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Biden's Full-Court Press

September 10, 2021

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Back in my younger days, I played both basketball and golf in college. I was not really all that good but it was free school. And in sports I learned a lot of life applications.

One of the things I learned was when it was late in a basketball game or a golf match and you were probably going to lose, you'd try anything, even take drastic measures, to win.

Basketball's version of football's last play "Hail Mary" is the "Full-Court Press." When time was short, you'd press (guard) the entire court and purposefully foul to slow the game down. You'd take long shots (no three-point shot in my day!) and you'd take all kinds of chances because you had nothing to lose.

Same in golf. Instead of playing safe, when you're behind with just a few holes to go, you attempt shots that otherwise would be unsound in order to make birdies down the stretch. You try anything not to lose.

Well, surveying the landscape of the push toward a New World Order by the Globalists/Satanists, it must be near the end of the game because it looks to me like they've begun to take desperate measures.

We've shown in past eNews articles countless physicians, scientists and even the inventor of the mRNA va((ine saying they believe the purpose of releasing Covid was to scare people into taking the va((ine.

Based on the number of followers of the top alternate media sites, millions of people are still hearing truth.

Savvy Believers know the purpose of the va((ine is not to protect, but to harm, sterilize and/or kill people.

These Globalists/Satanists want the world population reduced from about 8 billion people to 500 million, as the words say that are chiseled on the Georgia Guidestones (see pic).

It's difficult for most people to believe there are people in the world and in our government trying to kill or maim us. But the Globalists/Satanists goals are clear and in writing for all to read.

We have evidence that these Globalists/Satanists were discussing the Covid outbreak in October 2019, two months BEFORE the first Covid case in the world.(4)

We now know Covid was not only manufactured in a lab in Wuhan, China, with gain-of-function (i.e., designed to kill people), but also that it was created and released for their sinister world-takeover purposes.

So these creeps made the decision to go all-in to take control of the world. We also know these non-elected leaders met in October 2017 and discussed how to not only implement Covid to get people to take the va((ine, they also discussed how to deal with "va((ine resistors."(9)

With Satan's energy in their veins, they believe they can rule the world. They just needed to get rid of the USA's small independent businesses and patriotism and the rest of the world would be easy.

By gaining control of the leadership of most countries over the last 30 years, as well as almost all major businesses and information channels like TV, newspapers and major social media, they were able to censor most opposing viewpoints.

By using a Covid test that showed 90% false-positives, they scared people into masks and social distancing, eventually closing down most countries worldwide.

Then they skewed the Covid death count by recording almost all deaths being due to Covid when in actuality only 6% were Covid-only.

The constant drumbeat of "fear of death by Covid" played nicely into their push to get everyone to take the Covid va((ine without knowing what it really was.

By the national media repeatedly claiming "The va((ine is safe," by and large the ruse worked on half the U.S. population.

They covered up over 45K+ va((ine-related deaths (so far).(10) Not to mention the hundreds of thousands who have been severely harmed.

And that's just from taking the va((ine. Future long-term death and illness is where it really gets icky because the va((ine wipes out the human immune system.(11) This winter should be a doozy for va((inated people.


We're now finding that they not only murdered people by forbidding life-saving treatments for Covid like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin, we're now finding out that what they ARE giving Covid patients in hospitals is also killing people.

Remdesivir, a drug patented by Bill Gates, is the first thing most hospitals give their Covid patients. It costs $3,200 a treatment.(1)

HCQ and Ivermectin, drugs that work and have been used safely for decades, costs less than a $1 a day to treat Covid. But Big Pharma can't make any money on them as their patents have expired.

Recently Dr. Bryan Ardis did some bombshell research on Remdesivir, showing who owns its patents and what researchers found when it was tested on animals. Shocking!

Watch this video describing what Dr. Ardis found! Unbelievable! CLICK HERE (17 minutes)

In that video you learn that Remdesivir is making patients worse, not better. Dr. Ardis exposes the tests that show it damages your kidneys to the point of death.

According to his research, people are dying from the Remdesivir treatment, but hospitals are conveniently blaming the deaths on Covid while being paid an extra $10-30K in revenue from the government. Sick.

And most doctors, for some unknown reason, are going along with this horrible situation. Listen to what this nurse says about what's going on in our hospitals. CLICK HERE (14 minutes)

How Long Can This Continue?

These Globalists/Satanists know they only have a limited window of opportunity. They know people will eventually learn that those who have taken the va((ine are the ones that are dying. They will try to blame the unva((inated, or Delta, or whatever.

They'll do what they can to buy more time to get as many va((inated as quickly as they can, while they can.

This includes also va((inating the 100 million+ who've recovered from Covid. Really? A Covid-recovered person can't catch Covid anymore, and they can't infect anyone. A va((inated person can still get Covid and still infect others.

Think about that. Covid-recovered is BETTER than Covid-va((inated! That should prove to anyone that this is not about health.

If it were about health, they would admit the Covid recovered are better off than those with va((ines. But no, not a peep about this group. They want them va((inated to their own peril.

Monoclonal antibody treatments are the latest media rage to fight Covid. Operations are being set up nationwide with the purported intention to reduce the hospital patient load.

But it turns out they're as bad as taking the va((ine that ruins your immune system.

