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Grain Size, Weight & Density

June 19, 2024

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Dear Compass Supporters:

Traveling last week to the Grand Canyon I was able to talk to several people from all over the world about the Bible and what it says about today. Sadly, few people know what we know about what's actually going on in the world.
Getting out of my ministry bubble has given me a new urgency and motivation to proclaim the truth about what's transpiring in the world. What's about to happen has happened on earth only four times prior...a change in God's administration.
...bring to light what is the administration [dispensation/time period] of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things; Eph. 3:8
There's a lot in that verse, but in a nutshell, we're living in a special time where the Lord can live permanently in a person's heart. It's never happened in the past prior to the cross and will never happen again in the future after the Rapture. We're quite privileged to live as Believers in the Church Age with the power of God living in us.
But this time period / administration / dispensation is fast coming to a close. It will end with the sudden and largely unexpected disappearance of millions of Believers worldwide. Satan even seems to be anticipating our exodus and is setting up "the lie" that UFOs snatched away millions.
For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false [Greek = "the lie"], 2Th. 2:11 
But regardless of how they lie about what happened to so many, the most horrific 7 years of God's wrath will fall on all those non-Believers who miss the exhilarating Christian Exodus.
Therefore, if I'm correct about the lateness of the hour, the Globalists/Satanists will not let Trump anywhere near the White House. They want us to think it will be a fair election and that Trump could get re-elected.
Today is just like Lucy in the Peanuts cartoon strip—just when you think you can kick the ball, it's gone.
Knowing all this is being managed from the pit of hell, the devil probably has a much better idea of the day of the Rapture than we do. And the Lord seems to be allowing him to get ready for his unhindered world takeover.(1)
Those in power are very obviously now allowing Biden to be seen in horrible situations to set up his graceless replacement. They are openly putting Biden out to be seen as totally incompetent so everyone will agree he had to go.
Since they're having a "virtual" Democratic Convention, they can do what they want behind the scenes and replace Biden with whomever. Their last-minute Biden replacement, in the middle of whatever crisis they decide to arrange, will continue to allow the take-down of the USA.
Yet, God can do anything.
So it seems the bad guys have control of the U.S. Government, and it's my contention they'll never give it up. Yet we're to keep the faith until we're rescued in a surprise flash of light amidst a loud, booming noise.
We are to continue on with our responsibilities until He comes for us in the sky. As we learned in the Parable of the Money Usage (Luke 19:11-27), we are to continue using our gifts, witnessing and serving the Lord until we can't.
Do business with this until I come back. Luke 19:13b
Paul added we should stay in the Word.
Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching. 1Tim. 4:13
John added,
...hold fast until I come. Rev. 2:25
John's command was in the sense of "hold on by strength." Therefore we're to continue to study, learning about the deep things of the Lord, which will give us a strong grip for discernment during these latter days.
Which means we should continue to support and vote for our most God-honoring candidates.
And if the Rapture doesn't happen this fall and President Trump gets sworn in and he begins righting the ship, I'll admit my error and we'll certainly plan another awesome Israel trip, by land or sea.
Use us, Lord!

Pics from our Grand Canyon trip...

Russ Miller is one incredible teacher. He's a gifted communicator. The theme for the entire trip might be summed up with the words, "by grain size, weight and density"... which is how the layers were formed all over the earth.

They were laid down by Noah's flood's swirling waters... the heaviest settling first, then the next heaviest, and so on until the last and lightest layer was formed at the top.

Amusingly, our Federal Government that runs the National Parks we visited weaves the non-Biblical theory of evolution into every explanation.

The creationists have the same information to study as the evolutionists but come to a different conclusion. And it fits like a glove with scripture. The evolutionists have more problems than Biden at a world leaders' meeting.

Below is a secular display that Russ uses to explain how the layers were laid down all over the earth in water by grain size, weight and density.

Below is a picture worth a thousand words. Across the large valley you can see the white layer on top (pink) and the orange layer under (green). And the huge valley in between is missing! Removed by the receding waters of Noah's flood!

Below, Russ teaching our group...

Russ also taught us via videos in between stops...like drinking out of a fire hydrant!

Our bus was huge!

With those big windows we could see a LOT!

These pics don't come close to conveying what we saw...

Check out the people (arrow) ...


Great lunches!

One night we went to a country western show for dinner. I'm not much for country music but we LOVED the whole evening.

We also took a jeep tour...

