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Is The KJV Inspired?

February 28, 2024

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The Clot Thickens

The tissue clots (NOT blood clots) morticians worldwide are pulling out of va((inated people continue to make publicity inroads into more and more shows.

The latest is Del Bigtree's HIGHWIRE that just did another in-depth expose of the subject.

This hard-evidence story could be the proverbial final straw that breaks open to the general public the fact that some who got va((inated may have a death sentence.

But our concern moves past the Covid va((ine problems to the concern of what the Globalists/Satanists have next in the vax pipeline for everyone to take.

The next shoe to drop might be self-spreading va((ines...genetically engineered to spread through the human population like a virus. (There's a link in the Additional Resources section below titled Self-Spreading Va((ines.)

The Globalists/Satanists are desperate to keep the public in the dark about the worldwide excess deaths. The fact that the clot-shot tissues are killing people, which is gaining more and more attention, might force the bad guys into making bad knee-jerk decisions.

Always understand that major media, including Fox News, will talk about the election, the border, inflation, Ukraine, Russia and Israel... but hosts are forbidden to mention the va((ine deaths and injuries.

2-hour video (You can stop at 1 hour, 12 minutes and skip to 1:15:30 to miss the 3-minute fund-raiser)


This entire video kept Susie and me riveted for two hours...everyone needs to know this info. Again, it's hard proof they're covering up the va((ine deaths because they continue to block people from posting this incredible info.


The article this week is to counter the small-but-loud crowd of King James Version Only people. I put them in the same category as Mid- and Post-tribbers... sincere, but sincerely wrong.

But Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures ..." Matt. 22:29a

We pray the Lord opens the eyes of all mid- and post-tribbers, and KJV only peeps. Otherwise they'll continue to live in sad deception.

Use us, Lord!



If a ruler pays attention to falsehood, 
All his ministers become wicked.
Prov. 29:12 

Is The KJV Inspired?

…do not turn aside from any of the words which I command you today, to the right or to the left, Deut. 28:14a

When you read verses like the one above, it begs the question—how accurate are the words in the Bible? If we're going to stake our lives on the written Word, which English version of the Bible should I be learning from?

Susie and I became Believers in the 1970s and first attended a small Baptist church in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Being good Independent Baptists they made sure we used the King James Version of the Bible (KJV).

We were basically taught it was sinful to use anything but the KJV. So a lot of the early verses we learned were in the King James vernacular.

After a couple of years we changed churches and began attending a Bible church that used the New American Standard Bible version (NASB).

There we learned that the KJV was not God-inspired any more than one particular French version was God-inspired. Or Korean. Or German.

The only version that was inspired by the Lord was the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. And regardless of which translation you’re using, the words are all traced back to those original transcripts.

Changing Bible versions was a major change for us and we’ve benefited tremendously from switching to the NASB. But even today I sometimes have to computer-search for a verse using a KJV or NKJV translation because the key words I originally learned are from that translation.

The KJV IS a good, word-for-word, honest, literal translation that was completed in 1611. It’s been updated and corrected over ten times—the last was the NKJV in 1982.

The original KJV, including all its following updates, modifications, and corrections, was originally translated based on one manuscript called the Textus Receptus.

The Textus Receptus is a Latin, word-for-word, New Testament translation and was compiled by several scholars (mainly spearheaded by Dutch Erasmus) in the 16th century using eight Byzantine manuscripts.

Erasmus mainly used one manuscript, called Manuscript 2105. The original German "Luther Bible," the English "Tyndale Bible," and the "King James Bible" were all based on the Textus Receptus.

Despite the MANY textual errors in the original Textus Receptus manuscript(1) it became the dominant Greek text of the New Testament for 250 years. It was basically the first widely printed version as the printing press era had just begun.

Several corrected versions were published prior to Erasmus' death, and many more following. Eventually, better translations were researched and made available in the late 1800s.

The NASB is also a literal word-for-word translation begun in 1959 and completed in 1971, and updated in 1977 and 1995. It was translated comparing numerous manuscripts, all dated 100 to 2000 years(2) or more before the Textus Receptus was compiled.

The NASB is widely considered to be the most literal translation available today providing a precise translation of the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek in familiar English language.