It should be obvious that if they're trying to kill us, and they blatantly block known Covid treatments that work, why would they offer a supposedly lifesaving treatment?

Don't be fooled; it's not what they claim it is. In the government's own risk assessment of the drug you discover:(5)

• It may interfere with your body's ability to fight off a future infection of SARS-CoV-2.
• It may reduce your body’s immune response to a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2.
• It's approved under the same Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) that the Covid va((ines are approved.

Monoclonal treatment is a gene-altering drug, according to the government's own website. It's not giving you someone else's Covid antibodies!

"Monoclonal antibodies, or mAbs, are made in a laboratory to fight a particular infection—in this case, the virus that causes COVID-19—and are given to patients directly with an infusion or a shot."(6)

So Monoclonal treatments might lower the severity of a Covid infection but your body will no longer be able to fight off a future Covid exposure.

No thank you! That's exactly the problem with the va((ine that ruins your God-designed immune system! Unreal.

Delta Variant?

The latest big lie is about how many are dying from the so-called Delta variant—they're claiming it's because of the unva((inated. This lie is being repeated across America by the lying media.

The truth is, those who are dying are people who got va((inated. They use a little trick (lie) saying if you die within 14 days of being va((inated, you're counted as unva((inated! (7)

The best proof is Israel who has an 85% Covid va((inated populace. Yet 80% of new Covid infections are in the va((inated group. And some top doctors are now speculating that it's the va((ine that is CAUSING the new sicknesses. (8)

Why The Rush?

So what's behind the rush to make everyone get va((inated when it's safer in both the short and long term to just get Covid and treat it with available treatments?

If we had never va((inated anyone for Covid the 45K deaths from va((inations would not have happened. Herd immunity would have cleaned up the disease like all the ones in the past. It would have just been another average flu season when 50 to 80K aged people die.

Again, it's certainly not about health.

Here Comes Biden's Full-Court Press

The brazenness of their new va((ine dictates announced by Biden show they're desperate to get you to take a shot that's been designed to kill people.

They know their window of opportunity will close in the coming months. They know the truth is getting out through the alternate media. Over half of America won't take the poison because they know better.

So here comes their big last-gasp, full-court press. It's the Hail-Mary/go-for-the-green-230-yards-over-water-and-sand.

Biden has just announced that if you're unva((inated he will do everything in his power to make your life miserable.

First thing to know is that, true to form, a lot of misinformation (lies) was disseminated in Biden's Thursday night speech (September 9, 2021).

We counted 15 false statements (lies). Others counted 20 or more lies.(3) Let's just say Satan is a known liar as well as a murderer.

[Satan] was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. John 8:44b

Biden wants everyone to take the va((ine that we know has poisons in it. A va((ine that's killing people now and will kill more in the future.

So Biden, Satan's man of the hour, says the unva((inated must take a va((ine that will likely kill you because it wipes out your God-designed immune system. Or you can opt for daily or weekly testing.

If you don't take the jab, Biden says you'll suffer the consequences. Your job may be on the line.

(Note—the first thing Believers who are affected by Biden's Executive Orders should do is apply for a religious exemption—while it's available. Entire non-profit companies and even some for-profit companies also may apply for exemptions.)(6)

Biden's latest demands are only the beginning. If undeterred, he will continue to roll out more non-va((inated restrictions until you won't be able to shop or move unless you're va((inated.

Believers may have some tough choices ahead. Certainly it's not worth taking the va((ine to keep a job if it's ultimately going to kill you.

This choice is hauntingly similar to what options people will have in the Tribulation—take the Mark of the Beast or suffer the consequences.

“I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!" Luke 12:4-5

Always know that we are NOT in the Tribulation as the Rapture has not occurred. You would know for sure if we were. But this certainly seems like a dress rehearsal!

Don't buy the lies, don't take the shot under any circumstances. Don't believe FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. They are all owned and controlled by the GLOBALISTS/SATANISTS.

Don't trust the U.S. Government that's also controlled by the Globalists/Satanists. Massive world population reduction is their objective!

The Little-Mentioned God Factor

What if God doesn't want the Globalists/Satanists to be in power at this time? What if they've jumped the gun on God's calendar? What if the Rapture is 8-9 years or more in the future? It certainly could be.

What if Biden's Full Court Press is the last act of a desperate global cabal? What if they fail in this long-shot attempt at world government and are exposed for who they are? People around the world are boiling mad over these va((ines!

This is just as much a possibility as anything else. The Holy Spirit Restrainer is still on the earth and if it's not God's timing for Satan's rule, it won't happen in the near future. Time will tell.

So don't give up, God's still in control. Keep your eyes on the prize as we navigate these uncharted waters. Pray for wisdom. Trust God only.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. Prov. 3:5

Use us, Lord!



(1) https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/covid-19-drug-remdesivir-may-cost-over-3000-per-treatment-062920.html

(2) Remdesivir will kill you....Dr. Bryan Ardis

(3) https://medium.com/@occupydimss/bidens-latest-speech-is-full-of-lies-a89613854265

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(11) https://greganthonysjournal.wordpress.com/2021/03/15/covid-19-vaccines-are-weapons-of-mass-destruction-and-could-wipe-out-the-human-race/

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