In Las Vegas

We dropped hundreds of Before/After Rapture tracts all over the Southwest! And we had time for a great date night in Vegas before we left.

We have dates for 2025!

This trip sells out each year, so if you want to really understand Noah's flood and evolution vs. creation from a Biblical perspective, register early! It's a great pick-me-up if the Rapture doesn't happen this fall, and it might not! 🙂

Compass Grand Canyon Trip Options 2025

Southern Rim From Phoenix, AZ


South Rim And Raft — May 29 - June 1, 2025

$1295 PP, double occupancy

Arrive Thursday, depart Sunday, includes 15-mile raft trip up and down the Colorado River. Includes hotels, travel meals away from Phoenix, raft trip and entrance fees.

Northern Rim From Las Vegas, NV


North Rim and Grand Staircase — June 4 - June 8, 2025

$1595 PP, double occupancy

Arrive Wednesday, depart Sunday, includes jeep tour, hotels, transportation, travel meals away from Vegas, raft trip and entrance fees to Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon National Parks.


I feel sorry for anyone trying to understand what's going on in the world today without having the Bible as a guide! But we know Who is really in control, and all things work together for us Believers. The links below are to help us be wise and aware as we live and make decisions living in the concluding moments of the Church Age. Use us, Lord! BP

---Clicking on any fuzzy picture below usually clears it up---

18% Increase in Excess Deaths



Officials in Maine yawn over proof of an 18% increase in excess deaths. Apparently killing us slowly via va((ination is ok.

Rep. Heidi Sampson, a Republican legislator from Maine, said the state’s Democratic lawmakers “shrugged their shoulders” when she proposed investigating the increase in sudden deaths in 2020 among young and middle-aged adults in Maine with no known previous illness.

Using 2015-2022 Maine all-cause mortality data analyzed by a statistician, she told her colleagues that Maine has since 2020 seen close to an 18% increase in excess deaths among 25- to 64-year-olds.

Sampson cited the CEO of the One America insurance company, saying he “publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age 18 to 64 was 40% higher than it was before the pandemic.”

"Yes, Everyone Is Really Sick A Lot More Often After Covid"

This is really, really interesting. Above is a headline and picture from a Bloomberg article. And last night I happened onto a Newsmax report where Chris Cuomo was claiming to be vaccine injured and wondering what was going on around the world.

Neither Cuomo or the Bloomberg article dared to hypothesize that all the death and disease INCREASING all around the globe are actually Covid va((inated people. But Bloomberg did put in this chart:

I added the "Flu shots increase" and "Covid vax shots" notations above to point out the obvious. More and more people are coming to terms with the fact if you've been vaccinated, you have a greater chance of sickness and death—and less chance of reproduction.

Bloomberg blames all this on climate change, social inequality, and poor health care but does throw out a bone about lower "immunities" in general.

The above quote is from a 60-second video Bloomberg posted. CLICK HERE

And last week we posted: Dr. Margaret Christensen said the contents of the COVID-19 shots, including the spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles, "severely impact our immune system’s ability to regulate itself correctly.”

And, of course, turbo cancer continues to screamingly rise in the va((inated.

All this could very well be the beginnings of a HUGE worldwide death surge that peaks during the 7-year Tribulation. It's listed on our chart that we're sending out to a million people.

Obviously, the death line circled above could very well be linked to the last line about worldwide distribution of va((ines. If Revelation 18 is not the USA, what other nation fits that characteristic?

And if you add "A mingled-people nation" and the other 23 or so characteristics, you have to conclude this nation ends abruptly after the Rapture. Quite abruptly. In one hour.

We have a lot to be thankful for... God has allowed most of us Believers in the world to have a good life, family, food and shelter. But one day the music stops.

Our supporters make up to 100 Before/After Rapture Flyers available for free (you pay shipping) to pass out to whomever—Bible study peeps, family, church, in library books...Pray about who you might give them to! (And if you're flat broke, call us and we'll pay the shipping.) CQLJ!

We're just pointing out what God says in the Bible that will one day take place. If someone has a problem, take it up with the Lord.

Duffy, et al., from the CDC, used the Vaccine Data Safety Link to study febrile seizures in children ages 1 to 5 months of age after vaccination.

They used extensive methods to exclude cases and report on 15 where it was absolutely certain that combination vaccination caused the seizures.

The results are alarming because compared to a control period of which febrile seizures could have occurred due to other causes of fever, there was nearly a fourfold increased risk of this potentially catastrophic event with combination vaccination given very early in life. Duffy, et al. have not followed up on these 15 children to be sure they have normal development. That is worrisome.