There are no original copies of the New Testament books available to read today. However, we do have some 5,800 complete or fragmented Greek copies of text that date back to the first century.

Plus, we also have some 10,000 manuscript copies or pieces of copies in Latin and 9300 copies in other languages. There are over 2.6 million pages of Biblical text in just the Greek.

No two manuscripts are exactly alike. When you hand-write a book of the Bible on papyrus or animal skin, there are inevitably copyist errors of all kinds.

Jewish scribes and Catholic Monks did a commendable job of accurately reproducing the Biblical text through the centuries. But humans are fallible.

Therefore, since for 1000 years Bible manuscripts were hand-written, the oldest manuscripts to compare and translate the NASB allows for a more-accurate translation.

Wherever there is a manuscript difference, the NASB editors make note of the difference in the margin.

I’ve found the NASB to be more easily understood because it was translated in today’s language in 1977 (slightly revised in 1995) as opposed to the KJV from 1611.

There are other reasons to use the NASB and someone at biblesanity.org did a good job of outlining most of them. CLICK HERE to read what they say.

Other non-literal translations like the NIV are referred to as dynamic equivalents or "thought for thought." This means a person reads the Greek or Hebrew and writes down what they think the verse means.

Obviously, when you inject human reasoning into translating God’s Word to make it more readable, you’ve filtered God with human/sinful nature. Often that waters down the intended meaning.

I personally want to read what God said, not what someone thinks God said. I’ll let God’s Holy Spirit enlighten me to its meaning.

So it's best to use Thought for Thought and Paraphrase Bibles as commentaries, not study Bibles.

Again, I think the KJV is a good translation…for some reason it even sounds Godly when you read it. But it’s not inspired by God. It has errors. All translations do.

Therefore, regardless of which translation you use, it’s best to spend a lot of time looking up words in the original languages—which WERE inspired by God.

With computers today you can get the original word in Greek and/or Hebrew by just hovering your mouse over the word.

When you consider that there are five times as many Greek words as English (up to one million English and five million Greek), translators often have had to use the same English word to translate several different Greek words.

An often-cited example is our English word “love.” I can say in English, “I love to play golf,” “a mother loves her children,” “I want to make love to my wife,” or “God loves me.” “Love” can mean a lot of different things.

But in the Greek those are all different Greek words. In fact, there are actually eight Greek words we translate into one English word, “Love.”

Eros is physical love or sexual desire.

Philia is affectionate/friendship love.

Agape is unconditional, sacrificial love.

Storge is love for family members.

Mania is obsessive/stalker love.

Ludus is playful, flirting, or noncommittal sexual love.

Pragma is practical love based on duty, obligation or logic.

Philautia is self-love, how one feels about their own self.

So when using Greek words to describe something, the meaning in the sentence is rarely missed.

Some Bible scholars go so far as to say God created the Koine Greek language (the common language of the day) specifically for accurately recording the meanings of His written Word. Makes sense to me.

I LOVE everyone reading this. Guess which love!

Use us, Lord!

2) The NASB used several Dead Sea Scrolls manuscripts for translating the Old Testament that dated around 100 to 300 BC.

I feel sorry for anyone trying to understand what's going on in the world without using the Bible as a guide! BP

---Clicking on any fuzzy picture below usually clears it up---

Here Come The Tokens

10-minute video that includes Europe's announcement.


Banks in Europe have begun marking customers' deposits as Tokens to get them accustomed to seeing them in their accounts. They're saying, "Use either one." Later they'll mandate certain things have to be paid only in Tokens.

CPA Lena Petrova explains all this in the video. Eventually all assets will be Tokenized—real estate, cars, gold, silver, etc.

We know where this is headed... a crisis will necessitate everything be transacted in Tokens, for the good of all, of course. And lastly, they'll roll out the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which are just trackable Tokens.

That 10-minute video will make your skin crawl, and it's all headed our way!


Own Nothing And Be Happy? Or Lose Everything And Be Sad?

22-minute video


Several weeks ago we linked and discussed David Webb's book "The Great Taking." Alex Newman just released a video that does an incredible job of explaining what's going on in layman's language.

