The Iran Nuclear Treaty

by: Bill Perkins


The United States has “negotiated” an unbelievable  wind-fall giveaway to Iran that may very well seal   America’s doom… if not the world’s!

A lot has been in the press regarding this abominable treaty. Yes, it’s worse than bad. Iran got everything, the U.S. got nothing in return.

Iran got billions of frozen oil dollar sanctions lifted. They got access to conventional weapons. They can still build their nukes because we have to get permission FROM THEM to see if they’re not cheating. And they still have our American prisoners!

It’s as if our Executive Branch is purposefully trying to set up Iran with nuclear weapons to launch against Israel and the world!

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But that’s not the biggest problem with the deal because a newly elected President and Congress could undo and/or change it in the long run.

The short term is the big problem! If this deal is approved by Congress, the language in the treaty says if Israel attacks Iran, the U.S. will support Iran and even attack Israel!

We’ve totally gone nuts. We’re now supporting one of our terrorist enemies in the Middle East, instead of our ally, Israel!


So we have quite a dilemma on our hands if this treaty is confirmed. Israel MUST take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. If they don’t, Iran comes after Israel with nukes the same day they complete the task. Israel has no choice, they won’t wait to be nuked.

But when Israel does go after Iran, the U.S. is OBLIGATED to support Iran! Unbelievable!

Remember, Ezekiel 38-39 says that in the future, Russia and Iran WILL attack Israel with nukes. Israel, thankfully, will repel that attack. I just can’t believe the U.S. may be an enabling accomplice!

And if Ezekiel 38-39 are getting close, we must really be getting close to our exhilarating exit!



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