The Miracle of Israel

A Movie Review

by: Bill Perkins

Growing up in the south in the 1950s and 60s, I was raised with a lot of prejudices. It’s almost comical looking back at my steeped opinions of the Jewish race. It wasn’t until I was washed in the blood that I began to understand God’s incredible love for the Jews . . . and His future plans for them in my lifetime, the coming Tribulation and future millennial reign of Christ on earth.

To understand what’s going on in Israel today, you must view the world according to God’s prophetic time clock. When you do understand the background, history and current events surrounding God’s special place on earth, even the nightly news and daily newspaper make sense.

Israel didn’t just accidentally become a nation again in 1948 after almost 2000 years of exile. God promised He would raise them up again in the latter days in their homeland (Ezekiel 37). And on schedule, the provincial hand of God put Israel on the map as the prophesied “burdening stone” of the world. The story of Israel coming back and taking over the land God had promised to give them “forever” is simply incredible! And none explains it better than Dave Reagan on our DVD (click Here to order), The Miracle of Israel Dave covered the subject in great anticipatory detail at one of our Steeling the Mind Bible Conference and it’s become a classic for understanding the nightly news headlines. After watching it, most people insist family and friends also watch it . . . it’s that good!



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