Everyone, EVERYONE, needs to take 20 minutes and watch this video. Or even less time by watching it on 1:25 speed. Especially take notice of the time periods discussed—2024/2025.

And don't forget that Alex Newman will be speaking at the Steeling the Mind Conference March 16. You can watch it free on Compass.org/TV We hope you can plan some time to watch some or all of this incredibly rich in information last days conference.

After you watch Alex's video above, check out this article:

Why Are Billionaires Selling Off Stocks?


I wonder if these last two are connected? Hmmm...


Va((inating The Planet



Well, this is sobering. Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D., senior research scientist in epidemiology specializing in chronic diseases at the Yale University School of Public Health, on Monday provided compelling testimony on what he believes accounts for the “crushingly obsessive push to COVID-vaccinate every living person on the planet.”

This is coming from Senator Ron Johnson's hearing on Covid va((ines. Risch said there is evidence the virus contains a unique genetic sequence “that also exists in Moderna patents from 2017”.

Risch also said, Government officials covered up the origins of COVID-19 and “forced” the vaccination of millions of people worldwide to “protect the integrity of the bioweapons industry,” Hmmm....

Yo Barack, Where Are You?

6-minute Tucker Carlson video


Obama famously once said he would love to have someone else stand in front of the cameras while he orchestrated everything from home, not having to answer to the media.

Tucker asks all the tough questions about the man hiding in the shadows.

Censorship Industrial Complex

60-minute video (Watch on 1:25. or 1:5 with coffee.)


Since WWII, wars have been declared entirely for lining the pockets of politicians.

Mike Benz explains the background and how social media and Google plays into the hands of the Deep State/DARPA. It's fascinating to learn how they prosecute uncooperative politicians.

Recent revelations from a video obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation have exposed the grim reality of transgender surgeries, specifically for vaginoplasty complications.

Dr. Alex Laungani, a prominent trans surgeon, openly admitted that the complications from this surgery "can be pretty bad." Can you imagine how bad it is if he admits this much? Yes, it’s much worse. He also highlighted the lack of proper training and education among surgeons in gender affirmation programs worldwide.

Vaginoplasty procedure is the removal of male genitals to create what the patient hopes would be a vagina. Complication rates vary significantly, with a shocking overall rate of 32.5%, encompassing issues such as minor wound dehiscence, recto-vaginal fistula, pelvic floor dysfunction, and clitoris necrosis, among others. The rate of wound dehiscence alone can be as high as 75%.

Perforation of the rectum while dissecting the vaginal cavity is one of the most dreaded and disastrous complications. No one would knowingly trade a healthy, functioning body for a sick, chronically diseased one.

These procedures pose significant dangers to the individuals undergoing them. What makes this situation even more distressing is the fact that they are being performed on children whose bodies are still developing.

Dr. Daniel Metzger, a WPATH certified pediatric endocrinologist, has warned that administering puberty blockers too early could impede the growth of genital tissue necessary for creating a surgical vagina later in life.

We must confront the stark reality: subjecting vulnerable children to such barbaric procedures is nothing short of a horrific violation of basic human rights, causing permanent harm that we cannot ignore.

It is our duty to protect children’s growing bodies from the extreme perversion of the persons and institutions who financially and politically benefit from doing what they call “gender affirming care.”

Medical Mutilation of Children MUST be Stopped!

- Simone Gold

Short Biden Video Clips

Watch about 60 seconds


You have to laugh to keep from crying!

Italy shows what they think of our President:

60 seconds


Another one:

2 minutes


Funny but sad.

Biden's New Restroom Rules For Schools

6-minute video


This one got to me. The Globalists/Satanists are just rubbing our faces in the fact they're tearing down our country in every way. Alex Newman is awesome!

If Elon Musk ever reads our before/after rapture flyer, and/or becomes a Believer, oh wow! Let’s all take two seconds right now and pray he gets saved. Who knows!

Anti-Christian hatred is accelerating in the United States, according to a Christian nonprofit that has tracked violence against U.S. churches since 2018.

The Washington D.C.-based Family Research Council released its annual Hostility Against Churches report this week, finding there were 436 hostile incidents against churches in 2023. This is more than double the number tracked in 2022 and more than eight times as many as the group found in 2018.

