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Embarrassingly Duped

July 7, 2022

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[Note: When we constantly deal with the subject of God's wrath, it can get a bit dark. So to balance it out this week, I decided to share about Susie and me getting totally, and I mean totally, duped. It was so well done that I have to tell you at the beginning, not the end. I wouldn't want you to go through the same heart palpitations that I did! Enjoy! BP]


These days it's no big deal to talk to your iPhone. I can be driving in my car and say "Siri, call SP" and Siri responds with "Calling SP." Nice hands-free feature.

I've also gotten used to asking Siri quick questions. Things like, "Siri, who was the 7th President of the United States?" It becomes addicting.

We even have two hard-to-reach lights in our den that we've programmed into Siri. I can say "Siri, turn on the den lights." and she says "OK" and the lights come on, or off. Just amazing.

Yes, I know that means the bad guys are listening to everything I'm saying. But hey, they have to also listen to our weekly Bible study, prayers at meals, and Susie's and my growing prayer list every morning.

And if things go south and they arrest us as Christians, shoot us or cart us off to a camp, so be it. But the point I'm making here is that we've gotten used to interacting with Siri and her somewhat-sultry-sounding voice.

So recently we were vacationing with our family (thanks to a free beach condo from some dear friends) and I unplugged Susie's iPhone from charging overnight. Siri abruptly came on and said,

"Update complete... scanning for unvaccinated."

I just about had a cow. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I took the phone to Susie and told her about the message. She and I pondered what it meant.

"Update complete" was not out of the ordinary, but "scanning for unvaccinated"? How was that possible?

My mind was going a million miles an hour...I reasoned the only way her phone could do this was to somehow detect how many heartbeats were nearby, and then subtract the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Goose bumps galore!

I got online and tried to find what people were saying about this feature. I found nothing, zilch. Hmmm...

Since no one else was talking about this, I reasoned that Susie must have accidentally gotten a new update in error, something highly classified but not yet released. And it was scanning people in the room! Wow, wow, wow!

The next morning Susie unplugged her iPhone and a new message said,

"Scanning complete... 11 of 13 unvaccinated."

Jeepers Creepers!!!! I felt like I had been fully undressed and marched into church! We had had everyone over for dinner the night before, 13 family members in all. The only vaccinated person we knew about was our former exchange student visiting from Germany (who is now part of our extended family).

So now we're wondering who else got vaccinated? We surmised it must be one of our sons-in-law. Naturally. With all I've been sharing with them about these horrible vaccinations, one caved and took it!!! 🙁

I was in the middle of writing the weekly Compass eNews and decided to write about this incredible phone feature that obviously updated Susie's phone by mistake. It was like seeing into the future. I was going to call it "Bombshell." That's how totally duped I was.

Well, once it became known that I was including all this in the eNews, the sons-in-law sheepishly confessed they tricked us. Boy did we feel stupid!!!!

Turns out there is a feature on an iPhone that you can have a message repeated by Siri every time you plug, or unplug your phone.

The whole family was in on it. They all played along without giving it away. It shows how easily we can be tricked into assuming something is true, when it's totally fake.

They took off the Siri message but left Susie with a new message. Now every time she unplugs her phone Siri says, "Wait, just give me five more minutes."

We have no idea how to get it off.




Additional Resources

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If you only have a little time,
watch these two first!

1) 75 Million Americans Projected to Die From Va((ine In The Next Two Years

60-minute video (Can watch at 1.25 view speed)

Every Believer needs to take the time and watch this video. Greg Hunter interviews Dr. David Martin, who gives proof these scumbags knew what they were doing from the very beginning.

2) Exposing The Fraud

25-minute video (Can watch at 1.25 view speed)

Ed Dowd is a former BlackRock investment manager. Nothing like hard analysis of the facts to draw a clear picture of what's dead ahead.

What's Going On Worldwide—In 17 Minutes

17-minute video

The entire world takeover explained in a video collage that made my skin crawl.


Food Crisis Was Planned For Years


Two years before we started hearing in the media about a coming food shortage, the Rockefeller Foundation issued a report predicting a food crisis! Jerks.

Interesting Amir Tsarfati Update

29-minute video

A lot is going on in Israel and this is worth the time to hear. He covers Israel taking out Syrian drones headed toward its off-shore oil and gas platforms and the preparations for the future Ezekiel 38/39 war.

The Connection Between Prescription Drugs And Mass Shootings

20-minute video

Tucker Carlson examines the true causes of mass shootings... and they have nothing to do with guns.

Georgia Guide Stones Down

Article and Short News Video

Those Satanic 16' marble blocks that are located 666 miles from the UN building in NYC have been destroyed. A bomb took out one and then the county officials pushed over the others for safety purposes. Good riddance!

Austria Blames Docs For Va((ine Injuries


This takes the cake... the Austrian Health Minister is blaming doctors for not warning their patients about the risks of the va((ines...LOL! If docs spoke out they lost their license to practice, but since they didn't speak out, now they will get sued.



The Hostile Takeover Of World's Food System

Summary Article and/or 30-Minute Video

Christian Westbrook, also known as the Ice Age Farmer, says recent supply problems, production and availability of food are the result of a generations-long Globalist plan to take over agriculture. It's just amazing that it perfectly fits the Biblical end-time scenarios.

New World Order Meets In Davos

8-minute video

This is really interesting. Jesse Watters of Fox News covers the Globalists/Satanists "Take over the world" meeting in Switzerland. And the remarks by Rand Paul are amazing.

Va((ine More Likely to Cause Serious Injury Than Reduce Risk of COVID-Related Hospitalization


Va((ine trial data shows the risk of serious injury following the vaccine is greater than the reduction in Covid hospitalizations. But the data remain unobtainable. Wonder why?


30-second video

These Globalists/Satanists want to take the world population down to 500 million and keep it there. So the world's children are the battleground of the future—front and center!

Dutch Uprising


Let's just say the Dutch Farmers have had enough of the farming restrictions. This is not, of course, covered on our nightly news!

Carrie Madej Plane Crash Update

Carrie would like everyone to know she is recovering well from the "accident." But she also says that since the crash she's been enveloped in a major dark oppression and would appreciate any and all prayers.

Ed Hindson Is In Heaven

Ed was one of the truly great Bible teachers of our day. His love and enthusiasm for pre-tribulational Bible doctrine was contagious.

At Liberty University his prophecy classes were so much in demand that they were held in the main auditorium. And there were always people on the floor of the hallways listening outside the doors.

His Steeling the Mind presentations were legendary. We will miss him very much. PTL that we have 16 of his past Steeling the Mind video presentations HERE!

Regarding Gold

As fate allowed, last week I wrote about the importance of precious metals being part of anyone's investment package. So what happens? The daily price of gold and silver promptly dropped like a lead balloon.

So just want you to know that nothing has changed. The game is rigged and I believe that it's better, regardless of the price, to have gold or silver coins, or real estate, or diamonds, etc., in your possession than digits that can be controlled elsewhere.

The point I tried to make was that it was my opinion (not as an investment advisor) that if the Rapture doesn't happen in the next 2 or 3 years, I'm guessing you'll be ecstatic for having traded your dollars for any tangible asset.

So trying to buy at the very bottom, and metals could go lower, is not the as important as trading paper for gold/silver into your personal possession.

Also, I failed to mention that neither Compass nor its employees receive any commissions from the links provided. Shalom!

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Bill Perkins
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Bill Perkins
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