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God's 7 World Judgments

December 7, 2023

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In the timeline graphic above you can see seven unique and different periods in the Bible of varying lengths of time. God doesn’t change, but He changes how He deals with humans on earth during each period.

Things were markedly different after Adam's sin, Noah’s flood, the Tower of Babel and the Cross. Things will also be remarkably different when the Church Age is over.

On the chart you can also see God’s major worldwide judgments that occur at the end of each time period. Each judgment dealt with, or will deal with, sin — which is the continued rebellion of people against believing God and following His all-wise plan for His honor and their well-being.

Four of these worldwide judgments have taken place in the past and three will take place in the future.

The next Biblical judgment is prophesied to occur at the end of the roughly 2000-year-long Church Age. It is believed that Jesus died in 33 A.D.

The Church Age ends without warning, in a nano-second, when millions of Christians worldwide astonishingly disappear into thin air.

in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; 1Cor. 15:52

…we will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air… 1Thess. 4:17

This event is called the Rapture as God will rescue His Christians into heaven before He pours out His horrific judgmental wrath on earth. God promises that Christians are not appointed to His wrath.

Jesus, who rescues us from the wrath to come. 1Thes. 1:10

The Bible is very specific about what happens immediately after the Rapture. There are verses that discuss this in both the Old and New Testaments. And by looking at what is prophesied to happen just after the Rapture, we can get a clue as to how close we are to the Rapture, which is immediately followed by 7 years of God’s Wrath on earth.

The chart above is divided into “Just Before” and “Just After” the Rapture. The blue up-arrow in the middle represents the time of the Rapture.

On the right side, “Just After,” you can see some of what the Bible says WILL happen just after the Rapture. On the left is what we should be seeing before the Rapture…assuming we’re close to that soon-approaching God-ordained moment.

It’s interesting to read that list on the left side, the list of what we should be seeing if we're approaching that day God removes Believers and the Tribulation begins.

Think about it... those predictions were written 2000 years ago! They absolutely prove the accuracy of the Bible and underscore the importance of studying Bible prophecy.

So we're just warning people what's dead-ahead, like it not, prepared or not.

If this information is interesting to you, on the reverse there are two links we think you’ll like. One is to view The Entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation in 30 Minutes. No opinions, just facts. It’s had over a million views in the last 20 years. It will open your eyes to what’s in the Bible, where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

The other is a link to Millions Missing?— an important guide of what to do if you should miss the Rapture. Millions will still be saved during the Tribulation and that pamphlet explains how you can still go to heaven.

And if you’re not a Christian and want to miss the 7-years of earthly Tribulational horror that’s dead ahead, grab a Bible and look up these verses:

John 3:1-7
Romans 10:9

What you’ll learn is that if you BELIEVE in your heart by faith the good news that Jesus came from heaven to earth, died on the cross at Calvary to save sinners, and rose from the dead, you’re now a BELIEVER, a new Christian….forever! Jesus paid it all (Titus 3:5).

Then pray the Lord will find you a good church to help you with your new walk, one where people bring and open their Bibles on Sunday.

Also, compass.org has hundreds of Bible-teaching videos by top Christian teachers that anyone around the world can watch for free.

Let's face it, eternity's a long time so it's worth looking into.

So that's the guts of the mailer. Hoping many in the dark will find it helpful—for them or someone they know.

Please keep us in your prayers!

The prudent sees the evil and hides himself, but the naive go on, and are punished for it. Prov. 22:3

In looking over the links below, I feel sorry for anyone trying to understand what's going on in the world without using the Bible as a guide! BP

---Click on any fuzzy picture below to clear it up---

1 in 4 Va((inated Experience Bad Immune Response

This could be huge. C&C is reporting that yesterday a shocking new peer-reviewed, gold-standard study was just released with one headline describing it this way: One in four who had Moderna or Pfizer Covid jabs experienced unintended immune response. One in four — 25%!

The explosive study by 20 authors is already rattling cages even though it was only published yesterday, December 6th,  in the well-respected journal Nature.

The study's conclusion was: (Trying to downplay the results)

No adverse effects were created by the error, data show, but Cambridge scientists found such vaccines were not perfect and sometimes led to nonsense proteins being made instead of the desired Covid “spike,” which mimics infection and leads to antibody production (and) an immune system flare-up.

C&C comments:

The researchers discovered that a necessary ingredient in the mRNA vaccines (1-methylpseudouridine) has an unfortunate side-effect: it messes up RNA translation one-third of the time by slipping a gear every so often. Instead of making the intended spike protein, these tiny mistranslational slip-ups create … other things. Other kinds of proteins. New ones.

And there’s no way at all to predict what kind of protein it will create. It’s stochastic (completely random).

The ‘vaccine’ creates stochastic proteins one third of the time. In one-third of cells, not people, like the Telegraph again mis-reported. There are trillions of mRNA packages in each shot. So — unless I’m missing something — what the study is saying, without actually saying it, is that this is happening inside every single jab recipient.

And it’s happening a lot.

Now, you know I hate to sound negative, but I’m guessing there would have been a lot more vaccine hesitancy had people known that trillions of their cells would soon randomly be creating bizarre, novel proteins, and for an indeterminate and possibly long time.

That sounds a lot like Russian roulette.

(Professor Anne Willis, Director of the MRC Toxicology Unit) adds it is very exciting that there is a way to fix the issue, which “massively de-risks this platform going forward.”

Screech! Hold on, wait just a minute! Slam on the brakes for a second. If fixing the issue “massively de-risks the (mRNA) platform” … that means … there are massive risks to be fixed. And that quote, ladies and gentlemen, gave away the entire game, right there, and showed us what the study authors are really thinking.