The group said it used publicly available data to track 915 acts of hostility against churches over the past six years.

"From January 2018 to November 2023, there were at least 709 occurrences of vandalism, 135 arson attacks or attempts, 22 gun-related incidents, 32 bomb threats, and 61 other incidents (assault, threats, interruption of worship services, etc.). In 39 cases, multiple types of hostility occurred (e.g., vandalism and arson)," the report states.

"I'm Done With Google": Wholesale Loss Of Trust After "Unbelievably Irresponsible" Racist AI Goes Mask-Off



Here's what one person experienced using the well-censored Google to search. FYI, duckduckgo.com seems to do a lot better most of the time.

Europe's War On Farmers Is The End Game

Article and an interesting 19-minute video


"The farmers are beginning to realize this is an orchestrated campaign to eliminate us... go from local, healthy food to ultra-processed food from large corporations."

“The farmers actually realize this is an end-game of sorts and that now is the time to dig in and stand — or there won’t be anything to stand for,” Irish geopolitical commentator Ivor Cummins told Kim Iversen on Wednesday’s segment of “The Kim Iversen Show.”

Iversen and Cummins discussed the ongoing wave of rage fueled by growing existential anxiety among European farmers as they contend with an accelerating push to gut rural agriculture in the name of sustainable development.

The spark igniting the spreading protests, Cummins explained, stems from farmers “finally getting it” — recognizing that orchestrated climate change and “green” regulatory policies serve as mere pretexts for advancing globalization that aims to strip away localized food production and self-sufficiency.

“The farmers are beginning to realize, like a lot of people … [that] this is an orchestrated campaign to … almost eliminate us and to replace local farming, healthy foods … with a kind of a massive pipeline of ultra-processed food from the big corporations,” he said.

Another 5-minute video on the subject: CLICK HERE

Obviously, what they are doing in Europe should scare the pants off us in the USA! The reason Europe is protesting and Americans are not protesting is the Bad Guys have more control of the media here.

Self-Spreading Va((ines

23-minute video


Self-reading va((ines are genetically engineered to spread through the human population like communicable diseases do. This way you can't opt out of receiving new va((ines.
If they institute this distribution method, “It’s game-over for anyone who doesn’t want this man-made crap inside their body.” — Del Bigtree


Fentanyl Is Killing American Kids

Most Don’t Even Know They’re Taking It

The Free Press reported:

Every week in America, about 22 kids die of a drug overdose. Eighty percent of those deaths are linked to fentanyl — a cheap synthetic opioid fifty times more potent than heroin.

Even with illicit drug use among middle and high school students on the decline, fatal teen overdoses have never been higher.

Fentanyl is so deadly it often kills kids experimenting with drugs for the first time. Between July 2019 and December 2021, according to the CDC86% of adolescents who died of a fentanyl overdose had never previously experienced a drug overdose.

The CDC has taken a bizarre approach to the fentanyl crisis. Although the agency’s official fact sheet warns of the deadly risks of the substance, it also suggests the public need only use test strips to ensure the drugs they take are safe.

China Is The Root Of The Fetanal Problem

14-minute video


Mark Levin on Fox News pulls back the curtain. And of course, guess who's in China's back pocket—JRB and family. And that's not all, check this out:

Guess who else has family ties to China? The lady pictured above is Mitch McConnell's wife!

Why Mitch McConnell Won't Talk About China's Drug War Against America



He may have more to lose than Hunter! Unbelievable. No wonder he's resigning in November!


Pharma Covering Up Va((ine Risks


“The total excess deaths since the rollout of the vaccine in the U.S. is approximately 1.1 million for 2021, 2022 and 2023." - Ed Dowd

That number is stunning, but consistent with what we've been learning over the last three years. The article also has links to short testimony clips from Laura Logan and Jessica Rose.


The conclusion is that Big Pharma did all this for profit. But that dog won't hunt. If you look at what the Globalists/Satanists have in mind for planet earth, it's population reduction, which dove-tails nicely with last days Bible prophecies. We're there!

UN Is Behind Border Mess



Joe Biden and the United Nations are pulling off one of the worst security threats to the United States in its 248-year history.