The bottom line is that parents should fully understand the real risks of febrile seizures and the theoretical benefit of vaccinating for adult illnesses (hepatitis B, influenza, pneumococcus, etc.) at such a young age.

Many bacterial infections are readily treatable with today’s antibiotics (diphtheria, pertussis, pneumococcus, haemophilus). Many of the viral syndromes are very mild and have exceedingly rare complications when encountered early in life (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, rotavirus).

(Bottom line—No child should ever be va((inated in the future for any reason until all of this is sorted out. And of course, if they do sort it out, we know what they will find, and so do they. So no sorting. BP.)

The Seven Raptures



The Rapture is not a Biblically unprecedented event.

Kansas’ complaint interestingly alleges Pfizer kept its own internal adverse events database, completely separate from the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), containing cases of adverse events reported spontaneously to Pfizer, cases reported by health authorities, and cases published in the medical literature.

The logical inference is not only that Pfizer had evidence of more problems than anyone else, but it did not share those problems with federal agencies, or even with VAERS. - — Jeff Childers, C&C

First-hand Heartbreaking Account Of October 7

19-minute video


An American visiting Israel went to the music festival with friends. She tells her story of how she survived, barely escaping death as people were dying all around her.

If you can take it, here's one more account by a girl who had her arm shot off, was captured, but released in the first group. CLICK HERE

The importance of these accounts cannot be overstated. The world (driven by Globalists/Satanists) is turning their back on Israel. They are trying to arrest Netanyahu for responding to 1400 Israelis being murdered...mostly unarmed men, women and children.

And if our heavenly rescue is delayed, we have to understand what we're up against. The USA and the world is not what it used to be. The bad guys have the power and they loathe Christians and Jews alike.


Who is surprised?

US and EU Reject Putin's Peace Proposal

By John Leake

The area Russia holds is inhabited largely by ethnic Russians who speak the Russian language. Are Americans and Europeans willing to die for Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia?

The comparison of Putin to Hitler—which we always hear every time the United States wants to get rid of a foreign leader—doesn’t hold water. The pigheaded refusal to negotiate with Putin is of the same species of stupidity as the insistence that everyone get a COVID-19 gene transfer shot.

The same gang of horrible people responsible for the official pandemic response are now determined to pursue a ruinous war with Russia, which will certainly result in unspeakable death and destruction. The summer of 2024 is starting to bear an eerie resemblance to the summer of 1914. 


"Obsessed With Targeting Reproduction"

In a nutshell, 84% of women who were va((inated while pregnant lost their babies via miscarriage or stillbirth. Unreal. And they KNEW it was going to happen. Apparently HOPED it would happen. Not recommended, but the painfully long 3-hour video link is HERE

Bird Flu Facts

25-minute video (watch at 1:25 speed)


This is really important information on the "Bird Flu." It is well-produced and edited by the McCullough Foundation (Peter McCullough).

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has issued a grim prediction that the next major pandemic will be caused by the bird flu.

“I really do think it’s very likely that we will, at some time—it’s not a question of if, it’s more a question of when—we will have a bird flu pandemic,” Dr. Redfield told NewsNation in an interview published on June 14.

So the Bird Flu fear-mongering continues ... and, granted, it may be a false flag to distract us from all the excess deaths going on.

But the Bird Flu may also be something the bad guys use to lock us up again. So important to know the truth. And you'll learn a lot about viruses.






How The Globalists Plan To End U.S. Sovereignty

48-minute video


This is quite good. Glenn Beck looks at what they're doing to end US sovereignty before Trump can get in office to change anything. He calls it the greatest world power grab in history, and they are pushing to conclude this year.

Not All Is Falling Down

Medical Liberty Activist GOP Nominated For Lieutenant Governor!

Outspoken pastor Micah Beckwith headlined rallies and wrote more than 4,000 letters to help people get religious exemptions from corporate vaccine mandates in 2021 and 2022.

Recently at the Indiana GOP state convention in Indianapolis, delegates nominated Micah Beckwith — a pastor and citizen activist who was one of the star speakers at rallies for medical liberty in the state—as their candidate for lieutenant governor, rejecting the candidate that Sen. Mike Braun, the nominee for governor, had chosen as his running mate.

