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Don't Be Surprised!

November 3, 2022

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Don’t Be Surprised!

Elections are next week and they’ll set the tone for how much additional damage the Globalists/Satanists will be doing to our country over the next two years.

Obviously, we’re all praying the Republicans take the House and Senate to put the brakes on the Biden Regime’s Globalist March. Hopefully that would lead to the bad guys being tried for treason.

Regaining control of our Republic, even for just a few years, would be major. But what these commies have been doing to our country over the last 20 months has already severely damaged the golden goose.

We Are At War

So let’s be realistic… when the communists in control persecute their political opponents, censor their political opponents’ social media accounts, cancel their opponents’ bank accounts, sue their political opponents to make examples to others…and are not held accountable, we have to understand what we’re dealing with. We’re fighting for our country. And currently losing!

But knowing that the Lord is still in control, we’re hoping/praying that He will allow us to change our country’s direction toward a more Godly track.

Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Rom. 13:1

Whatever happens in this election, it’s His call… not the Globalists’/Satanists’. We can serve Him with thanksgiving knowing that one day all this will be behind us. Our future is bright, their future is dark.

The Bigger Problem

However, as we’ve discussed before, no one is allowed to publicly mention the greatest orchestrated die-off in the history of the world. Massive numbers of people dying for supposedly unknown reasons. And it’s taking place right under our noses. It’s the elephant of all elephants in the room.

Of course WE KNOW what’s going on. It’s all part of the Globalist/Satanist strategy getting ready for a post-Rapture world.

And let's face it, Satan loves death. Look at that cancer chart. What moron doesn't see a correlation between the va((ine and the sudden increase in cancer?

Again, we have no idea when the Rapture will take place, but we can easily see the signs that it’s close. Apparently so can Satan.

More On The Killer Va((ine

We highly recommend that you take the time to watch this video. Unreal! This proves that we’re dealing with Satanic influences. It shows proof from multiple sources that the poisonous design of the va((ine was meant to eventually wipe out a large swath of earth’s population.


Billions dying on the earth is consistent with what the Bible says will happen early in the Tribulation.

If the Lord tarries, this obvious increase in worldwide death from all these unknown causes will eventually be linked to the va((ines. The Globalists/Satanists will lie, because that's what they do best. But the world will no doubt figure this out. And the va((inated will be furious for being duped! Might be connected to this verse:

For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. 2Th. 2:11-12

So apparently a large group of people will believe a lie around the time of the Rapture. The lie could be the Rapture itself, trying to explain away where all those people disappeared to. Or it certainly could be the lie that the va((ine is safe and effective. We now KNOW it's anything but safe and effective. And people pushing taking the jab sure seem deluded.

It appears that the government is trying to keep the cat in the bag until after the elections. Around the world, countries are reporting the truth—that the va((ines are killing people! (I posted a couple of news headlines from Germany and Great Britain in the "Signs of the Times" section below)

Marjorie Taylor Greene just introduced a bill in the house to investigate why all the people are "dying suddenly."

People are not only dying suddenly, they are also dying slowly from a number of sicknesses like cancer and heart failure. But you won't hear much about that because the government is working with Facebook and Twitter to censor any mention of Va((ines = Death, according to a leaked document. (1)

"The Ethical Skeptic" is a guy who has been evaluating the CDC data with a fine-toothed comb. Based on his research, some suspect he's on the inside of the CDC. He says he has found where the CDC has been hiding the excess deaths and when all are totaled the true number of deaths from the jab is over 385,000! And a large number of those are cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Since we know they can't keep a lid on that many deaths much longer, it's obvious they're trying to hold it together through the elections. If the truth got out, they would have no hope of winning anything.

So again, we're praying the upcoming election will expose the massive number of lies being perpetrated on the American people.

History does show the same thing happened, to a lesser degree, in the first two years in both the Clinton and Obama regimes. While they had the control, they did everything possible to put nails in our nation's coffin. After two years they lost their power. If the Dems do go down in flames, it would mean that those in control knew they only had two years to do as much damage as they could.


But if they steal this election in the middle of the night, we shouldn’t be surprised. They’re famous for telegraphing what’s coming by accusing others of what they’re doing, or about to do.

> The Globalists/Satanists were stealing money in Ukraine so they accused Trump of the same.

> They put out disinformation and then accuse the conservatives of doing the same.

> They steal an election and then turn around and call conservatives insurrectionists.

> They were undermining the Constitution so they accuse the conservatives of the same.

> And it looks like they may be planning to steal the election because they’re now accusing the Republicans of the same.

I certainly hope not. But if they do steal it again, they've already set it up by claiming conservatives are insurrectionists. Should be an interesting week ahead. It might even be several weeks or months before we get all the final results! But regardless of what happens, react Godly!

Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority, 1Pet. 2:13




Leaked Documents Reveal Homeland Security’s ‘Expansive’ Influence Over Social Media Censorship

Died Suddenly

4-minute video


This is a trailer for an upcoming documentary showing how many people are dropping dead of the va((ine all over the world. The trailer is scary enough – I can't imagine what the final version will be like.


Activists Working Hard To Keep Porn Books In Schools



This is sick. And it's going on nationally.

Be aware, they're targeting YOUR local schools.



Reasons the Covid Narrative Is Falling Apart



Influential health authorities are communicating to the public, both in words and in actions, the view that COVID-19 “va((ines” are “safe and effective” when the totality of available evidence suggests otherwise.


Just How Many Snake Poisons Are In The Va((ine?

55-minute video


In case you missed this link in the article above about poisons in the va((ines, here again is the link. Certainly is an eye-opener!


Myocarditis Va((ine Link Hidden By CDC

55-minute video


Interesting laid-back interview of Dr. Brian Hooker. He walks you through how the CDC is covering up the va((ine connection to heart attacks and strokes.

What Are They Seeing?

7-minute video


More creepy stuff... OAN has this short video of people dying while scared out of their wits from an unseen force.

How Bad Is My Batch?



Some Moderna batches have produced 50 x the number of deaths and disabilities compared to other batches.

5% of all batches produce 90% of the adverse reactions. If your batch produces over 100 adverse reactions (ADRs), it may seriously damage your health – leading to severe illness, disability or death. If you've been va((inated, you can go to this link and insert your batch number from your va((ine verification papers to see how poisonous your va((ine batch is.


In case you missed this last week....

Excess Mortality Across The Globe

25-minute video (Begin at 25-minute mark, end at 43 minutes)


Ed Dowd calmly walks you through the disaster predicted by the data, but will anyone listen? If you don't know who Ed Dowd is, he gives his background beginning at the 21:30 mark.


(No links below, just info pics)

(if blurry, click on pic)

Censored Story

So a chart from a study about how the va((ine causes immune suppression was published in "Food and Chemical Toxicology," a peer-reviewed scientific journal that began in 1963. Because the chart made it so clear there was a problem with the va((ine, the editor of the journal, Jose Domingo, began getting death threats against him and his family. He eventually had to resign his position...because he told the truth!



Below is the chart that was published that got the editor fired. The chart is accurate.

I wonder how many other states have this problem...and don't know it?


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Bill Perkins
Written By:
Bill Perkins
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