They are appalled, just like we are. And they got the message out the only way they could, smuggled across the peer-reviewed border in a hollowed-out teddy bear of exciting opportunities.

You have to love Jeff Childers' analogies! You can read his entire analysis toward the end of Thursday’s issue HERE:

Israel To Flood Gaza's Tunnels With Seawater

1-minute video


Too funny. Of course they're checking the tunnels first for hostages etc., but there is some downside risk of buildings falling in... sorry... I mean an upside in urban renewal.

Scottish Cumulative Excess MortalitySame as what they found with the peer-reviewed study above.

There is another story below about a whistleblower showing proof 20% of va((inated New Zealanders have already died!

Now since all this new death info is backing Big Pharma into a corner, we shouldn't be surprised if they try to cause something major to happen to get everyone off their scent!

Brought To You By Pfizer

1-minute video


Yes, they dubbed in the sound/announcements. But the videos are real. Makes a point.

Another Scottish graph...qualifies for "Can You Spot The Trend?"

973% Increase In British Military Pilots' Heart Attacks

8-minute video


Russell Brand is unique and different and a good communicator. He lets his hair down, so to speak. This clip is one of his best ever.

And right in the middle of his 8 minutes of absolutely shocking information about British military pilots having heart attacks left and right, he has to awkwardly stop to sell some sponsored product. If you remember, YouTube recently demonetized him, depriving him of his income.

Del Bigtree Tangles With Elon Musk

14-minute video

So Big Pharma has had it easy rebuking moms about their kids getting autism right after a round of childhood va((ines. They've even duped normally skeptic Elon Musk. But it's a horse of a different color when they go against the like of the Highwire. Sic 'em Del!
What we know is that Big Pharma lies. They have no incentive to making you better, only sicker. And those 72 va((ine shots Big Pharma demands your kids take to go to school is CAUSING autism and a host of other problems creating patients for life. ALL va((ines should be stopped immediately. Plain and simple.
This clip just touches the surface.

Call To Assassinate Trump?



And/or HERE

There's a lot of news about a recent article in the Washington Post that could easily be interpreted to read, someone has to do something or Donald Trump could get elected and become Hitler. Rep. Gaetz, among others, thinks that's what they're implying.

We know Trump is no Hitler, but they will say anything. At this point I think it's more likely they WANT you to think it's possible that fair elections could happen and Trump gets elected again.

But I personally think it's never going to happen. I do want it to happen. I just think they will never let go of power, ever. I'm going to vote if given the opportunity. The States seem to be all that's left anyway.

new report from Fidelity, the nation's largest provider of 401(k) plans, reveals a troubling trend—Americans are increasingly tapping their retirement savings in the form of hardship withdrawals and loans.

2o% Of Vaxxed New Zealanders Have Died

Whistleblower in New Zealand Tells The Truth, Gets Arrested

This is an interesting story. In New Zealand, a database administrator just went public revealing that some va((ine batches have killed nearly one of every four of the recipients who took them. This guy was just trying to tell the world what he could clearly see that was being covered up. And they are continuing to die.

In the video you could see this guy barely had the courage to share the info.

The video is slow, you can skip the first 7-minutes. Or just read the quotes.


So what happens next could be expected... they immediately arrest him for "Stealing Health Care Data."

Poor guy. You can't show proof in public that the government is lying. That'll cost you!

Epoch Times Reports:

A 56-year-old health worker in New Zealand has been arrested for allegedly misusing and disclosing COVID-19 vaccination data.

Barry Young, who worked for public health agency Te Whatu Ora, which runs the country's hospitals, received plenty of support during his court appearance on Dec. 4—Mr. Young was met with a standing ovation from the public gallery.

We'll see where this goes...


So, knowing this, why not just pull the drug? Because Big Pharma is a group of for-profit companies. They don't want to get people well, they want to keep people on the dole.


Today's Antisemitism is Tomorrow's Antichristian



Mohler identified the root cause of anti-Semitism in the Jews’ special status as God’s chosen, or “elect,” people. But we know this is actually from Satan. And Believers are also chosen, grafted into the promises of Abraham. So we're next.

We're protected from God's wrath, not man's persecution. We've just been living in the USA all our lives never expecting to lose our Constitutional rights. But they're eroding every day.

Money Supply Collapse Continues


Good financial info for those inclined...

Leaders of the World Council of Churches, Muslim Council of Elders, and New York Board of Rabbis released statements in 2021 and 2022 saying that banks, pension funds, and insurance firms had a "moral imperative" to stop investing in fossil fuels.
(Well, this seems silly to us today. We all know "saving the earth that has nothing to do with a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But post-Rapture, with the Illuminator of Truth missing from planet earth, there will be no stopping things like this. BP)

Tucker Destroys John Kerry

15-minute video


A fun watch with lots of info.




New Trans Textbook for Psychiatrists Could Harm Millions of Kids, Critics Say

The textbook will be perceived as authoritative because it was printed by the APA's publishing arm, she said.

"Anyone wanting to practice gender-affirming care, any attorney wanting to defend it, and any legislator who wants to protect it, now they have a new peer-reviewed textbook, not just 'evidence' in a journal or a study," she said.

Hospitals could demand doctors go by the textbook because APA put it out, or it could even be used to remove the license of doctors who don't go along with it, Mr. Hopewell said.

The entire document is predicated on an uncritical acceptance of queer
theory, which is more accurately Queer Marxism.
James Lindsay, conservative commentator


END, Compass eNews, Dec. 7, 2023


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