In his barn-burner speech just before the vote, Beckwith railed against the Republican leadership’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, telling delegates that he wrote 4,500 letters for people desperately seeking help getting a religious exemption to their employer’s vaccine mandate so they could keep their jobs and told of a couple he knew who were distraught after their small business was declared non-essential by the governor in 2020, saying over the next year they lost everything, including their business and their home, and that at the end of the year the man then took his own life.

Not A Conspiracy

"The deep state is not a conspiracy theory. While the DOJ continues to prosecute Dr. Simone Goldwhistleblowers, J6 protestors, and the sitting president’s political opponent, they turn a blind eye to Fauci’s rampant criminality.

"Leaked audio reveals Dr. Fauci helped orchestrate the private sector to implement authoritarian vaccine mandates for the experimental COVID shots.

"When you make it difficult for people in their
lives, they lose their ideological bullsh**t." -Dr.

--Dr. Simone Gold


You should leave... and try living somewhere else. Good luck with that!


Signs of the Times....

Australia wants to change the way men think:


Guess Who's OK With Adultery?


A growing number of Democrats are softening their stance on the concept of marital infidelity, a new survey reveals.

In 2000, 85% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats found sex with someone other than your spouse to be “always wrong,” according to data from the General Social Survey (GSS), the leading barometer for Americans’ views on social issues.

As of 2022, 84% of Republicans have maintained their view on the matter, while Democrats have seen a 17% decrease, with 60% remaining unchanged. 

Not a lot more in the article, but the original is HERE

The Government Raid On Nourish Cooperative

6-minute video


Unfortunately this is not unbelievable, but rather, believable. This is more proof the Globalists/Satanists are trying to get control of the food supply, and the key word is control. Makes no sense. It's also more proof they're not worried about elections in November.

Summary by Mercola:

  • Nourish Cooperative was raided on May 28, 2024, leading to a cease and desist order on $90,000 worth of raw dairy products by the state of Michigan
  • The seized products, including raw cow kefir and raw goat yogurt, were left in fridges and freezers for over two weeks, causing spoilage and storage issues
  • On June 8, Nourish Cooperative requested permission from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to remove the spoiled products from their fridges. MDARD inspectors arrived on June 13 to oversee the disposal of the raw dairy products, but denied requests to repurpose the products for personal use or animal feed
  • The disposal process involved removing lids, boxing the products, and transporting over 25 large cardboard boxes to a dumpster, resulting in significant waste
  • Nourish Cooperative has had to stop selling all raw dairy products except raw cheese, but continues to sell other farm products like grass fed meats and raw honey.

Is Bird Flu The Next World Control Tool?

9-minute video


Del Bigtree and Jeff Jaxen investigate the media excitement surrounding the Bird Flu.

Europe Goes All-in For Bird Flu Va((ine

(Since the Globalists/Satanists are procuring this huge stockpile, it lends credibility that the Bird Flu will be the next world crisis to use to further their goals. -BP)

By Peter McCullough:

Will this vaccine work against the current strain (clade of avian influenza spread from farm to farm by migratory water fowl? 
(The pictures below will be difficult to view, but wanted to include them so you had some idea of what McCullough is referring to.)
As you can see, the results are dismal. As low as 28% of those 18-64 years, and 17% of those over age 65 years achieved the primary endpoint after two shots. We consider the lower values to be conservative and not overstate efficacy of vaccination. 
To make matters worse, Audenz does not cover the current strain of bird flu. These data suggest the EU just wasted a lot of money on a useless vaccine.
Even the package insert warns about these side effects, including failing to protect all recipients from bird flu.

Let’s hope the United States and other countries don’t make the same blunder. 
(Of course, most of the reason for the purchase is the lining of pockets of those in control while at the same time bankrupting the economy...for which they will also use for gaining more control.)


When The Dollar Finally Dies

By Leo Hohmann

The U.S. standard of living has been artificially boosted by the dollar's status as the global reserve currency, but what happens as that status crumbles?

1- Petrodollar Collapses, USA loses ability to print unlimited dollars because no one wants them.

2- Supply of dollar greater than the demand.

3- Everyone rushes to dump dollars to buy anything tangible.

4- Hyperinflation soars, interest rates, food and fuel skyrocket.

5- USA attempts to control/salvage dollar.

6- Massive reduction in value of all assets.

7- Most small businesses forced to close. Large businesses have massive layoffs.

8- A recovering economy will be much smaller due to reduced money supply.

