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Gone: Truth, Transparency and Trust

June 11, 2024

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Dear Compass Supporters:

Most of the Compass staff are traveling to the Grand Canyon this week. So this week's article is a re-post by Jeff Childers. It's an excellent recap of his presentation last week to the National Association of Christian Lawmakers at its annual meeting at Liberty University. Gosh he's good! Enjoy!
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“Why do the wicked still live, continue on, also become very powerful? ...“They say to God, ‘Depart from us! We do not even desire the knowledge of Your ways.' They spend their days in prosperity, and suddenly they go down to Sheol." Job 21:7,13-14
I can't imagine what it would be like to "suddenly" go from the lap of luxury to hot, dark and forever flames. Like the rich man in Luke 16. Hell is one way, forever, with no hope, no do-over and no judges to bribe.
But we have been given eternal life in heaven. Not that we earned it, or deserved it, just a gift from the Lord. It's a wonderful God-given comfort to know ahead of time where we go when we transition to the next life.
He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life. These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life. 1John 5:12-13 

Gone: Truth, Transparency and Trust

By Jeff Childers

Why was I asked to come here and talk about “covid”? Isn’t the pandemic over? Can’t we move on already? Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over. The pandemic is the explanation for every major problem. The pandemic knocked the world off its axis, and it is still spinning wonky.

Here’s the problem. Covid launched the three most important Biblically based values historically constraining government into outer space: truth, transparency, and trust. In absentia, these fundamental core principles were all enslaved to a new master value: science.

From the first, when Christians originally invented science, it was never a value system. Christians already had a value system. Science was not a value system, it was a skeptical process for falsifying hypotheses.

Science was a thinking toolbox. It held a hammer of skepticism, a wrench of logic, and a screwdriver of reason. It was designed to help humans learn more about the natural laws governing our perceptible universe. You couldn’t touch science. You couldn’t see it. It’s not tangible. You can’t really put it in a toolbox, or a hot pocket, or anywhere else.

But like the Hulk, "science" evolved. It morphed, emerging after centuries from its intangible chrysalis of rational inquiry, revealed as something new, something tangible, something that had its own separate existence. It became Science with a capital ’S’. And Science was something to believe in, like Santa Clone or the Tooth Fauci.

Belief in capital-S Science required faith, not reason. And faith is something that brooks no questions.

Faith and belief are binaries. They are litmus tests. Either you believed in Science, or you didn’t—there was no middle ground. If you didn’t believe in Science, put your faith in Science, and trust in Science, you clearly were anti-Science.

You were, in fact, a Science denier.

The "Science denier" label was, of course, always a blood libel. It was intended to evoke the sulfuric odors of antisemitic Holocaust denial.  Ironically, shredding small-s science’s pragmatic roots, Science irrationally injected muddy belief and politics into the previously sterile corridors of rational philosophy.

It didn’t make sense. Calling people “anti-Science” always bore the same logical weight as calling atheists anti-God, or calling UFO skeptics anti-UFO.

(This irrational train would shortly pass through the rabbit hole tunnel and arrive at an Alice in Wonderland station where the gift shop sells books like Anti-Racist Baby. But that’s a different discussion.)

Science’s zealous and devoted high priests were the billionaires, bureaucrats, and bioengineers. Science’s sacrament was the high-tech vaccine that, like baptism, must be unquestioningly received by evangelistic believers in a public demonstration designed to prove their faith. Science’s original sin was disbelief.

Many career scientists with impeccable credentials who asked the wrong questions were branded anti-Scientific and ritualistically excommunicated from the ranks of true believers.

It’s easy to mistake the high priests of this new religion of Science as the architects and authors of the religion itself. Blaming the pandemic’s fervent administrators is natural, since they were the visible face of its worst excesses. But this comfortable conclusion overlooks the vast community of maniacal adherents.

Politics, they say, is downstream from culture.

Observe the global nature of the pandemic response. The new religion of Science took the world in its iron grip, and over a few days, every single world government signed a legal loyalty oath requiring them all to respond in exactly the same way.

But universal agreement is not human. Humans never easily agree on anything. They never all agree, even when people are all aligned and same-minded. Anyone who’s ever volunteered on the homeowner’s association board knows exactly what I mean.

How then did the entire world fall into line in a few days (apart from short-lived exceptions that more fully prove the rule)? How did they achieve universal agreement to supplant the long-standing, inarguable goods of truth, transparency, and trust with a brand-new lodestar, a new universal faith offering redemption to the human race — Science?

