered in the 10 Commandments and restated in no uncertain terms in Proverbs 6:16-19 as none other than two of the seven things He hates the most. It's right up there with murder.

Our American judicial system is based on getting to the truth, and huge penalties are levied on liars. So the report this past week of how our FBI lied to frame General Flynn is huge.

We all suspected something like this might be going on, but apparently the Obama administration brazenly took lying to dizzying new heights. So what else have the liberals been lying about?

Now we find through the release of Rep. Adam Schiff's committee notes that the entire basis for the Russia collusion was based on a known lie!

These people have shown they will stop at nothing to get President Trump out of office. They were even willing to tank the entire world economy if that's what it took.

But apparently God isn't allowing them to get to President Trump. And the lies that were told for over three years are now being exposed.

The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him. Prov. 18:17

"We Must Flatten The Curve"
Let's back up a bit and remember what the original purpose of the shut-down was... to "flatten the curve." Which means "flatten the infectious rate" which in turn would keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed beyond capacity with very sick and highly infectious people. Fear of death and disease is a known motivator.

Well, we bought the line and obligingly closed our country. But apparently it was not about flattening the curve because the curve was flattened.

With only a few exceptions in a couple of large cities, hospitals were not overrun and most stayed well below normal admission rates—nowhere near what was presented as the reason to shut the entire country down.

And again, never forget that the purpose of flattening the curve did not mean less infections and death, just infections and death spread out over a longer time.

The Covid-19 virus will run its course until about 2/3s of our citizens have been infected.(5) You can't get around that fact. That's how all flu seasons play out.(6)

Hmmm...it's almost like the underlying purpose was to stretch this thing out as long as possible... maybe into the fall elections?

Or maybe it was a desperate attempt to take the focus off dozens of high-ranking Obama administration officials who are being caught in their lies? Maybe even to get the focus off Obama himself.

Regardless, in breathtaking speed, we allowed the government to close our churches and businesses on the flimsiest pretense.

Think about it, we can go to Costco or Home Depot and put our hands on anything but we can't go to a beach or park to walk without getting arrested! The inconsistencies are obvious and numerous.

Thankfully President Trump is doing everything he can to open the country back up as quickly as possible in order to save our economy. Yet there is incredible push-back by liberals. Why is that? It's almost like the libs want to make it as painful as possible for business owners, church goers, vacationers, etc.,

The one drug that has proved successful from actual use, Hydroxycloroquine, is still being ignored by AMA, CDC, WHO, etc. Two states have even forbidden its use.

Even pharmacies are giving physicians the run-around when they prescribe Hydroxycloroquine. To shut up people asking questions about Hydroxycloroquine, they did a sham study last month in France with 100 people.

They reported on national news that more people died than lived when treated with Hydroxycloroquine. But what they failed to mention was that Hydroxycloroquine was given to 100 old people who were dying on ventilators. Astonishingly, almost half lived due to taking the drug! So why ignore what's healing people? Surely it's not because it's cheap and available worldwide.

How long can they keep up the ruse? Well, maybe the wheels are beginning to come off. More and more physicians are vocally complaining across America. Don't forget, it was physicians who first revolted over cigarette smoking.

Physicians Are Smart Enough To Change Course
I was taught early in life that only a fool never changes his mind. Often, with more information on a subject, you have to be smart and change course.

A classic example is cigarette smoking. In the 1940s and early 1950s, the number of Americans choosing to smoke cigarettes reached its peak. By 1948, almost half of all Americans and an astonishing 8 out of 10 men in Great Britain smoked.(1)

One of the main reasons people smoked was due to the massive advertising campaigns dominating the airwaves. It seemed like half of the campaigns were built around doctors proclaiming cigarettes were good for you, "just what the doctor ordered."

Tobacco companies were able to get people hooked and then told them how smart they were to keep smoking. It was big dollars. For those my age, you'll remember humming ads like "Winston tastes good like a (Clap Clap) cigarette should."

But then the truth began to emerge—doctors began seeing the debilitating effects on cigarette smokers. By the early sixties, most doctors had quit smoking cigarettes. It wasn't long before they began speaking out against using tobacco.

