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Israel Travel? Ouch!

May 5, 2022

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World Travel Today—A First-Hand Account

There’s a reason the Globalists/Satanists don’t want you to travel in the USA, much less travel overseas. Travel represents freedom to come and go as you please. And the Globalists/Satanists who are determined to run this world just can’t allow that kind of freedom!

Having just returned from a trip to Israel and Jordan, Susie and I had a first-hand glimpse of what traveling is like in other parts of the world.

As we know, the Globalists/Satanists want to eventually control everything—food, energy, banking, weather, Internet ...and certainly the freedom to travel.

So when Israel finally dropped their va((ine mandate we jumped on the opportunity to take our group of 30 souls on a long-delayed short-term Bible study mission trip.

It was sort of a make-hay-while-the-sun-shines trip since we didn’t know when the next opportunity would come.

We were told all we had to do was “test negative for Covid” to get into Israel and test negative again to come home—presumably to make sure no one had Covid.

Nothing about penalties for testing positive was ever mentioned. I should have asked more questions. As it turned out, there was a lot more to consider.

Everyone had to take a shallow nose-swab Covid test here in the USA within 72 hours of departure. Sounded reasonable. And thankfully all were able to jump through the hoops to get tested and we all tested negative.

This departure test cost anywhere from $49 at Walgreens with no assurance you would get your results back before your flight, to $250 per person in some of the major cities.

Let me just point out that what is required to fly overseas is a COVID DRUG TEST. And the same people who brought us Covid va((ines own most of the drug testing companies.

When we landed in Israel, and after going through passport control and luggage claim, we had to test again before we could leave the airport. Once tested, we were taken to our hotel to be in “quarantine” until the results were emailed to our guide.

Four hours later we were told that all in our group tested negative. So we began our trip with zero problems. And it was a great trip with a great group of Believers.

Each and every one of us wanted badly to go to Israel and see God’s special place on earth. For those who have been to Israel, you know the feeling you get when you walk where Jesus walked!

Most of the sites we visited were outside so we saw only a smattering of Israeli mask-wearers. But the mask mandate restrictions were still in place for the interiors of government buildings and transportation.

A few shops and restaurants asked us to put on masks, so we would politely leave. I would say that pretty much the entire country drank the Covid Kool-aid.

I met only one person in all of Israel who actually knew what was going on with Covid and the va((ines…that the world Covid rollout was not about health but instead it was implemented for the purpose of getting people used to being controlled.

At the end of our Israel itinerary we were scheduled to go into Jordan to visit Petra. It’s the most likely place where the Jews will seek refuge for the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation. No Covid testing (or quarantine) was required to enter or leave Jordan.

But crossing the border back into Israel was no different than flying across the border into Israel. Therefore we had to test before crossing the Israeli border, and test again after crossing the border…and then wait in “quarantine” at our hotel for the negative results.

And then we had to test again to board our flight home. Different tests had to be done… we couldn’t use one test for two things…Soros, Gates, et al., insist this is what is necessary.

So we tested in Jordan in order to come back into Israel in order to have Easter morning service at the Empty Tomb and catch our flights home. Unfortunately this time two of four family members in our group tested positive for Covid.

They didn’t have Covid symptoms, so it was a false-positive, but they nevertheless were stuck in Jordan, forbidden to cross back into Israel to catch their flights home.

So Susie stayed with them in Jordan and I took the rest of the group back to Israel. I initially hoped that Susie and her small group would test negative the next day and be able to come into Israel to travel home.

But I realized they then would have to test two more times, three total, just to take their flights home. Seemed easier just to fly out of Jordan—which they did.

(BTW, Jordan has a low Covid vaccination rate AND a low Covid infection rate. As do the Palestinians in Israel. Heavily va((inated Israel has people catching Covid and dying everywhere.)

Once the rest of my group crossed the Jordan/Israel border (crossing the border was total chaos) we tested again and went to our hotel to quarantine. All of us tested negative. I naturally thought we were all headed home.

The next day, we had to test yet again in order to board the plane to go home. We tested at the hotel and were dumbfounded to learn another one in our group tested positive.

Thankfully it was a single traveler who was a little more flexible with his return.

Turns out that one of the sentences in all those scores of papers you have to sign to come into Israel says if you test positive in Israel, you are under compete control of the Israeli Health Department.

And it also turns out the Israeli Health Department turned over administration of Covid positive test cases to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), their military.

So our guy was taken to a “Covid quarantine hotel” run by the Israeli military for a minimum of five days. No one was allowed to see him.

He spent five days mingling with other people who also had tested positive—none of whom had any symptoms and all wondering why they were there.

Those in the Covid quarantine hotels are allowed to fly home after 5 days in quarantine if they test negative for two straight days.

The maximum you can be quarantined in Israel is 7 days, but some U.S. airlines will not allow you to board until Day 11 (United) and some earlier. Makes no sense that it depends on what airline you’re flying.

I personally didn’t want to take another test in Israel, knowing I might be stuck there for up to 11 days, so I declined.

After our group departed—less the "Covid-positive" guy—I crossed back into Jordan (no test required) and joined Susie and the other four.

We surreptitiously took great precautions to swish and cleanse our nostrils and mouths with colloidal silver before testing again to fly from Jordan to the USA. All six of us tested negative and we could board our flights from Amman.

I have since learned that sometimes up to half of every tour group tests positive in Israel and has to stay behind in the Covid hotels run by the IDF. And the Covid quarantine hotels are all full. Hmmm….

Most of those who tested positive and have to delay their return to the states are va((inated. Our group had only two va((inated in the entire group. But as I said, I should have asked more questions about testing before we left the U.S.

Based on what I now know, I will NEVER take another group into Israel if up to half of the group might have to stay back in a Covid quarantine hotel due to false Covid positives.

Our guy who tested positive had an awesome courageous response to his ordeal and he eventually got home.

But how traumatic might it have been for an older single lady who had the false positive? Or any lady. Or a wife or husband being carted off and not being able to see their spouse?

I love Israel. I love that I have been grafted in to the rich Root of Abraham. Israel seemed to always be a notch ahead in most everything. But this Covid thing has bamboozled them into making huge stupid decisions.

The Israeli government went all in on va((ines to show they were good world citizens. And just like here in the USA, va((inated people in Israel are seeing screamingly high infection and death rates.

And like in the US, they still can’t see the forest for the trees…they can’t connect the dots… even with hard evidence that people who are va((inated are MORE LIKELY TO GET A COVID VARIANT than those unva((inated. Wake up, Israel!

Israel will have to drop their testing requirements soon or they risk losing most of their tourists. But then again, that’s what Satan has wanted all along.

The last thing the devil wants is for a Believer to have the freedom to see their Bible come alive.

We have two more international trips scheduled this year, one to Germany for Oberammergau in August and one for a Mediterranean Cruise in September/October.

European countries are dropping mandates like a hot potato. And we’re hoping/praying that all the Covid mandates, including testing to return to the U.S., will be lifted soon.

Probably the best we can hope for is a travel window between now and the November elections. After that, who knows.

In the meantime, we know there is only one way the whole world is controlled/linked together for health responses—our adversary is behind it. He must think he’s getting close to his unfettered reign.



Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. Psalms 73:25


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NEVER leave a child alone at your local library.

American Library Association Picks ‘Marxist Lesbian’ as President

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Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. 1Cor. 6:9-10

The most important part of this teaching is the next verse—showing there is hope for everyone who trusts Jesus to save them.

Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God. 1Cor. 6:11

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