It’s exquisitely tempting, comforting even, to blame the high priests of the pandemic — the billionaires, bureaucrats, and bioengineers. Yet, global agreement has never before been achieved, regardless of money or military power.

We must look for a non-human cause.

In early 2021, I published my most widely read post, which immediately went viral, got me canceled, and got Coffee & Covid purged from every single publishing platform on the same day. It was a letter to the Church, addressed to pastors. I advised spiritual shepherds to stop falsely telling their flocks that the vaccines stopped transmission, and most of all, to stop preaching that taking the jabs was a moral imperative.

I explained that the World had been possessed by a demonic Spirit of Fear, manifested in a substitute religion of Science with its own rituals, sacraments, and high priests. (Biblical rabbit hole: compare Zechariah 1:7-11 and Zechariah 6 with Revelation 5:6 and 6:1-7, and discuss.) This diabolical Spirit of Science displaced everything in its satanic swath of destruction, casting churches into the non-essential abyss, instantly rendering them useless artifacts of the old order.

It was not coincidental that in the United States, the only lawful protection from the legalistic sacrament of mandates was a religious exemption.

The good news today is that, recovering its footing after the shock of the initial onslaught, the rational world fought back. Now we are at war. Because it involves Spirits and not reason, it is a spiritual war.

And a spiritual war requires a spiritual defense.

Every inexplicable post-pandemic development in the world, like all the wars — both real military wars and insane cultural wars — plus the rumors of wars, and downstream global effects like worldwide inflation, are merely by-products of this spiritual war.

If that is true, how then should Christian legislators respond? The legislative response is to restore to government the essential Biblical principles of truth, transparency, and trust. The legislative branch must overthrow the false Religion of Science, along with all its unholy sacraments and performative legalism. Don’t fall into the slough of despondence. Focus on those three positive values.

It’s unnecessary to grapple with Science’s made-up sins of misinformation, conspiracy theory, or its pseudo-scientific forced orthodoxy.

Government should always be truthful and should never lie. Government should always be transparent — sunlight being the best disinfectant — and should never act in secret. And government should always act in ways that cause citizens to trust it more, and never act in ways that destroy the essential trust required by democratic systems based on the notion that citizens govern themselves.

These arguments are uncontroversial and inarguable. Cling to them. Truth, transparency, and trust are universally recognized values. They aren’t the exclusive jurisdiction of Christians. They are fundamental, inarguable principles preserving freedom, individual rights, and human flourishing.

It is time to restore truth, transparency, and trust to government. It is time to reject the false premise that Science can somehow redeem humanity’s sins. It is time to focus legislative efforts on restoring real values, to force government to live up to its own standards, and to expose the false promises of pseudo-scientific deception, however painful or embarrassing that might ultimately be.

Thank you, Jeff Childers, for making the sacrifices to be willing to be used by God in the lives of so many.


I feel sorry for anyone trying to understand what's going on in the world today without having the Bible as a guide! But we know Who is really in control, and all things work together for us Believers. The links below are to help us be wise and aware as we live and make decisions living in the concluding moments of the Church Age. Use us, Lord! BP

---Clicking on any fuzzy picture below usually clears it up---

No Wonder God's Not Happy With The USA

23-minute Video


Guess who's the largest purveyor of sex trafficking in the world? The United States Government. Your tax dollars are being used for the worst of the worst. Hard to believe, but it's true. And it's more proof the Globalists/Satanists are running the U.S.

The Price Of Truth In Healthcare

Article and/or 4-minute video

CLICK HERE  (If prompted, click on the "No thanks" re: subscribing.)

Oh boy, this is a fascinating account of one doc's Covid observations.

"I observed the Chief of Surgery falsify medical records that resulted in his and the hospital's financial gain and inflicted patient harm to cover over a malpractice case involving a future business alliance. I reported this through the hospital's internal quality channels and am not aware of any legitimate investigation or action as a result of this fraud and patient's harm. I am aware that false accusations were brought against me following my report of these illicit activities."



DOJ Charges TX Whistleblower Doc

4-minute video


Laura Ingram interviews Texas doctor Eithan Haim. The DOJ is charging him with four felony chargers because he exposed a Texas hospital secretly conducting gender-affirming care on minors.

The Government (AKA known as Globalists/Satanists) is behind the gender-change push as it destroys the life of a confused person and makes them unable to conceive in the future.