Fast-forward To Today
Much like the doctors of the early '50s who stood up and called a spade a spade, doctors today are also beginning to speak out about what they are seeing regarding Coronavirus treatments.

Many hospital doctors are pushing back at being asked to record "cause of death" as due to Coronavirus, even if that was not the underlying reason the person died. And they are being threatened with losing their jobs if they speak out against policy.

But what took years for new information to circulate across the nation in the 1950s now can go viral in a matter of minutes. And it's making an impact.

Consider the recent video featuring Judy Mikovits, PhD, a well-educated molecular biologist. Her story is shocking, and millions have seen this 25-minute video of what happened to her.

Powerful men, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, tried to frame her in order to shut her up. Against all odds she lived to tell her spine-tingling story. There are a LOT of forces coming against her to mute her story.

Mikovits definitely made some mistakes early in her career, just like President Trump did. But also like President Trump, today she's doing what's right and I applaud her.

The video about her keeps getting taken down by YouTube and Facebook, so we put it up on our website, Compass.org/plandemic.

If you haven't seen this video, take the time to do so. It basically recaps most of what we've written over the last few weeks, while exposing the dark side of the FDA, WHO and CDC. [The interviewer may not be a Believer, but don't let that deter you from the information in this video.]

Another video by Dr. Ivette Lozano, Dallas, TX is going viral. She holds back nothing. CLICK HERE to watch it. She is ticked off! This doctor revolt is happening all over America.

But the mother of all revelations to date is what's in the proposed bill HR-6666. Dubbed the TRACE Act (Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone) it has 43 Democrat co-sponsors and one Rhino-Republican from New Jersey. The bill's contents will send shivers up your spine.

Its passage would authorize $100 billion for the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals' residences, and for other purposes. ("Other purposes" could literally be anything they want it to be.)(And guess who the grants would go to!)

"Contact tracing" means tracking people via cameras literally everywhere. We recently wrote an article about how China uses cameras to keep tabs on literally every person, keeping tabs on over a billion Chinese citizens daily.(2)

If Chinese government cameras catch someone doing forbidden things like littering the ground or purchasing too many cigarettes or liquor, their national score drops. Too low a score means you can't buy a car or a house, or even board an airplane.

Now the liberals want to bring that kind of surveillance to the United States. It would authorize people to go house to house and enter, forcibly if necessary, to test the residents for Covid-19. Let me give you an example of how HR-6666 would work.

If say a single mom tested positive, they could remove her kids from the home (for their own safety, of course) and make the mom stay home in isolation. No appeals, literally a police state. Or, they could take the mom away to a special camp and deal with the kids anyway they wished.(3) Unbelievable!

In addition, they will be able to trace backwards everyone the infected person was around in the last two weeks and then go to their houses and do the same thing. Not to mention keeping tabs on the infected person to make sure they stay under house arrest.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the "6 foot social distancing" requirement may have more to do with tracking citizens in the future than spreading the virus. Just saying...

Even the bill's number 6666 is suspicious. There were 48 house bills that were introduced May 1, 2020—HR-6646 through HR-6695. Did this bill just happen to be introduced at the 6666 mark to get this lightning-rod number?

To give the bill that number they are either quite stupid, or quite sinister. Or is this the Lord wanting us to wake up and pay attention to all that's going on around us? Your guess is as good as mine.

Mountains Of Other Data Analysis Coming In
If you're not into YouTube for info, CLICK HERE to read a simple but detailed risk analysis by Earl Smith of Brooks Advisory Partners, regarding Covid-19. Bottom line, his data analysis shows hospital visits and deaths have not spiked beyond normal this year. We are only, at best, average. And that's with them "cooking the books" on the number of deaths due to Covid-19!

This of course begs the obvious question, why are we stringing this thing out? We don't need to do any more sheltering in place or wearing masks! I think the real purpose of the shutdown extension is to obtain a savior vaccine. Just an opinion.

I've said this before, this so-called pandemic is not about a virus! It's about control. Probably a dry run to see responses, which must have made the liberals wet their collective pants to see everyone hunkered down in their homes and wearing face masks in public.

