Should Christians Vote For Trump?

By Bill Perkins

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.


Sometimes it takes a visual aid to better understand a problem and/or the solution. For instance:



The chart above makes a great visual point that what we’ve done in this nation via abortion in the last 45 years is unprecedented. Do you think God will overlook the fact we’ve murdered some 60 million innocent and defenseless human babies? Hardly.

You could make the case God’s thinking, “I blessed you with more freedom and opportunities than all the nations of the world … and this is what you choose to do?”

We don’t know how closely connected our country’s problems are to the abominable abortion murders but one has to wonder. Certainly God’s not pleased with our country’s actions in recent years. And on just about every economic indicator, this country seems to be struggling.


Here are nine pictures that give a good snapshot of the last eight years:

These pictures show beyond the shadow of a doubt that the United States is in a deep downward spiral. We’ll soon have elections to choose new leadership who’ll determine the direction of this nation. Do we continue our current direction or change course?

The greatest nation on planet earth is at a perilous crossroad. It seems obvious to me that if we don’t change this country’s direction now, we will lose the freedoms we currently enjoy. This is not an exaggeration!


To evaluate, let’s start with how the candidates for POTUS compare to Biblical values? Here is my personal scorecard:

Seems like a no-brainer to me. Who in their right mind can’t see that one candidate has more to offer from a Biblical perspective? It’s not everything we want, but 44 is far better than 2! And the 2 is like jumping off a cliff.

I honestly believe if we don’t BEGIN turning the country from its present course, we are headed for a crash that may be unrecoverable. This nation as we know it, with minority rights and privileges, could literally cease to exist.

Therefore I believe it’s imperative to take what God’s allowing and be thankful for getting more than what we deserve. Just because we didn’t get everything in one candidate doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote at all. That would be poor stewardship.


We’ve got to start the course correction! Then maybe we can get an even better candidate to continue turning this country into greener pastures.

We don’t know how long it will be before the Rapture. Maybe soon, maybe later. So we have to assume our kids and grand-kids will grow up. If we don’t change the course of this nation, I fully believe Believers WILL be faced with persecution, and even death, just for being Christian. It’s already happening in other parts of the world. Don’t think for a moment it can’t happen here.

So vote for the candidate who you find to have the most Biblical value to Christians. Don’t sit this one out because you didn’t get all you wanted. If you don’t vote, we could lose everything. Literally.



PS–This is assuming both Trump and Clinton are the nominees. But of course the fat lady has yet to sing.


PPS–A third party cannot win. Voting for a long shot will only make it more likely that Christians will lose.