This is, of course, unbiblical.

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Gen. 1:27

God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. Gen. 1:31 

American Doctors Call for End to Promotion of Experimental Drugs and Surgeries to Treat Children Expressing Gender Issues

A coalition of doctors and other professionals representing numerous healthcare groups urged establishment medical organizations in the United States to “immediately stop the promotion of social affirmation, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries for children and adolescents who experience distress over their biological sex.”

“Medical decision making,” the declaration asserts, “should not be based upon an individual’s thoughts and feelings, as in ‘gender identity,’ … but should respect biological reality and the dignity of the person by compassionately addressing the whole person.”
The declaration is issued in the wake of the final report by a team led by British pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass that concluded medically invasive treatment for gender dysphoria in children is founded on “remarkably weak” evidence.
"Gender ideology ... leads to the inaccurate view that children can be born in the wrong body." - Doctors Protecting Children Declaration

10 Million Illegals Have Entered Under Biden



A record 7.3 million illegal aliens have crossed the southwest border under President Biden's watch, a number which according to Fox News is greater than the population of 36 individual states. And you have to add 1.8 million gotaways — 10+ million.

But Biden will cap the incoming onslaught at 2500 per day. Hmmm.... that's supposed to be a good thing. But why not zero?

We're watching the destruction of our country in real time. And when the music stops, and the lights come on, there won't be one less chair. There will be no chairs at all.

Taking Back The Temple Mount

Two short video clips (50 seconds and 2 minutes)


These are two colorized video clips of the Jews taking over the Temple Mount in 1967. Shows Jewish warriors storming the Old City of Jerusalem and returning the Temple Mount back to Jewish sovereignty for the first time since the Bar Kochba Revolt in 134 AD.

Breitbart News reported that Biden presented a three-part proposal and claimed, four times, that it was Israel’s proposal.

Biden waited until the onset of the Jewish Sabbath to make his remarks, making it more difficult for the Israeli government to respond. Notably, the proposal did not call for the destruction or disarmament of Hamas, and Biden told Israelis in his speech that they could not expect “total victory.”


Biden Lies About Jobs Created



All  jobs in the past year have gone to illegal aliens. And check out this chart...

During Pride month, author, actor, Christian and patriot Kirk Cameron is set to hold a new "See You at the Library" event this summer on August 24 as a call to stand strong for family, faith and country in a divided America — and as a continuation of what he launched last year with publisher Brave Books, which issues books focused on traditional values.

"It is not a surprise to anyone who loves God, who loves their children and who loves America that our country and our children are under assault today," said Cameron.



There you have it.


Living In Satan's World

“We don’t win down here, we lose. You ready for that? Oh, you were a post-millennialist... you thought we were just going to waltz into the kingdom when we take over the world? No, we lose here — get it. They killed Jesus. They killed all the apostles. We’re all going to be persecuted. We don’t win. We lose on this battlefield, but we win on the big one, the eternal one.” -John MacArthur

Hmmmm....well, actually we've already won the big one, but I get his point. I tend to camp out on the fact that God is still in control of everything. Not everyone will be persecuted for their faith on this earth. Many have lived perfectly normal American lives over the last 70 to 100 years and transitioned peacefully into the arms of our Lord and Savior. I suspect, and am praying, it will be like that until the Rapture.

But then there's this:

OAN’s Brooke Mallory Friday, June 7, 2024. Over sixty Christians were recently killed in a gruesome attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Masala area of Beni. The massacre has been attributed to ISIS, as the group has now claimed responsibility on Telegram, the UK’s Express outlet reported.

McCullough Re: Fauxi

“Dr. Scott Atlas,who wrote the book A Plague Upon Our House, had face-to-face interactions with Fauci for months. Scott said Fauci did not know the studies he should have been citing, nor did he know the data. According to Scott, Fauci was so incompetent, he couldn’t even pronounce long medical words. At times he was almost worse than a medical student.” — Dr. Peter McCullough, Courageous Discourse email, June 7, 2024

Covid Va((ines Disrupting Human Immune Systems

Dr. Margaret Christensen said the contents of the COVID-19 shots, including the spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles, "severely impact our immune system’s ability to regulate itself correctly.”


International Court of Criminals Threatens Humanity

27-minute video
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a dangerous fraud that recognizes none of the protections for rights and due process that Western peoples fought to secure over many centuries, and is in fact a criminal operation, warns investigative journalist and author of books on the UN William Jasper in this interview with The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman.
The world's problems are now our problems too.

