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If You're Unva[[inated, You're Not Alone

May 21, 2021

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Millions of Americans are refusing to take the gene-modification shots.

The powers behind the “Biden Administration,” whoever they are, are in the hip-pocket of Big Pharma.(1) And Big Pharma wants the world to take the va[[ine. A LOT of money is at stake—billions of dollars.

So these cash-rich, for-profit, worldwide pharmaceuticals are calling the shots behind the scenes regarding Covid and, more importantly, the Covid vaccines.

But the priority for Big Pharma is not about making the world more healthy. Rather, it’s about selling shots to everyone on the planet. Sorta like the fox guarding the hen house.

They’ve used their cash muscle to influence the national media promoting massive fear campaigns in the media and social networks in order to get half of all Americans to take a totally unnecessary, untested and quite dangerous “va[[ine” that changes your God-designed immune defenses, forever. (2)

Much like a drug dealer wanting to get his clients hooked on his drugs, Big Pharma gains from making their clients sicker, not better. Follow the dollar.

Doctors insist children take 72 shots (and more are being developed) before the age of 18. Here's a chart of the 36 shots they are supposed to take before the age of 6.

And then there are 36 more shots to take between the ages of 7 and 18. What a racket!

Yet, despite all these va[[ine shots, we have the sickest kids on the planet. And guess who benefits from our sick kids—Big Pharma! They benefit nicely by selling even more drugs to take for the rest of their lives.

They say these shots are "recommended," but try to find a pediatrician who'll see your kid if they don't have all their shots. They are few and far between. This is because pharmaceutical kickbacks are a large revenue stream for almost all juvenile medical practices. See below...

The result of allowing Big Pharma so much influence is that today the United States ranks dead last of the top 17 developed nations in health. And dead last out of these 17 countries in the number of children who die before age five.(3)

Not to mention American kids are the most likely in the world to die on their first day after birth.(4)

So many kids dying their first day of life may be because we’re now giving vaccine shots to kids at birth. Hey, doctors get big bucks for their practices vaccinating kids.(5) So they walk lock-step with Big Pharma, who purports to have a shot and/or a drug to solve every health problem.

Big Pharma has so much influence that they can cover up the over 4,000 deaths and tens of thousands of permanent adverse reactions reported to the CDC’s Va[[ine Adverse Event Reporting System website.

And even the CDC admits that as little as 1% of all “events” get reported.(7) Who knows what the true story is. Or even what the real purpose is for pushing the gene-modifying shots.

Va[[ine “Hesitancy”

But now Big Pharma has a problem. The demand for va[[ines is waning. Actually, it’s dropping like a rock.(9) They’ve tried to put a nice spin label on this, calling it “Va[[ine Hesitancy.”

But people are not “hesitant”; rather, it's more like they're “vaccine knowledgeable.” Look at this chart—the other half of Americans don't want the poison!

Many, many people have done their homework and are finding out the truth about what these gene-modification treatments can do to humans. If you are not getting the va[[ine, know you’re not alone.

Over half of the population of the United States is not going anywhere near the shots, despite the communistic lying propaganda blaring 24/7 from the media to “Think of others, take the shot.”(11)


So now they’re offering everything from money ($100) and lottery tickets(6) to local pubs offering your first beer free if you just get the shot. But there are hardly any takers at any price.

Maybe the facts are leaking out, like this spike in vaccine deaths that they're obviously covering up. Did they think we were just going to ignore this??

VAERS= CDC's Va[[ine Adverse Event Reporting System

Chuck Missler used to say, “The difference between the optimist and the pessimist is that the pessimist has more information.” But now it's hard to get info because the liberal Satanists/Globalists control the flow of information.

I just read an online piece on Fox News that claimed 74% of Americans have received at least one dose of the va[[ine and 98% are planning to get vaccinated.

This was a “sponsored” article that was made to look like a legitimate news article. But it’s all a big lie. And this is FOX NEWS—proving again that they’re controlled just as much as NBC/ABC/CBS is controlled.

They'll say or do anything to get you to take the shot. Currently they're targeting conservative Christian travelers, which is a huge percentage of vacationing travelers.

They want us to think it's "get a va[[ine or we can't travel and will have to stay home."

Well, I doubt anyone I know will fall for that ruse. Facts are facts and we know va[[ines can maim or kill you. There are so many videos of well-qualified physicians begging people not to take the va[[ine.(10)

But they have a limited window of opportunity in which to fool people. So when all else fails, they’ll force people to comply with their wishes. If you don’t take the shot, they will make it painful.

In Sweden, the government will throw you in jail if you have the audacity to say no to the va[[ine.

Here in the USA they'll try to pressure private companies like airlines and cruise lines to take only people who’ve been va[[inated. They will give incentives (force) to businesses to only do business with vaxxed people.

Naturally, all this will lead to “How can I know who is vaccinated?” And I bet they've already come up with the answer — a va[[ine health card.(12) And where do you think THAT will lead? Hint: Rev. 13:16-17.

And when they succeed in collapsing the dollar and move to an international monetary unit, it will be a piece of cake to make people take the va[[ine if they want to buy or sell anything.

Thankfully that world-controlled monetary system described in Revelation 13 only comes full force in the last half of the Tribulation and true Believers will have already been joyously whisked away.

Who knows how long we have left? Could be a decade or more. Could be Rosh Hashanah in September, or the next September. Could be today.

While we bide our time here on earth, we’re to be thankful and genuinely comforted that we’ll miss the outpouring of God’s wrath on this earth.

...Jesus, who rescues us from the wrath to come. 1Thes. 1:10

These godless people aren't getting away with anything. His wrath IS coming, maybe soon. They'll get their population reduction and climate change, but they won't like it.

When it comes, those trusting the shed blood of Jesus Christ as payment for all of their past, present and future sins will have already been removed. Fancy that!





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More Resources

As you watch/read/listen to these videos, keep in mind that none of what's going on in the world makes any sense unless you look at it from a Biblical perspective—understanding that Satan is the god of this world and he's chomping at the bit to take over once the Restrainer is removed. CQLJ

Worst Case Scenario

Dr. Lee Merritt and Mike Adams discuss uncomfortable questions like "What's really going on in our world?" If you watch/listen to the first 10 minutes, you'll watch/listen to the whole video.


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Tucker Carlson/Dr. Peter McCullough


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Bill Perkins
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Bill Perkins
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