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Human 2.0 by Carrie Madej

September 8, 2020

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More information about the COVID-19 vaccine is coming out—and being suppressed of course. If the Rapture doesn't happen this month on Rosh Hashanah*, and I don't think it will, you definitely need to know what's going on with the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine!

An incredible 20-minute video by Dr. Carrie Madej has been posted that every Believer needs to watch and understand. EVERY BELIEVER. I'm as serious as a heart attack! Please watch it and share. Click here

This new vaccine coming out for COVID-19 is not looking good—to say the least—for Believers. Dr. Madej explains, in simple layman's terms, her earth-shaking concerns in her video.

I had a physician friend review the video and he said she is correct:

"A disease that has an over 99% survival rate in healthy people with therapies that work (but are suppressed) does not need a vaccine."

Watch the video, but in case it is removed/censored, below is a recap of some of the major points.

Pray for an opportunity to witness to your friends, family and coworkers who are lost!



Recap of the Video Human 2.0 by Dr. Carrie Madej

The new COVID-19 vaccine is being "fast-tracked," with much of the normal trials on humans being waived. One of the two top companies in the race to be the vaccine provider is a company called MODERNA.

As their name implies, its new COVID-19 vaccine works by re-coding people's DNA by injecting them with new RNA instructions. Scientists don't know if the DNA changes will be permanent or temporary.

MODERNA only began trading publicly on December 1, 2018. It's never had a vaccine product to sell. In fact, it's never brought a product to market.

The way the vaccine will be administered is by attaching something similar to a band-aid to your wrist.(2)

The band-aid then injects the vaccine into your skin via small micro-needles. These needles are as tall as two hairs are thick. After wearing the band-aid a short length of time you can discard it.

The vaccine is invisible to the naked eye but can be read by a smart phone held over the vaccinated area.

The invisible light that can be detected and read is made possible by an enzyme included in the vaccine called "Luciferase."

Yep, the thing that makes this vaccine mark able to be read is named after "Lucifer," who is, of course, the name of the Biblical devil.

Lucifer's Biblical name means "light-bearer." He was created as the most beautiful angel. But he sinned, fell, and today we call him Satan.

“How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn!" Is. 14:12   

The word "star" in the verse above in Hebrew is "Heylel", and means the "bright and shining one."

And this readable, bright but invisible Luciferin light shinning out of the vaccine is a patented information delivery system.(1) But just what is it delivering? It's reading information detected in your body.

Some things make sense, like blood pressure, temperature, diseases, etc. But it also has capacity for delivering much more information—like your physical location, bank account information and health status. This also means it's a two-way communicative device.

And if it's two-way, who has control of the information coming in?

This vaccine will give each individual a numerical code to distinguish them. That means it could easily be used for the Mark of the Beast, a world wide tracking device that allows you to buy, sell, travel, etc.

Sound familiar? Hint: Rev. 13:16-17

Since we know the mark of the beast shows up AFTER THE RAPTURE, we're definitely getting close to that exhilarating day!

Could be seconds, days or years...but it's quite CLOSE! How exciting!

Again, I don't THINK Rapture's happening this year... I think God's plan is to expose the evil that has engulfed our nation via President Trump's reelection. But if Rapture doesn't happen, AND Biden is elected, true Believers will be in for a rough ride. Just saying.

Use us, Lord!


PS- We may not understand everything that's going on, but always remember that in the end, we win!

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts." Is. 55:8-9

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