Another similar article HERE

Check out this headline:

Even discounting the fact this guy sells survivor food, it shows you what a lot of people are thinking. And this is exactly what we SHOULD be seeing if Bible prophecy is correct!

Cancer Cured Taking Ivermectin?



I am highly suspicious of cancer. It began when I found out that most Oncologists receive a sales commission for prescribing chemotherapy. From what I can find out (seems they hate to admit it) most of their income is from cancer drug sales commissions. From what people have told me, if you go see the doc after a cancer diagnosis, they tend to poo poo anything other than getting hooked up to chemo.

But I am continuing to see articles regarding ivermectin keeping most cancers from spreading, if not sending it into remission. This is another article about a guy who had stage 4 and was told, “There’s no cure. We’re just trying to prolong things as much as we can.” Turns out the doctors were wrong.

The article makes it sound like Big Phama doesn't want you healed. Rather, they would prefer you to exist on drugs. If that's true, and it may be, CQLJ!

Covid Va((ine Adverse Events

Epoch Times has an article digging into the adverse effects of the mRNA va((ines. Here are some highlights...

The problem is that the manufacturing of spike proteins has no off switch. They list these problems and damage that results from taking the Covid va((ination:

  1. Immune dysregulation
  2. Blood clotting and vascular damage
  3. Mitochondrial dysfunction
  4. Mast cell activation syndrome
  5. Autoimmune reactions
  6. Tissue damage through spike persistence

Then they move into more specific areas of problems. Here is the chart they used for cardiovascular adverse events from the va((ine.

They also cover Blood-Related Adverse Events...
The article goes in depth into all of the problems the va((ine has caused. And there are too many to list. We’ve covered them all in past Compass eNews.
Again, what they are totally missing is that all this has Satanic roots. The devil is behind all of this, and it is all being done on purpose. Death and disease are his goals. He can't stand the image of God.
And he will eventually reach his goal wiping out well over 90% of the population of earth in the tribulation. We are just watching him prepare and get ready for the really big stuff.
God knew that there would be a generation of Christians that lived at the end of the church age that would see all this starting to come together. But he promised he would rescue us from the evil of Satan’s grasp.
God implored us to comfort one another when we saw these things happening, knowing that what we are witnessing happening all over the earth today means that the Rapture is close.
People who understand Bible prophecy are special to God and He's using them in these last days to reach non-Christian friends and family to Believe the Gospel that Jesus is Lord and Savior to be rescued by God. Or, that if they miss the Rapture, they can still go to heaven.
We don’t know how close we are to the end of the Church Age. But we are closer than we've ever been! 🙂
Use us, Lord!



2-minute video


Chances are you've never heard of Chlormequat. But you need to! It's a very dangerous pesticide now found in 80% of people in the U.S. And it comes from eating things like Cheerios and Quaker Oats. Yep.

CHD Urges Supreme Court to Uphold First Amendment in Landmark Censorship Case Against Biden Administration

Children’s Health Defense on Feb. 9 filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court ahead of next month’s oral arguments in a landmark censorship case alleging President Joe Biden and other top administration officials colluded with social media companies to censor content that contradicted the government narrative on COVID-19 origins, vaccines and treatments.

CHD’s brief contends that the many documented contacts between White House officials and social media platforms pressing them to restrict particular voices and viewpoints cross a clear constitutional line protecting free speech.

CHD President Mary Holland, a co-author of the brief, told The Defender:

“If the court does not find what the Biden administration did to be unlawful, the First Amendment will really no longer exist. Then the government can simply ask proxies to do whatever it wants. It can outsource all its dirty work ‘legally’ in violation of the First Amendment.”

The Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling on the case by no later than June when its current session ends.