Canada's "Front Hole"

In perfect signs-of-the-times fashion, Canada’s largest cancer charity has apologized to the transgender community for using the word “cervix” to refer to the organ in the female reproductive system instead of “front hole.”

The Canadian Cancer Society is receiving backlash for lamenting the “significant barriers” that “trans, non-binary and gender-diverse people” supposedly face when being screened for cervical cancer, like the horrors of correct medical terminology.

“We recognize that many trans men and non-binary people may have mixed feelings about or feel distanced from words like ‘cervix.’ You may prefer other words, such as ‘front hole,'” the organization said on its website. “We recognize the limitations of the words we’ve used while also acknowledging the need for simplicity.”


ICC Power Grab Has Us In The Crosshairs

24-minute video


Neither the U.S. government nor the Israeli government are signatories to the Rome Statute that created the controversial court. And yet, under the guise of pursuing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for “genocide,” the court is claiming it has the power to prosecute him despite the State of Israel never offering its consent.

Now, the “Court” is even threatening U.S. Senators who are speaking out. In this episode, Alex does a deep dive into all the dangers of this kangaroo court.

Microplastics Found In Plastic Water Bottles and Face Masks


The microplastics are causing a huge fertility drop...

They've obviously been implementing this for years. No wonder so many couples are having trouble having kids! Between the plastics and the horrendous va((ines, it's a miracle anyone is getting pregnant.


The Agenda Behind Healthcare Misinformation

25-minute video (start at 4 minutes)


David Fiorazo interviews Dr. Lee Merritt who explains how we know the goal of the health industry is not to keep people well, but rather, enslavement. This is quite the eye-opener!

A Retail Bloodbath



More than 2,600 store closings have been announced so far in 2024. And this year will be 40% higher than last year.

What The Bad Guys Control

25-minute video— but what you need to know is in the first 15-minutes


Key corporations control all mainstream media, shaping the public narrative.


Japan has very few Believers, so they have no rudder...which is sort of where we're headed.

In case you missed the memo....


(This is a bit technical and wordy, but in summary—more and more SCIENTISTS are coming out of the Covid closet—like this scathing review of the designed pathogen (poison) in the deathly mRNA va((ines)

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

For years I have been wondering when institutional scientists would break rank with the orthodoxy and publish on the COVID-19 vaccine debacle and particularly the failure of mRNA as an immunization platform.

Igyarto and Qin from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, United States, published a pointed review on the topic in Frontiers in Immunology questioning the idea of giving synthetic genetic code within a lipid nanoparticle particularly when the code was for the Spike protein which is highly pathogenic and at the same time was known to mutate rapidly.

Thus the vaccines from the start from a mechanistic perspective were doomed to be unsafe and ineffective because SARS-CoV-2 strains would easily emerge to coexist within the hosts who have been injected with the non-sterilizing vaccines.

How safe and effective are the mRNA-LNP vaccines?

“The mRNA-LNP COVID-19 vaccines, based on early analysis of the clinical trial data, were deemed safe and effective across demographics (4546). However, recent peer-reviewed research studies, a wide variety of continuously increasing case reports, and publicly available adverse events databases cast doubts on the safety and effectiveness of these products.”


“Thus, these data suggest that these vaccines’ efficacy in decreasing disease severity and death might lie with their previously undiscovered immune suppressive characteristics. These findings further highlight the need for rigorous pre-clinical studies to limit potential unexpected consequences for novel platforms.”

In the central figure, despite vaccine safety data systems being grossly underutilized and cases under-reported, the authors demonstrate a several logarithmic fold increase (compared to all other vaccines) in a wheel or giant array of serious adverse events and deaths.


Rep. Thomas Massie (KY) On Debt

(Plus Area 51, kill switches in cars, the deep state and why he voted against Israel funding)

2-hour video


This is a typical fun Tucker Carlson interview, but long. The first 10 minutes is great explanation of our massive Federal debt problem. Here is a rough outline of the whole thing:

(3:19) Where Does US Debt End?

(10:32) Why Massie Voted 15 Times Against Funding Israel

(14:53) AIPAC

(34:04) Mitch McConnell

(42:25) Area 51

(50:32) Massie's Relationship with Trump

(57:09) Kill Switches in Cars

(1:05:58) Mike Johnson and the Deep State

(1:14:34) How Massie Got Into Politics

(1:18:29) Living off the Grid

Man In A Dress Wins Miss Maryland

God says....

