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Major Info to Keep You Alive

June 18, 2021

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I can hardly keep up with everything going on.

I get about 20 to 30 one- to three-hour videos sent to me to watch every week and most are really really good/helpful/worth sharing. Thanks and keep them coming! I still have the hours between 2 and 4 AM wide open! 🙂

I am seeing more and more evidence of the wheels coming off the train of Covid lies. More and more people are coming out, risking their professional careers to expose truth.

I'm working on a new article entitled "One Second Before Rapture." But there is so much happening I wanted to send out these links today in case you had time to peruse them.

Much of the information contained in the links may be quite valuable to people who are talking to family, friends and coworkers about not getting the va[[ine.

But as I mentioned last week, if the Globalist/Satanists running this show see their power slipping away, they won't likely give up easily. The sky's the limit of what they might do.

They may very well try something destructive, whatever they think will work, to stay in power. Should be an interesting summer. So live like a good Boy Scout—be prepared for anything!

I have pasted in some of the most interesting links below in the "More Resources" section. These are the cream of the crop.

But the best link everyone needs to watch is an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough.

It's a no-holds-barred German interview regarding what's really going on behind the scenes! Lots of amazing zingers that will blow your mind!

CLICK HERE to view.

These are strange times. Just as it was probably weird just before the Flood of Noah, with only a few people understanding what was going on, these too are strange times.

But the Lord has us here for a purpose. And He says He's got everything under control, and to trust Him.

Trust in the LORD forever, for in GOD the LORD, we have an everlasting Rock. Is. 26:4   

Use us, Lord!



Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. Psa. 73:25

More Resources

As you watch/read/listen to these links below, keep in mind that none of what's going on in the world makes any sense unless you look at it from a Biblical perspective—understanding that Satan is the god of this world and he's chomping at the bit to take over once the Restrainer is removed. CQLJ

Warning: Occasionally in the videos below, the language used is coarse. But because we're in a war, we felt the overall info was worth listening to.

For by wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory. Prov. 24:6

The Truth About the Va[[ine's Purpose


A no-holds-barred German interview of American Dr. Peter McCullough regarding what's really going on! Shocking!


Mass Murder is the Covid Va[[ine Goal Part 1

37 minutes - Start about the 7:30 mark to skip the ads

Dr. Peter Breggin is interviewed by Sarah Westall. Proof this whole Covid thing was planned from the beginning.

Mass Murder is the Covid Va[[ine Goal Part 2



Del Bigtree: Masks are Horrible + Interview w/Dr. Roger Hodkinson Dealing with Fertility Issues


Dr. Hodkinson interview starts at the 1:08:00 mark. He shares his biggest concerns about Covid va[[ines. Includes infertility issues, shedding, and common sense.


Autopsy of a Covid Va[[inated Man


Proof the Spike Protein in the va[[ine circulates throughout your entire body, damaging everything.


Steve Bannon

4 minutes

Getting to the bottom of key events, goes straight to the heart of the matter.


Death by Government

38 minutes
A fascinating interview of Dr. Zev Zelenko by Sarah Westhall.


The Spike Protein Is Deadly

15 minutes
Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA va[[ine technology, discusses with two others.


Robert Kennedy, Fauci and "Gain of Function"


30 minutes
Eye-opening discussion of "Gain of Function" / i.e., "Making a virus more deadly" ... which would only be done for military purposes.


Government Agents Organized Capitol Riots

Transcript or 15 minute video
Tucker Carlson asks all the right questions.


Russian Army Officer Explains Depopulation

12 minutes with subtitles

This is unreal, a Russian interview explains the depopulation agenda.


Laura Ingram on Fox News

6 minutes
This Covid va[[ine info is slowly getting into the mainstream media. This is an example when Fox's Laura Ingram interviews Dr. Harvey Risch and Peter McCullough.


Are the Chinese Swabs Causing Infertility?

7 minutes

If the Chinese developed the Spike protein in Covid to take down America, what else are they doing? Should we trust them on anything? Well, it's on the label!


Withholding Hydroxychloroquine caused 400,000 to die unnecessarily

2 minutes

Fauci is roasted by three doctors on Laura Ingram.


Animals died in Covid test trials

2 minutes

How could they approve a va[[ine knowing this!?


In Harm's Way

Begin at 1 hr 30 min mark

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP at Pfizer, tells it all. The whole video by Del Bigtree is excellent, but Yeadon interview begins at 1:30:00 mark.


Covid Home Based Treatments


Physician List & Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment


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Bill Perkins
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Bill Perkins
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