Dissolving Illusions



More and more people are opting out of ALL vaccines, and this Mercola interview of Dr. Suzanne Humphries covers most of the reasons why! Here are the highlights:

  • The vaccine industry intentionally deceives us about the risks and benefits of vaccines in order to make a profit, with complete disregard for human suffering and the destruction of public health over time.
  • One of the reasons the polio vaccine doesn’t work is because polio isn’t caused by an infectious virus. It’s caused by toxins. Poliovirus is a commensal virus that is completely harmless in the absence of toxic onslaught.
  • The changing of definitions is part of the vaccine industry’s playbook. The definition of a “vaccine” was radically altered to allow for the use of experimental modified RNA gene therapy.
  • Another part of the fraud is using another vaccine as the control in lieu of a true placebo. You simply cannot prove a vaccine is safe by comparing it to another, most likely unsafe, vaccine.
  • According to Dr. Suzanne Humphries, there are no worthwhile vaccines, not even smallpox or tetanus. Tetanus can be successfully treated using high-dose intravenous vitamin C and other essential nutrients.
  • Vitamin C works because tetanus is a bacterial disease caused by an obligate anaerobe that cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Other oxidative therapies that could be used if the infection is related to a wound include hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy.


Barbaric Medical Surgeries Continue


More evidence the United States is under attack...

PANAMA CITY—The former director of Panama’s border patrol told The Epoch Times that the United Nations’ migration agenda is behind the chaos at the U.S. southern border and that U.N. partners are making things worse instead of better.


Oriel Ortega, now a security and defense consultant to Panamanian President Laurentino Cortizo, said during a Feb. 22 interview that he saw a jump in migration in 2016, at the same time that more nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) moved into Panama.

That increase corresponded with the U.N.’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration meeting in 2016. Two years later, 152 nations—including Panama—voted in favor of the compact to manage global migration. The United States voted against it.

But under the U.N., the migration process has been anything but orderly, Mr. Ortega said.

“It’s completely opposite right now,” he said through an interpreter.

Documents show that in 2023, a record 500,000 migrants traveled through the dense jungle known as the Darien Gap from Colombia into Panama. Migrants from around the world are flying into South and Central America to start their journey because countries such as Suriname and Ecuador don’t require a visa to enter. Their final destination is the United States.

- Epoch Times

Dr. Boz Demonitized

This is one interesting read from Jeff Childers Coffee and Covid, 2/24/04 I watched the video and it was fascinating, but his recap is good hitting the high points.

You’ll enjoy the latest mea culpafrom a formerly pro-vaccine healthcare professional-slash-social media influencer. Annette Bosworth, MD, also known as “Dr. Boz,” has a popular YouTube channel (600,000 subscribers) and website focusing on the health benefits of keto dieting and intermittent fasting. It seems like a great channel and I subscribed. Dr. Boz normally covers wellness topics like shopping for a good blood glucose monitor, breaking carb addiction, comparing exercise to intermittent fasting, and things like that.

So it must have shocked many of her subscribers when three days ago she named her most recent YouTube streamer, “The biggest crime in the history of medicine.

YOUTUBE: The biggest crime in the history of medicine (54:56).

That’s quite a title for a pro-vaccine doctor. And it quickly became Dr. Boz’s highest-watched YouTube ever. But within 12 hours, YouTube de-monetized the show, which was a new experience for the influential advocate. Two days ago, she published a short follow-up video trying to figure out what YouTube terms she violated. She was astounded that discussing a peer-reviewed paper could get her punished at this stage of the pandemic.

But let’s focus on her original video. It began with a bang:

“I am really excited about tonight’s show. (Wryly) I have been putting this off. I have been wrong. And I have seen lots of you out there and I have personal friends out there that have been telling me I was wrong, and I would much rather avoid this conversation and not do this at all, but … you were right.

Dr. Boz explained that it was the relentless pressure of subscriber’s jab  comments — comments she pretended to ignore but actually noticed — that kept her attention secretly on the science related to the vaccines.

Then she introduced Dr. McCullough’s (and five other authors including Jessica Rose and Steve Kirsch) latest 40-page, peer-reviewed article that published in the Cureus open-access journal on January 24th. The study was neutrally-titled, “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign.” Here’s how she described the study:

“This is a peer-reviewed article. If you’re like me, you’re not going to want to believe it. I don’t WANT to believe this. I’m so irritated by this article. This is a difficult thing for me to talk about. The dozen peers who reviewed this paper took two and a half months to cross-check and verify everything they said. I’m just going to point out a few things that made me sleepless. During the pandemic, we broke some of the rules to serve the public. One of the rules was this emergency use act.”