“A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God." Deut. 22:5   


Good docs are slowly coming out...better late than never.


2008 All Over Again?

World Net Daily

Back in 2006 the government unwisely forced banks to let anyone with a pulse get a mortgage for any amount, without regard to income or credit scores. The result was a crushing housing crash.

Now, 18 years later, Biden is implementing radical housing policies that will likely again crash the whole housing market.

'High-risk borrowers are encouraged to take on debt they can't repay'

The Biden administration has pushed for easier home financing for higher-risk borrowers amid surging housing costs, increasing the risk of a wave of defaults, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The government-sponsored corporations Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, regulated by the Federal Home Financing Administration (FHFA), have taken a number of steps to increase financing opportunities for higher-risk borrowers under the Biden administration, including subsidizing higher-risk borrowing by hiking rates on lower-risk borrowers.

Many of these actions have led to Americans taking on an increasingly large amount of debt while lending facilitated by government entities has grown in size, creating a growing possibility that a wave of foreclosures and defaults could create a shock in the housing system, according to experts.


No comment...

Food For Thought



The stage is being set for the global food crisis and mass starvation outlined in Revelation 6.

More on the Globalists/Satanists war on food CLICK HERE

15-minute shocking and almost unbelievable video about how they have literally cut off the water from farmers in Idaho causing the crops to die. It's happening right in front of our eyes!!

And here's a summary quote from Brighteon:

Germany has announced they will seize food supplies and serve just one meal per day to citizens, while forcing everyone to work for the military, also while drafting all young men into the military.

Similar plans are under way for France, Poland, Romania, the UK, Austria and other European nations. Similar plans are already established in the USA under the NDAA.

Sorta feels like things are coming apart, or coming together...

Support For Israel Declines Among Younger Believers



Support for dispensationalism and Israel has plummeted more that 50% among evangelicals under 30 as they increasingly embrace amillennialism and postmillennialism doctrines. In other words, they are not taught Bible basics.

Plus, we let our educational system teach them evolution is a fact, not a theory.

You can't ask the elephant-in-the-room question...


Ukrainian Air Strike Inside Russian Territory

By Leo Hohmann

Well, it didn’t take long for Ukraine to take advantage of its new-found freedom to use Western weapons to strike targets deep inside Russia. A Ukrainian SU-75 Flanker like the one pictured above was reportedly used to deliver the missile.

Ukraine is boasting that it has launched its first successful airstrike by fighter jet inside Russian territory.

Zero Hedge reported an unidentified Ukrainian military source described to Sky News that an air-launched missile strike was conducted inside Russia's Belgorod region Sunday, hitting a "Russian command node.”

Sky News says this “raised the likelihood that a Western-supplied missile was used in the attack, highlighting that it comes soon after Western allies including the US greenlighted Kiev's use of NATO-supplied munitions to attack inside Russia.”

It was not immediately clear what type of munition was used in the attack, including whether or not it had been a Western missile, the report said.

The Ukrainian military source told Sky: "A Ukrainian Air Force (UAF) mission has struck a Russian command node in Belgorod."

"While damage assessment is still occurring, it is confirmed as a direct hit," the statement added. "This is the first UAF air-delivered munition delivered against a target within Russia."

Cross-border drone attacks have become commonplace between the two warring nations, but never has there been a report of a fighter jet attacking a location inside Russia's borders.

We also do not know for certain if it was an actual Ukrainian who was piloting the fighter jet, or if it was an American or national of some other NATO country posing as a Ukrainian.

Either way, this is a major escalation that we knew was coming. Russian President Vladimir Putin will now be forced to retaliate, as he has vowed to do, and this is the kind of tit-for-tat escalation that I have been warning cannot end well for the United States or its allies, or for Russia. There will be no winners with cities lying in smoldering ashes. Absent a miraculous breakthrough for peace, we are now well down the path toward World War III.

(BP Note: If the Globalists/Satanists are willing to mass murder millions to reduce the world's population, they would think nothing of trying to start WW3 to be able to take down the USA, declare martial law, have mail-in balloting and implement a digital currency. Not a prediction, just an observation that fits with scripture.)

And one more time, the lights should stay on in most of the world til the Rapture (Matt. 24) and go off immediately after (Rev. 18). So be bold in your witnessing as we ramp up to the Rapture!



END, Compass eNews, June 13, 2024

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Bill Perkins
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Bill Perkins
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