(Now do realize, that it is my contention that yes, this will happen, but most of the mess will be post-Rapture. This is, again, based on the fact everything will be NORMAL for the world just before the Rapture. It will catch all the non-Believers by surprise.)

FDA Proposes New Warning for Tylenol

If the proposal from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finalized, companies that produce the medicines will be required to add a warning that states using acetaminophen may cause severe reactions requiring hospitalization or death. -Epoch
(I remember early in the Covid “crisis” seeing an urgent warning by a physician not to take Tylenol if you got Covid because taking it with Covid was killing people. I never saw it again after that one time. Big Pharma does not like people buying aspirin because they can’t make any money on them. So they came up with all of these other aspirin types, Advil, Tylenol, etc., and advertised that they were better in certain situations. But they failed to mention it could put you in the hospital or even could kill you.)


Biden head-butts the Pope...
Well, that's a first...



Highlights of ten events from this current year that show we're almost at the end of the Church Age.

Dr. Margaret Christensen said the contents of the COVID-19 shots, including the spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles, "severely impact our immune system’s ability to regulate itself correctly.”


Poor polar bears… of course it’s a fake picture to elicit sympathy. 

Climate Change Control

Article By Alex Newman
“These computer models are all based on evolutionary assumptions,and if those evolutionary assumptions are not true, their computer models are certainly not true.”
“When it comes to carbon dioxide, they say [burning] oil and gas is increasing the temperature in the atmosphere. Actually, true observational science shows that when the temperature in the atmosphere increases, carbon dioxide levels decrease, and when the temperature decreases, carbon dioxide levels increase. So it’s totally different to what they’re saying.” (i.e., They're lying.)

Energy Drinks Linked To Heart Attacks


Who is surprised?

Louisiana Votes To Display 10 Commandments In All Public School Classrooms





The Truth Behind The Israel/Hamas War


Dave Reagan is always 100% on the mark! A great 40-minute video explaining God, Israel and the Muslims. Kick back and enjoy, you'll be blessed by a man God is using greatly in these last days! Jan Markell adds some additional comments at the end of the video about Israel, Trump and Biden—why we're the laughing-stock of the world.


New Zealand Has 27% Increase In All-Cause Mortality For Va((inated



WOW! The truth continues to get out.

If you were age 65-69 and you were one of the 4M people who opted to get one or more jabs in New Zealand, on average, your mortality over a 1 year period from when you got your first shot was elevated by at least 27% from the official baseline mortality rates published by the New Zealand authorities for 2021 as well as 2022.


Proof Vax Had Zero Benefit



Here's official US government data, all in plain sight, so you can decide for yourself. If the vaccine reduced the risk of death, this data is simply impossible to explain.

Unfortunately, the estimated 21 million people who were killed or seriously injured by the va((ine now know it was all for nothing.


Vax Had Transhuman Purpose

49-minute video (You get the gist in the first 10 minutes or so, skip the first 60 seconds)


Investigative Researcher Karen Kingston: Pfizer Charged with Conspiracy, mRNA Shots Have Transhuman Purpose. Yep.

 Brutal Violence Against Teachers At Crisis Levels

Article and/or 7-minute video


By Alex Newman. According to the survey of over 8,000 teachers in 34 states, over 70 percent reported having been subjected to physical violence by a student. Over half of the respondents said they were attacked more than once or even “many times.”


“It will come about in [the latter days] that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against [Israel]. Zech. 12:3 

Biden Pulling Support Away From Israel



On Monday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chastised the White House in a rare video message, calling President Biden's withholding of some defense aid to Israel "inconceivable."

Responding to Netanyahu’s accusation,  White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defensively blurted, “We generally do not know what he’s talking about. We just don’t.”

Translation… “We know, but we can’t say what we know”

Well, sadly, it's just a matter of time until we completely pull the plug on Israel aid.

Ireland Is Ticked Off Over Migrants

9-minute video (couple of F-bombs)


Countries in Europe are being flooded with Muslim immigrants just like the United States and other European countries. They are using this to divide countries and the collapse their economies. The Irish people are NOT HAPPY!
You only need to watch about the first three or four minutes to get an idea of how people in Ireland are feeling about the immigration policies.
More on the European refuge scam HERE

And in case you missed it...

Mass Contamination of Blood Supply


Blood contaminated with the spike protein from va((inated blood donors raises the risk of inducing fatal neurodegenerative diseases in recipients.

Why Does The World Hate Israel And Not Hamas?



Well, actually we know the answer.



END, Compass eNews, June 20, 2024

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