For regular C&C readers, there isn’t anything particularly surprising in the McCullough paper, which methodically and professionally walked through all the issues we currently know about, starting with the statistical tricks that Pfizer and Moderna employed in their early clinical trials to exaggerate the benefits and whitewash the risks, and then tackled thornier issues such as why the jabs are actually genetic therapies and are not actually vaccines. It was the carefully-documented way the authors addressed these problems that finally penetrated Dr. Boz’s cognitive defenses:

“I knew (the vaccine) came with some risks, but until this paper, I didn’t really appreciate it. The (biggest) problem with the vaccines is, there was no off-switch. This is a problem … when you trust the scientific process is being (properly) used, when there needs to be an exception to the rules (like EUA), you don’t just break every single rule there is… If you’re like me, when you get to the end of this article, you ask yourself: what did we say ‘yes’ to?”

Ultimately, the unyielding weight of McCullough’s data and logical analysis pressed Dr. Boz to self-reflect. She started by explaining how Pfizer and Moderna were able to conclude efficacy and safety only because they’d restricted it to healthy trial participants aged 18-55. Later she combined all these issues — the lack of a spike shut-off, the obviously faked trials, and Dr. McCullough’s carefully-documented findings of spike protein in the heart muscles of autopsied sudden-death patients — Dr. Boz took all of that and clearly experienced a painful change of heart:

“Until you start looking at the autopsies and start wondering: what part in this did I play? And… first of all, how do ya say, I’m sorry to all of ya’ll who’ve been putting comments in my videos for like, a year, (saying), ‘hey take a look at this!’ And I just said (to myself), okay, they’re just chirpin’ again. But you were right.
And worse, the loss of trust! I was in a class (last year), and everybody was like, I don’t think we should take ANY shots anymore, and I was SHOCKED. Even for flu or shingles. They asked, but can we trust these OTHER vaccinations? And I said, of COURSE you can.
But now, it’s hard for me to say that. How long will it take before the World will trust – before I will trust — what they’re telling me. And … what was MY part in it? How could’ve I been more …. I mean, I had MY kids vaccinated. I had all of the people I loved vaccinated. And when you look back and say hey, look at what it did — especially to the kids … um … anyway (trails off).
When it comes down to it, I was wrong. I don’t know that it gets worse than telling all my patients, get the vaccination, get the vaccination, get the vaccination. (Sighs) Okay, let’s move on to something easier to talk about than my continued failures…”

There’s plenty more in the video. To keep it a manageable length, I omitted several other interesting parts, like where Dr. Boz explained how trusted gatekeepers like herself were manipulated into towing the party line and not asking questions. As I said, you’ll enjoy hearing the thought process of a proud pro-vaccine doctor being convinced to humble herself and make a public apology.

What we don’t see though are all the doctors and health professionals who aren’t social media influencers like Dr. Boz, but who also have been convinced by Dr. McCullough’s careful, thoughtful, peer-reviewed article. Dr. McCullough is another one we should be grateful for. I’m not minimizing the contributions of the other authors, but Dr. McCullough was the most-published cardiologist in history. He knows a lot about how to get papers peer-reviewed and published, even regarding controversial topics.

Suicide Squad: G7 plot to swipe Russia's frozen assets spells doom for the U.S. dollar
The G7 nations are plotting a new lawfare attack to steal Russia's 300 billion dollars in "frozen" assets, essentially declaring that the dollar and all western banks will pillage and steal whatever they want.
If this takes place, the rest of the world will panic sell US dollar holdings and evacuate western banks as quickly as possible, leading to a cascading collapse of the dollar and western economies.
Yet the sheer stupidity and arrogance of the West is now pushing G7 nations toward exactly this maneuver. I call it a "suicide squad" move, because if activated, it will lead to the currency and economic suicide of western nations.
(I lost the reference for this...sorry! Here is another story on the same topic)

Know Your Neighborhood... check out this headline:
This headline and the accompying article uses the word "Settlement" to describe what Israel is doing. It makes it sound illegal. But whenever you read "Settlement" think "Neighborhood"

Israel is just building new neighborhoods on land they were given by God!

END, Compass eNews, Feburary 29, 2024



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