BTW--wearing face masks more than a minute or two is horribly unhealthy for healthy people! This was proclaimed loudly for the first two months, then the liberals fell in love with having to wear masks.(4)

Biblical Connotations
The Bible clearly teaches of a post-Rapture time when the world is run by Satan himself. He is able to control the world from one place. Anyone who doesn't voluntarily take his mark and worship him as God is cut out of the system—no food, no future. (Rev.13:16.17)

No doubt the liberals are using fear of contracting the Coronavirus to scare people into giving up their God-ordained rights, which is definitely a move toward fulfilling the Mark of the Beast/world control prophecies.

And once that savior Covid-19 vaccine is available, you can bet your sweet bippie that they'll try to make it mandatory for everyone. Or, they'll make it painful not to have it...no flying for instance.

With the horrible history of recent vaccines (see last eNews if you doubt) I'm not about to take that vaccine, even if it means I can't fly. I would love to see the stats of how many people died by Covid-19 who had already been vaccinated in the past for the flu.

I need help —I'm trying to verify this
Last week, after watching a now-famous sermon about Covid-19 by Pastor Danny at Northlake Baptist Church, I was stunned to read in the comment section a post pasted in below. It's mind-blowing, to say the least. I'm trying to find anyone who can corroborate this information. If you saw this Ted Talk, please let me know!

Matt Blankenship's posted comments after watching Pastor Danny Jones' Covid-19 sermon at Northlake Baptist Church, April 19, 2020 [Comments below are unedited.]

I watched Bill Gates on a Ted Talks show called Innovating to Zero. He talked about how we need to reduce the carbon and based on a math equation he had up on a powerpoint behind him. He stated that the only way to get to zero carbon we would have to reduce the population.

He went on to tell different ways we could reduce the population. One was thru the food supply. He said that they could taint the food supply to cause gastrointestinal problems and also would help make people almost sterile. He said that people would die off slowly over a 10 year time frame and would not link it back to the food they ate over the years.

Another way he said was his favorite. He said they would have a fake-like Swine flu that would be real, however wouldn’t be as bad as what it really was. He said the trick would be to scare everyone to think if they didn’t get the vaccine they might die.

He said the vaccine would not do anything for the flu that would be going around. He said that the vaccine they would give would weaken their immune system to what they would release later. He said that everyone who got the vaccine would die.

He said that no one would tie the two events together because they don’t have to release it for 2 or 3 years later. 

After I seen [sic] this 15 or so years ago I showed it to 30 or 40 or [sic] my clients at the time, I watched it many times. After about 8 months went by I quit showing it.

The subject came up and I went to show it again to someone. However it had been deleted from the discussion. I looked everywhere and just the segment about how they would do this is gone, the rest of the talk is there. I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP AND HAVE NO REASON TO.

I can’t prove it as it has been removed completely from the internet. The only way to prove it would be to talk to someone that was in the audience or get the original taping of the show. Hope y’all believe me as what I said it’s the truth so help me God!

Wrap Up:
In 2Timothy 3:1-5, Paul says that "in the last days difficult times will come." He then goes on to list what he means by "difficult times." Interestingly, of the entire list, nothing is mentioned about plagues, diseases, earthquakes, floods, etc.

Instead, all the problems he lists have to do with SINFUL PEOPLE. We're to watch out for non-believers! Not a virus. Here is Paul's list of characteristics of today:

> lovers of self
> lovers of money
> boastful
> arrogant
> revilers
> disobedient to parents
> ungrateful
> unholy
> unloving
> irreconcilable
> malicious gossips
> without self-control
> brutal
> haters of good
> treacherous
> reckless
> conceited
> lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God
> holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power;

Interesting list, don't you think? Again, not one virus or health issue is listed. We've had those occur throughout history, nothing new!

You know Christmas is getting close when you see the Christmas lights being hung around town. In the same way, as we see the signs of the last days fall into place, it means we may very well be getting close to the big boom and our exhilarating exit.

Or, this could be another two steps forward and one step back on our march toward Satan's world government that will conclude in the Tribulation. Or maybe this is a birth pang, a wake-up call to what's coming in the next decade. Time will tell.

Either way, all of us have unsaved friends, family and/or coworkers in our sphere of influence and we should be praying for an opportunity to share what we know.

Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. Col. 3:2

Use us, Lord!



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Bill Perkins
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Bill Perkins
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